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In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication healing energies miracles and ways to discover your inner soul wisdom is delighted to welcome Olympia Le Point author of Answers Unleashed which offers an understanding of the workings of the human brain and its powerful thoughts that influence the life we create. Olympia shows us ways we can learn to reprogram thoughts for successful living in alignment with our true soul nature.
As listeners of “Healing From Within” well know Sheryl and her guests share intimate stories insights and new awareness of life in its infinite potential to explore both the energetic or spiritual aspects, as well as modern day physical life, in the hopes of reaching a higher consciousness of Self.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Olympia Le Point an award winning rocket scientist who overcame daunting life challenges from an early age to help launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into space using chaos theory and later used this scientific approach she used to map space vehicles help people identify how they can remap their brain’s interior to achieve success by mastering their thoughts and intuition ultimately helping those with brain injuries, rewire, restore, and restructure brain patterns for healing. Our thoughts create much of our reality, and therefore, what we think we create, so we can create a much better life by thoughts that are loving, kind and empowering.
Olympia shares with us some of the challenges she encountered in childhood. Olympia’s challenging childhood included living with a single mother experiencing conditions of poverty next door to a crime-ridden crack house, nearly losing an eye at age 10 and flunking in math and science. However an opportunity to know her own brilliance began when an 11th grade math teacher took her under his wing and taught her how to perceive her own intelligence and think differently. Olympia graduated in the top five of her class from California State University Northridge and was hired at Boeing three months after graduating at the age of 21, the youngest scientist in the company and the only woman a program with over two hundred men. Olympia’s job was to calculate the probability of catastrophic explosions in space flights. She is now a math professor at Pasadena City College in California.
Olympia shares with Sheryl an early childhood memory she remembers when she was only three years old. She actually tried to slow her breathing simply by sheer will or thought power. Sheryl suggests that perhaps in a former life she was a Buddhist Monk as their training actually enables them to do many things through concentration relaxation and tapping in to their soul wisdom. Sheryl also tells Olympia a similar memory that pops into her mind. When she as a teenager saw Star Trek and the famous transporter room which reassembled molecules in order to transport a person from one place to another, she believed that anything the mind could think of could be done, and that energetic principle, of thought over matter has brought her to develop what some think undoable the ability to meditate and receive messages or a downloading of Universal energy from universal life forms.
Olympia shares how before her mother had a brain injury and twelve years later when her sister was in a car accident and needed brain surgery Olympia had a prophetic dream or “Big Dream” that prepared her for writing this book and helping her family survive their brain injuries successfully.
Olympia tells us the dream, “One night as I slept, I was given the science of how the brain unleashes its power. In the dream, I was on what I call the “Other Side.” It was a heavenly place, tranquil and completely peaceful. Within this location, there was a training ground for people who harnessed their brainpower. I was a part of the group. Everyone was divided into various rooms based on levels to practice talents. Like Karate, various levels are demonstrated by belts. One room was for telekinesis (moving objects in mid-air with the brain). Another room was for telepathy (reading thoughts), another room was for foretelling the future, another room was for healing the body, etc. I was in each room, mastering the assigned brain exercises. Excited, I would zip from one room to the next, practicing various skills. I could play piano with my brain, and change the color of fabrics. I searched for my mother in one of these rooms. To my surprise, she was there, too! She was a senior master in a particular room – the room of faith. I mastered my talents in every room. And when I exited the rooms, I went into this place that resembled a Greek amphitheater. The amphitheater was empty. The seats circled downward into the center ground. Up from the center rose a man by the name of Jesus Christ. He looked at me and said, “You have graduated: You now know all the ways to use the brain.” He looked at me in pure peace. Then as I awoke, God said something loud and clear. I continued to hear, “Now that you have graduated from here, your assignment is to teach humanity on Earth about the power they harness in their brains.” God said, “Show them through me.” Then I woke up. The content of this book was downloaded into my brain. Little did I know that in order to write the book and share the process with you, I would personally undergo intensive learning and healing!
Sheryl laughs and suggests it is the training ground of future X-men or people with other worldly abilities.
