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In this episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a story of spiritual awakening spiritual communication healing energies miracles and a way to inner soul awareness welcomes Carla Savetsky a holistic women’s health expert and owner of Natural Healing For Women.
As listeners of this show are well aware healing and wellness are much more than the relief of pain or physical symptoms. Healing is a multi-dimensional event that encompasses mind body and soul and as such is really an investigation of Self, the world and universe and relationships that guide us to spiritually evolve. Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences and insights into these metaphysical issues in search of creating a more desirable physical and spiritual reality.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within’ Carla Savetsky helps ultrasensitive women find answers to mysterious conditions and long held health conditions that may get in the way of soul expression and living their most creative life. Carla has spent her life integrating the study of human potential and spiritual growth with her professional expertise in both conventional medicine & holistic health (including Women’s Reproductive Health, Clinical Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Healing and Maya Abdominal Massage.)
Carla tells us about your her and her greatest health challenge in 2012. Carla’s work is informed by eighteen years as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician Assistant, as well as the Holistic Healing business she began in 2004, Natural Healing for Women. Her combination of conventional medical expertise intertwined with an exceptionally wide spectrum of healing knowledge is what makes her work so powerful. Over the years, Carla’s developed a grounded and practical yet deeply intuitive approach for how to ignite healing, growth and transformation on the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual levels.
Carla’s understanding of natural health runs so deep not only because of her extensive professional work, but also because of her own life-long healing journey that began at age eighteen. Over the years, she’s healed herself naturally from many physical and emotional health ailments including: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, Bulimia and compulsive eating, depression, and more. Through overcoming these issues, she’s obtained a vast array of knowledge about how the system heals naturally and holistically. She’s also come to embody a strong vibration of healing, knowing undoubtedly about the great healing capacity in every person.
In 2012, Carla was confronted with her biggest healing challenge yet. This was when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and confronted with a decision that would change the course of her life. Because of her history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ultra-sensitive constitution, she knew that medical treatment (chemo, drugs to turn off her hormones, immunotherapy) would wreak havoc on her body, and may well damage it permanently. She began a rigorous protocol of dietary measures, nutritional supplements and herbs. She immersed herself in the work of powerful energy healers and organized group healing sessions where friends from all over the world sent healing energy and prayers. By the time surgery was performed, the tumor was half the size of what was seen on MRI.
However, because of the high-risk form of Breast Cancer (Her2+), the oncologists advised medical treatment, and predicted a 50% chance of recurrence if she refused.
Because of her deep conviction in the power of the mind and her “inner knowing”, she knew her answer for healing resided within. She understood the answer for whether or not she needed medical treatment could be found within her own consciousness. Through meditative prayer and locating her deep intuition, the answer came, and set her on the greatest healing journey of her life. After walking away from the oncologist’s recommendation for drug therapy, she realized her healing lay in freeing herself from the emotional burdens and psychic entanglements that lay at the root of her disease – as well as stepping more deeply into her life’s purpose. Preventing Recurrence: a Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer was born out of this journey. Carla is currently working on a memoir that tells this remarkable story. Carla is also a singer, yogini, truth-seeker, nature-lover and mother of a teenager. She’s lectured extensively about Holistic Women’s Health on television and radio, webinars and teleseminars. She lives in Northampton, MA with her husband, son and mini-schnoodle.
Carla goes on to say a woman might think they are sensitive when in actually they really mean sometime slightly different. Someone who is extremely sensitive may be sensitive to chemicals, foods, environments all forms of sensory stimuli…If you’re a highly sensitive person you tend to feel more and more intensely than other people. A person who is a Sensitive has a body with a more finely tuned antennae picking up all types of subtle information. Over the years Carla has encountered hundreds of such ultra sensitive individuals many who do not know much about this heightened sense of awareness and often are suffering physical ailments as a result of an overload of stimuli. For the ultra-sensitive life can feel over whelming. You can be burdened by a body that feels sick or a mind that feels assaulted by stimuli and a spirit that struggles to feel at home in the world.
