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Mueller’s Report Is Delivered to the Attorney General

Last week in Washington, D.C. at about 5p.m. in the afternoon the lazy news cycle of the weekend ignited with alarm, as former FBI director, Robert Mueller, completed his long awaited report about President Trump and possible Russian collusion in the presidential election.
In this week’s show Doc Holliday plays a clip from the Chris Matthew’s Show on MSNBC.  The leftists in the mainstream media are absolutely livid about no more indictments.  A sense of profound disappointment and even tears on some reporter’s faces could be seen across the the spectrum of the mainstream media because President Trump has not been arrested.  A complete “deer in the headlight moment” is now consuming the mainstream media.
Doc Holliday has his own thoughts about the Mueller report as well as some thoughts on President Trump and what he has done for Israel.  And Doc Holliday has announced that next week’s show will have the deep thinker and historian, Victor Davis Hanson, to be interviewed by Doc Holliday about his new book, The Case for Trump! Click on for a great show this week and be sure to tune in next week, too!