Olympia had an emotional trauma she was not yet consciously aware of although it was reflected in her physical body and affecting her digestion. Olympia wrote, “I was experiencing the same type of brain processing issues many people face across the world. When we were born, we were born with a sound mind. Throughout life, chaotic situations, bad relationships and physical/emotional attacks make our brains go haywire. The brain struggles in finding solutions. It loses the innate power that it is designed to exude. Within time, peace of mind disappears. Consequently, our brains fight to restore its natural ability in creating answers to life’s toughest situations. Answers are not only found in science, technology, engineering or math fields. You can also find answers using intuition. I have experienced similar circumstances. Have you ever found yourself at a loss for answers or words? Chaos is a force. Fear is a distraction. Success is a decision. Painful memories (often called trauma), is an opportunity to reshape your brain. While dealing with my sister’s car crash, I was struggling to remain calm and regroup. Each of us is given the ability to overcome situations by discovering creative solutions. However, we cannot see these solutions when certain thoughts overpower our brain.
Olympia goes on to say that Chaos is a force. Fear is a distraction. Success is a decision. Painful memories (often called trauma), is an opportunity to reshape your brain. While dealing with my sister’s car crash, I was struggling to remain calm and regroup.
Sheryl Says…In my book The Living Spirit I address the need to create thoughts that empower health prosperity and happiness and wrote, Embracing new opportunities can be intimidating. However, we must remember that the very reason you are being presented with them are for your own spiritual growth. The next time you are tempted to turn down that challenging position or potential romance, stop and ask yourself why. If the answer is a negative or limiting thought about yourself, recognize that Spirit is giving you this experience to help stretch your spiritual wings, as well as improve your life on this plane. When the fear starts to creep in, try to focus on the journey, not the outcome. You might not stay at the job and the relationship might not work out—what is important are the lessons you learn along the way.
Working at Boeing as the only woman on the NASA space program was challenging, but offered Olympia the chance to develop greater trust in herself and strengthen the process of soul maturation. Olympia explained that situation by wroting, “You have a unique role different than everyone else’s. Your job is to understand how all of other people’s parts were going to connect and map together during launch. You predicted issues before they happen. You are paid to predict the future like a fortune teller. And you would have to devise ways for your brain to see simultaneous futures at once. Your role was devised in a way to pick the future that would ensure flight. Your work is a success. So much so, twenty years later your desk and seat become an exhibit at the California Science Center visited by millions of people per year in Los Angeles, California.. While experiencing innovation, simultaneously, you are battling a chaotic situation. You are often treated as if you do not know what you are talking about, even though you oversee authorizing high levels of technical procedures. Remember, you are a woman: the only woman in a room filled with two hundred men, at times. During one instance, a man even tries to present your work in lieu of you because, “You are young and a woman.” But, you stand your ground to present your own work instead of being pressured into letting this one man take the credit. He later apologizes. Another time, you win a national award, The Modern Day Technology Leader Award, as part of the Engineering of the Year Awards. You are extremely honored and excited. Then you find your car keyed from end to end with racial slurs from a disgruntled envious employee. You cannot believe how some people could fear you, or be fooled to think success is not for everyone.
Sheryl says that she had that exact thing happen to her years ago and couldn’t understand how people are so threatened by another person’s hard work and love of helping others.
Olympia tells us of certain Godly truths which she learned from people like Dr. Drew Sams who explained key spiritual truths on how God exists in the time-space continuum and she has been able to apply this wisdom to her own life, as well as translated for others into science. You interweave many of these healing aspects (independent of time and space) from his church sermons in this book. From her own accident and concussion along with her mother and sisters struggles, Olympia learned one of the most valuable lessons of all time that she vowed to share with the entire world. “Painful memories have no place in our brains ever again! Your painful memories have no place in your life ever again!” My mission became to do anything and everything possible to help myself and others change traumatic memories that create fear into answers that people need to change lives. situations. While dealing with my sister’s car crash, I was struggling to remain calm and regroup. Each of us is given the ability to overcome situations by discovering creative solutions. However, we cannot see these solutions when certain thoughts overpower our brain. It is through these rare combinations of life-challenges that I found the recipe to change the brain by changing thoughts.