It is possible to move ahead by knowing these physical emotional and environmental sensitivities and validating and honoring your personal requirements for food, personal space and a chemical free environment. Too often we confirm to the needs of others and a mainstream agenda to fit in and this can result in feeling unwell for days at a time…allow yourself the need for rest and recovery and don’t put yourself in situations that overstress your body. As an ultra sensitive person you need a good deal of down time to rebalance your nervous system. Do not feel guilty or be shamed by those who don’t understand your unique needs. It’s ok to pass up events in crowded spaces which are not suitable for you.
Sheryl says, As a empathy or sensitive, I became more aware of the conditions which caused me to feel uncomfortable in certain places and with certain situations such as in crowded malls, cemeteries hospitals schools concerts sports events anywhere where there is a lot of emotional energy being given off or where there is confusion illness or negativity. I would never go to a protest rally or outside event where the screaming and emotions are so unhinged nor do I feel they are good for improving the health or well being of most people. Many years ago when I was in college I went to the San Generro festival in downtown New York and suddenly as I was walking felt uncomfortable and heavy in the chest and legs. I took myself into a store and began to feel better. At that time I had no idea about the energy that had caused that reaction…I was always told I was a sensitive child and had many stomach aches and sore throats..probably received more penicillin than anyone on the planet, but in reality, I was an Ultra Sensitive and the doctors simply didn’t understand the special needs of that reality. My father was a podiatrist and I think he may have been the same way, but never really understood his sensitivity or maybe as a man saw it as weakness and would never admit that he was different. There are tools and skills to learn that can enable a sensitive to use their spiritual gift and energy to protect themselves and help others but usually it means we need to find mentors teachers healers who can help us.
When you acknowledge and respect the gift of ultra -sensitivity you become part of a tribe of spiritually astute warriors. Your perceptions can go a long way towards healing the world. This may mean going into professions where intuition and sensitivity are useful. It is important to put yourself in situations where empathy creativity and wisdom are valued. Our materialist world has little minimal interest in this type of sensitivity though there is a great fascination with super heroes and psychics. Those with ultra sensitivity were highly valued in traditional societies. It is advised that you seek support and spend time with people who get you.
Sadly and generally most doctors don’t realize the common characteristics and needs of sensitive people. We would think as this shift of Consciousness to more highly intuitive ways of processing knowledge that is happening at the present time the medical communities would appreciate holistic healing techniques that work well with and sometimes without medication and surgery. As energy beings it is important to know our own body well through yoga chi gong meditation and energy healing modalities Somatic training techniques and flower essence work can also help. Learning to assess what triggers events and avoiding those situations is practical and wise. What is most important for the Ultra Sensitive is self knowledge and learning to appreciate your spiritual gifts and requirements for your total well being..Not everyone will understand but that is OK.
We know we are living in turbulent times and must assess our own needs before we can help others.
Carla writes, “We’re living in turbulent times my friends – cosmically, politically and for many of us…personally. Anything without a solid foundation in truth seems to be crumbling at our feet. But here’s the part I want to call out: it’s not just the outer structures of your life that are breaking down. It’s also your limiting beliefs and the stories you hold as truth (about yourself and life circumstance) that are on shaky ground as well. If things have been feeling a bit rocky lately, consider this…If your inner beliefs aren’t in accordance with reality and the truth of your nature, then there will be an inner rumbling. And here’s how your inner wisdom guides the way, letting you know it’s time to shift and grow: your inner state starts to feel really constricted and uncomfortable. Things that previously felt not great but acceptable are no longer tolerable. It’s like wearing clothes that have gotten way too tight.”
This past year has brought some unprecedented changes in my personal life that have thrown me for a gigantic loop! And truthfully, I’ve gone back and forth between grasping on for dear life…and alternately, free falling into the arms of the Goddess. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you which one feels better…
I’m talking about Resistance versus Letting Go. I’m talking about living in fear versus being in the flow. This past year has brought me deep into the meditation of letting go of resistance and being in the flow. And here’s a few pointers I can share:
Resistance feels like there’s something inside you wanting to explode. At first it may be a quiet nagging, something not quite right. But this feeling becomes progressively louder and less tolerable as time goes by.