These ideas or “brainwaves” are actually energy, forever traveling through one of the most powerful energy converters that exist – your human brain. Three personal situations have allowed me to become an expert on how the brain unleashes its power. But, chances are you’re clueless as to how your brain truly works. You are not alone. Scientists have yet to determine how brainwaves can change your exterior situations fully.
The energy within your emotions will be transformed into your powerful feelings. And these feelings will cause you to take action which pulls you into your desired success. These three parts of the brain renew life. When we understand how to increase the power of each brain part, we can then merge it together. In doing so, we can change lives and create the inconceivable. Your thoughts have power. Your brain creates these thoughts, so you convert energy from chaos into energy needed for life. This process can be seen in many forms. The process can be used for inventing, overcoming, and healing. Each result gives identical, powerful outcomes. If you want to be an inventor and create a new product, you must envision the technology before any evidence of it exists. Then, you must decide to pursue it despite any fear or obstacles. You are also required to use scientific principles to bring your invention into existence. These are the identical steps that you take to overcome challenges. If you want to overcome a horrible situation, you must envision a “way out” before anything in your situation changes. The concept “way out” is used because you may see many doors. However only one door truly leads to freedom
Neuroscientist Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D writes an endorsement for Olympia’s book and says, “Answers Unleashed takes a step forward in offering a fresh, innovative work that is a genuinely new approach to self-directed neuroplasticity – which means changing your brain. Much has been written about the process of healing the brain from traumatic situations, but Olympia Le Point describes a new perspective on the brain, which she calls the Triabrain and the Triabrain Theory of Relativity. She profoundly describes how anyone can use science and faith to reshape their brain and ultimately transform his or her life. As you will read, Answers Unleashed: the Triabrain Theory of Relativity introduces a new aspect of brain function, which Olympia calls the “faith sector.” In addition to the brain’s left and right hemispheres, the faith sector introduces the understanding of intuition and its assistance in decision-making abilities. This concept combines faith, science, and intuition, which is a new combination in how to understand the workings of the brain. Readers explore the ideal function of the Triabrain and learn how chaos induces it into a process called brainbrink. For many years now, I have worked to explain the power of mindfulness, which is the ability to have a clear-minded awareness of your own thoughts and actions. When people become aware that they have choices, they can make decisions that reshape the brain – this is called self-directed neuroplasticity. There are bad habits and unhealthy thinking that can take control of people’s thoughts and actions. Unbeknownst to them, the brain’s habit center, called the striatum, can run their behaviors without any conscious awareness. One common example is someone who chain smokes cigarettes. He may be totally unaware that he has lit another cigarette, and has actually held a flame burning inches from his face, until after the cigarette is already being smoked. Unless a person is willing to use mental awareness to change their automatic habit drive, and replace it with healthier operations in thinking, there is no way to overcome a person’s chronic deceptive brain messages.
But very few people know that anyone can develop a genius brain. At any age, you can unleash your powerful brain force if you allow chaos to reshape it. Everything in your life is connected. The spiritual side of you is connected to the emotional side. The desiring side energizes your scientific, logical side. Your brain is connected in the exact same way. You were born with a life-long connectable brain. But chaotic situations will trick you into unleashing true powerful force against yourself. If you do not know the truth, chaos tricks you into separating the most powerful force that you have at your immediate disposal – your Triabrain. It is your three-sided brain that uses thoughts to perform “superhuman” feats. Your Triabrain is able to foresee events with accuracy, guide you into safety with its intuition, increase your pleasurable feelings and help you build things that will change the world. But no one tells you the truth. The truth is that your brain is a chaotic and divine blueprint of your life’s journeys. And as you reshape your brain, you reshape your physical life. As you experience chaos, your brain mathematically recalibrates itself faster than chaos, so you can overcome any situation meant to stall you. Your thoughts are cleverly designed to serve as tools. Thoughts transform chaotic energy to unleash YOUR power.