And trust me, I’ve seen women living with this type of resistance for years. I see it showing up in their bodies as nagging symptoms and even full-blown disease. Resistance calls out release. But if you’re anything like me, you need to understand what lies at the roots of an issue in order to let go. And this requires some soul searching.
Learning to let go of resistance…seeing through the fear and releasing into the flow is like a muscle that grows stronger as you exercise it.
Carla tells us about a life changing program called The Flower Essence Journey. If you’re in need of support to make deep change and find inner peace with what is, she offers a life-changing Program called: The Flower Essence Journey, where you’ll gain the freedom to move out of old, stuck, entrenched patterns, and step into the next phase of your life with clarity, ease and empowerment – based on your deepest desires.It’s our birthright to heal from any ailment and that there is a different paradigm than the medical model. Carla and other spiritual and holistic alternative healers work with and experience a totally different paradigm than the medical model – even though she has twenty years of experience as an OB-GYN Physician Assistant, which informs my understanding of the body and illness. Her healing work is also unique from other holistic practitioners such as a Naturopath – even though she has studied and utilize everything from nutrition and nutritional supplements, to herbal medicine and Flower Essence Therapy alongside energy healing.
After decades of working with women who came through my OB-GYN office, helping them find answers to chronic conditions that no doctor was able to solve, I learned that healing often runs deeper than the physical body, and needs to be met in the place where life-force energy gets bound up and leads to illness. The reason why nothing has worked for you so far is because there are deeper issues that need to be addressed and shifted energetically. That’s what we’re going to uncover as we work together. That’s how I can help you. I KNOW that it’s your birthright to heal from ANY ailment. No matter what’s troubling you, and no matter how long it’s been going on, healing is available and inevitable with the proper support and guidance. I’ve experienced this personally countless times, and have guided hundreds of women through the process
Carla believes a diagnosis is a wake-up call from a deeper part of your being. Tell us about that.A diagnosis of cancer is a wake-up call from a deeper part of your being, letting you know significant change is necessary for true health. There is great wisdom that resides in the body and knows exactly what’s needed. However, the message can be challenging to hear amidst a sea of passionate opinions and “expert” advice. The question that needs to be examined is: ‘What has the diagnosis of cancer come to teach me about myself and life?’
Physically, underlying imbalances need to be addressed through diet, herbs and supplements. The immune system requires strengthening, while detoxification takes place. Emotionally, old burdens call for release, and relationships may need to find a healthier balance. There’s also a message from your soul. Life is precious. Death is not as far away as assumed. Its proximity is awakened. Within this possibility, we are reminded of the questions: What did I come into this life to do? What is my purpose here? Once you’ve heard the “voice” of the body, psyche and soul, and take action to correct unhealthy patterns on all levels, the message of cancer doesn’t need to come back around. You’ve heard the message of your soul, changed course, and created a new, healthy life in alignment with your deepest truth. That’s what Preventing Recurrence is all about, and will teach you how to discover for yourself.
Carla has a program known as “Preventing Recurrence”.
This program is for you if:
* You’re eager to be proactive in your health on all levels to prevent breast cancer recurrence.
* You desire to understand the deeper meaning of this “wake up call” by stepping out of “victim mentality” and embracing change.
* You long to reclaim your inner authority that may have been obscured by medical authority and intervention.
* You’re ready to change your life in order to create health on the deepest level and fulfill your soul’s calling.
Program Overview
Preventing Recurrence: a holistic approach to Breast Cancer provides a strong, safe and nurturing container in which deep healing work can unfold. We’ll begin by examining your physical healing protocol, solidifying the potency your current approach. Next, we’ll peel back the layers of fear to help you access your intuitive wisdom. This will illuminate whether or not you’re on the right path. Next, we’ll explore the ways in which you use your energy, and where there may be “energy leaks”. We’ll uncover and clear emotional toxicity and painful emotional burdens. Within this intensive healing format, we’ll dissect the entanglements that keep your life-force energy bound up and unavailable for health and healing.
Preventing Recurrence: a holistic approach to Breast Cancer includes:
* An initial 1.5-hour Healing Intake Intensive that delves deeply into your health history, dietary and lifestyle habits, relationship with your body, emotional health, mental wellbeing, family of origin issues and relationship challenges. All these areas will be taken into account in order to create a comprehensive Healing Protocol and individualized Flower Essence Formula to get you started on your healing journey.
* Seventeen 1-hour Skype or Phone Consultations thereafter, continuing to address your health on the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels to ensure deep and lasting change. You will receive support, insight and guidance to carry out lasting change and growth into a renewed state of health and wellbeing.
. You will receive support, insight and guidance to carry out lasting change and growth into a renewed state of health and wellbeing.
* Seventeen Flower Essence Energy Healing Sessions: These therapeutic treatments bring deep healing to difficult to treat ailments and move stagnant energy through the system. They are also used diagnostically to uncover the root cause of mysterious symptoms and diagnoses. The sessions are equally as effective remotely, as in person.
* A Healing Protocol Review of dietary modifications, an individualized herbal tonic custom-formulated based on your constitutional issues, nutritional supplements and lifestyle adjustment recommendations. Your protocol will be reviewed and modified on a monthly basis as needed.
* An Individualized Flower Essence Formula to address the psycho-spiritual issues contributing to your overall state of health. This will balance and stabilize your emotional wellbeing, as well as facilitate growth in those areas that have felt stuck or challenged. A new flower essence formula will be mailed to you as needed.
* Wisdom Counseling accompanies the flower essence work, which provides deep, intuitive listening and support while enabling you to discover and unravel the underlying themes, patterns, contracts and entanglements that are at the core of your challenges.
* Unlimited Email Correspondence for support, questions or concerns that arise.
* Recommendations regarding lab tests, interpretation, and medical information as needed.
Recommendations regarding lab tests, interpretation, and other medical information when needed.
Carla talks about the 9 steps to Mapping the Journey to Health.
1. Unearthing the Meaning – This diagnosis has deep significance for you. What message does it hold? How was it meant to expand and change you? What does it bring to light about your current life that needs adjusting? How was it meant to help you remember who you are, and what your life was really meant for? Once you understand the deeper meaning of your diagnosis, it serves as an anchor and container for all the work to follow.
2. Cementing your Physical Health Protocol – Together, we’ll review your current protocol and strategy to ensure a strong immune system and open detoxification pathways.
3. Unwinding the Fear – You will be guided to the inner peace that lives underneath the layers of fear to access your intuition and empowerment. This is the best space to make wise and empowered decisions from. Energy work and Wisdom Counseling will help you let go of the fear of cancer, to access your deepest wisdom. This will also help you let go of the “curse” of medical authority.
4. Confronting Emotional Burdens – Getting clear about painful emotions held inside – while acknowledging their impact on your overall state of health.
5. Learning your Genuine “No” and “Yes” – Hearing and acting upon your innate, inner directive. Coming to understand how living from your true desires impacts your overall wellbeing.
6. Changing the Terms – Of relationships that aren’t healthy or truly supportive – as well as improving your relationship with yourself and life. Step
7. Learning to Ask. Opening to Receive – Opening to the network of support that surrounds you. Learning to trust your resources.
8. Creating Community – overcoming the “death sentence” of isolation.
9. Moving into your Life’s Calling – Discovering what feeds YOU, and bringing it to the forefront of your life.
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have addressed situations that affect many women and even men whose bodies and neurological systems are hardwired to interact with Universal Energy and to process the physical and spiritual world through heightened awareness that when understood and managed lead to great positive healing effects on others and our world. In these more challenging times I believe many more people will use their intuitive gifts and physical connections to emotions as they navigate the world in a more meaningful and interactive way with nature humanity and spirit and we will help more people conquer disease mental health isssues and limitations or fears that take away our natural birthright which is to be healthy and joyful, Through self-investigation and self-mastery of our thoughts attitudes actions and by releasing old beliefs that no longer serve us we find peace.
Carla and Sheryl would like you to truly know the body can heal itself in many cases through changes in our lifestyle diet exercise creating more satisfying relationships and trusting that there is a bigger plan for each of us and all of us in our ever evolving world of Life. From within your soul wisdom you can connect to Spirit and life simultaneously and release the power of infinite life and love finding that life is indeed a true gift and each of us is writing our own story and changing reality to new possibilities much of the time.Today’s Guest