Sheryl says to Olympia that according to Dr. Charlotte Tomaino former nun and psychologist and author of Awakening The Brain who was a guest on “Healing From Within” and whose show is in the archives on her website each person’s brain is unique with different capacities for navigating the physical and spiritual dimensions of energy and indeed if one is weak in any particular aspect of life or brain function, training the brain can create new improved results.
Olympia says that when she returned to physical therapy she learned that her brain and body were intricately connected through sacred VOILA mind-to-body pathways. To her surprise, these VOILA pathways resemble the “chaos mathematics” she learned in graduate school.
While receiving VOILA Method therapy, Olympia’s consciousness changed. She was hit with the profound question: Why is it that our brains select certain memories while others stay hidden? Why do some people succeed in overcoming life’s chaos and other’s do not? Unfortunately, for thirty years of my life, I didn’t have this brain reshaping knowledge.
After a traumatic situation in childhood, Olympia realizes her brain “stalled.” For the next thirty years, she turned off my feelings, but the trapped energy manifested in her body and chaotic actions. She excessively turned to sugar and baked cookies for years thereafter. Unknowingly, she was using sugar as a self-medication! She turned to math and science because she knew “math” would not lie to her. In her teens, 20’s and 30’s, she had absolutely no feeling in her abdominal area. Her gut feelings turned mute. So, she overate so she could experience feeling stuffed in her stomach area. Pain was better than no feeling at all. For her, it served as a warped sense that she was still alive. In her twenties she threw herself into launching rockets and graduate school to avoid working through the deep-seated emotions from her childhood. She completely avoided committed, romantic relationships. Although she had high intellectual and intuitive intelligence, her brain was chemically-stuck in the emotional state of being eight-years-old in regarding relationships because when she was eight.
Through the VOILA Method, I discovered how to remove painful memories and replace it with a new energy. This new energy filled my Triabrain, causing it to work faster. I am 800% better now! Mouth-dropping epiphanies came alive. But when you experience any life changing epiphanies, the most unpleasant experiences are most probable to occur. That is the role of Chaos. And the events will want to make you pull your hair out! When you are at your highest state of brain reshaping, capability chaos hits you. But the chaos is for you to make a choice, in what I call a fractal moment. And these decisions fuel your life-transformation.
Each time you are healed, your insight and perception becomes clearer. More importantly, your intuition overwhelmingly increases. Things like déjà vu became regular occurrences. You can sense when someone is about to call. Your dreams become extremely vivid. And, you can foresee future solutions with clarity. After I healed from my concussion, I recalled traumatic memories I unknowingly hid deep within the crevices of my brain. Although you go through rough times, you can cling to faith – believing that your cumulative experiences are going to help you and others in profound ways.
Olympia realized as a teacher that typically, students run to the first person willing to help them rise from pure chaos. Counseling students after class often lead to helping students make life-changing decisions such as: overcoming breakups, planning wisely upon learning of unexpected pregnancies, encouraging a student to consider cancer treatment options, proposing ways to negotiate school loans, and suggesting on-campus mental health therapy for one student determined to burn down my classroom! Teaching served to demonstrate that I wasn’t the only person experiencing major chaos! Everyone experiences chaos and a whole new generation needed answers on how to transform this often debilitating chaos into unimaginable success. Chaos has a way of mimicking the same lesson in other areas of life. My epiphany was driven home again at my church. Countless people struggled to overcome severe hardships.
Olympia shares how important “The faith sector” of the brain is as it allows thoughts to exist not only in the brain but also within the body. Thoughts can be in an arm, hip, foot or in the brain. A painful hip may silently signify a hidden belief of never being supported – physically or emotionally. The faith sector also connects the brain to the outside world. It helps people overcome major obstacles, and inspires people to create new technology. Plus, it appears to initiate significant body healing. Consider a tree and its numerous roots. The deeper the roots, the more power the tree possesses to thrive. A tree’s roots run deep into the ground, connecting to a power source. The faith brain also houses roots to the brain. These roots are comprised of the physical corpus callosum structure and the nervous system that extends through all organs, muscles, and limbs. Essentially, the brain is in the entire body and thoughts can happen anywhere that connections occur. Energy from this connecting nervous system also extends outside of the body
Connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain to each other, to the body and outward to the people and world around us, the faith sector is the uniting force that ignites our intuition and empowers us to make decisions for our good or for our detriment ( as the chaos theory defines two possible final outcomes, growth and innovation or a stalled state. Your Triabrain Theory of Relativity combines belief science and intuition as a new model for remapping the brain.
During the time of my mother’s brain, I nearly lost my sanity – witnessing my mother in this infantile state, while spearheading the details of her recovery. Throughout the course of Mom’s brain healing process to regain critical function, I began to research how the brain truly works. After all, I was a rocket scientist, not a neuroscientist, yet. From the frontal lobes to the neuron connections, my knowledge was not for myself. Ultimately, this “research” was purposeful: it would help my mother’s life. In the process, I found myself developing a branch of Neuroscience that will transform science as we know it. As I worked with Neuroscientists and psychologists to help explain the interworking of the brain, none of them could explain HOW the brain heals and reconnects itself. All the specialists said, “Well, no one fully knows yet. The brain is still a mystery.” When I helped launch rockets, my eyes opened to how my fellow scientists used their brains to develop awe-inspiring technology that seemed to defy gravity. I witnessed the brain’s countless functions. Not just the basic ones we use to walk eat, sleep and talk like my mother was regaining, but more sophisticated brain processes that create something from thin air. And these innovative people simply used a mental vision! Such inventors were envisioning their inventions through a new light in their eyes. It was in a way that other people do not. And this intuition guided them to break through. As I connected with these fellow scientists more, I realized anyone could powerfully use their brains to create something out of nothing, “aka” innovation. It wasn’t just rocket scientists who could use these intuitive parts of their brains. Anyone has the capability as long as that person knows the steps to direct the power they harness.
The TRIABRAIN: Everyone Has It The Triabrain is composed of three main sectors; left hemisphere, right hemisphere, and the “Faith Sector.” As long as humans are alive, the brain naturally reshapes. But in some, it reshapes faster. It reshapes the fastest when a person consciously uses their full three sectors: the left (scientific logical) side, the right (emotional and creative) side, and a newly-discovered third side I call the faith (foreseeing side) that connects both sides of the
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” I wish to share with Olympia and our listeners the way Spirit works to bring people together to heal and continue their life journey with less fear, greater acceptance and more love for life. I often have coincidences or synchronicity with my guests as in essence, we are all one in energy and interconnected to the fabric of creation and expansion of our spiritual gifts. As I was reading Answers Unleashed a person I have come to know over time and who I haven’t seen in the office for a few weeks walked in and told me the story of her 21 year old son who had surgery on his ankle and several days later had a blood clot to the brain and was now recovering with much help from those around him. What are the odds that I could tell her that I was reading a book Answers Unleashed that could aid them in the work ahead to heal and know them-selves in a more complete and trusting way. I am always grateful for Spirit’s help in whatever way it presents in order to help another loving soul. There is indeed more to the Universe than we can imagine with our heart brain mind or soul and the resilience of life itself like the brain to repair rewire and renew is a truth we need to accept and surrender to.
Olympia wrote, “According to the February 22, 2016 Science New Journal article, “A ‘Neuroscience Bombshell’ — Human Brain is Capable of Storing the Entire World Wide Web,” The article states: “An average human brain contains around 100 billion neurons, and each neuron is capable of making around 1,000 connections (synapses) with the other neurons. These 1,000 potential synapses created by each neuron are responsible for data storage inside the brain and body. Now if we multiply the count of neurons (100 billion) by the number of connections (1000) that each of them can make, then we get a whopping 100 trillion data points — which can at the very least account for storing about 1000 terabytes or 1 petabyte of information.” From my personal experience assisting my mother in her brain therapy support groups, I witnessed that the people who typically recovered fastest were the people who saw them-selves healed before test results returned.
Olympia and Sheryl would have you remember that thoughts and dreams encourage the reality we create and no matter what situation we are challenged with, the solution lies in the heart and brain, and we can create healing and love that goes often beyond reason or beyond doubt. Trust is the equalizer to miracles, past pain sorrow or trauma. Please try to find that trust within and explore the love that may heal many challenging human issues.
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