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Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to know your intuitive Self and interconnectedness to all living things welcomes Keith Anthony Blanchard author of The Divine Principle offering readers the “Three Tenants” and “Four Modalities” that can lead to a life of greater love compassion and purpose through awareness of Spirit.
As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences and insights that lead us to move past the damaging influences of societal training, political and economic problems to realign to our inner innate awareness of Universal Energy which encourages ways to merge our divine and physical life potential to expand explore create and manifest our best personal and collective lives.
In today’s episode of Healing From Within Keith Blanchard will show us how to find our purpose. align to our purpose and shares four modalities that help create a way for ongoing peace, bliss and awareness of expansion. We might even discover more of who we really are?
When Keith is asked to think back to his childhood and remember a person place event or goal that may have shown him or others the plan or destiny for life later on he remembers being in a beautiful church setting where the bones of past Saints were laid to rest and thinking how he might become a priest and serve God working selflessly for others. Then his father gave him a guitar and music filled his passion and became a way for him to share love and happiness through that medium or connection to what is within us and around us: the Universal Source of God and Love.
He also had an amazing interaction with Jesus in a dream when he was a little older and writes, “Every time I reflect back on that vision I had all those years ago, it makes me long to see Jesus again, but I know I must be patient. In the meantime, I do my best to focus on the good that connects people to people and all of us to God. Since I have touched the Divine—since I have had the chance to see the Light—I now know that our mundane vision of separation has no bearing whatsoever on the Truth of what is. The Truth is: God is all there is.
Keith shares some of the circumstances leading to his awakening and writes, ”For most of my life up until 1992, I was rebellious and lost. I didn’t really give a damn about anything. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it and it didn’t really matter how I got it. At the same time I was falling apart, I somehow knew that in order for me to survive, I would have to seek Spirit. It’s hard to find the words to explain what it felt like when that finally hit me, but I’ll try. Everything was dark! I was desperately alone, utterly depressed and suffering excruciating heart pangs all the time. Looking back, I don’t remember actually deciding to pray, but one day I just found myself doing it, not once, but several times. The next day, same thing, and for every day thereafter. The prayer I remember saying most was, “God, I really need Your help.”
Keith in discovering what is our purpose and what makes our heart sing discovered “The Three Tenets” which help us get back to basics and find the foundation to build a fulfilling lasting and meaningful spiritual practice.. To help you do that, he offer three tenets that have been (and are still) quite helpful to him.
1. The all-knowing tenet: If turning inward unites me with God (Higher Self), then it makes sense to me that Omniscience (Peace) is my natural state.
2. The all-powerful tenet: If turning inward unites me with God, then it makes sense to me that Omnipotence (Love) is my natural state.
3. The all-pervading tenet: If turning inward unites me with God, then it makes sense to me that Omnipresence (Liberation) is my natural state.
Keith shares with us the gift he believes God has given to him and wants to give it to you. He takes great pleasure in sharing with you his prophetic vision of Heaven on Earth. “You are the Vision, the Christ. In truth, all there is is you. Walk into your divinity. Walk into the One. You are God.”
Keith tells us how he began to develop this awareness of the three tenants. One day a friend asked him, “Without judging yourself, Keith, tell me, do you like your life?” I said, “Hell no!” His next question was, “What are you willing to do to have peace?” I told him, “At this point, I’m willing to try just about anything!” “Then prepare yourself for miracles,” he said. For the next hour or so, he laid out some principles I could begin to work with. But at the same time, he suggested I not believe a word he was saying! He said, “Just let the manifestations speak for themselves.” I had no idea what he meant.
Even so, that very day, that week, that month, that year, as I began to put these new ideas into practice, I could see the little miracles that Mike had told me would take place if I kept to my “I’m willing to do anything for peace” intention
I began to meditate daily as Mike had said to do. I can honestly say that the more I practiced meditation, the more my life improved. That alone has helped me stop feeling like a victim and to live more in harmony with God.
Another thing Mike suggested I do was to train my senses to take in everything around me. To my astonishment, I noticed that whenever I consciously engaged one of my five senses, my sixth sense would make itself known to me. Before long, intuition became an everyday part of my life.
One very important thing I’ve learned is how to take responsibility for whatever I do. And with that has come excitement, because now I finally get that I can have any- and everything I want if I keep on cleaning up my life. To stay on task, I daily ask God to open my heart and to keep reminding me that I can create Heaven within me any time I choose.
Ever since I’ve realized that I am God, we are God, everything is God, I’ve experienced moments most people would call miraculous. And I’ve noticed that when I take the time to recognize God in others, my ego (that has always separated me from them) vanishes and better relationships are the result.”
Keith suggests we…..Begin to feel. Begin to touch. Begin to see. Begin to listen. Begin to know. Begin to be. God-realization will happen when you finally free yourself from the brain, the senses, the mind—the wanter.
The four modalities Keith offers to help one create a disposition of ongoing peace bliss and awareness of expansion include: passion, sincerity humility and vulnerability. If true to these qualities one allows oneself to know themselves at a deep personal level and open up the heart and soul to follow their own truths leading ultimately to a feeling of being connected to All that is.
The moment you entertain any thought, the universe begins to work toward its manifestation. Everything is affected because all is One—the same Body, the same Being. For you to understand more fully that everything is of One Energy, we must start with the Soul and work our way outward. Know that in every human being there are more bodies than just the physical one, and there is much more taking place than meets the eye. We discover more about our complex set of bodies.
THE SPIRIT SELF OR BODY: The Spirit is the aspect that descends into a body to partake of the human experience. It creates and governs all that is you. The Spirit works in conjunction with your own awareness to bring about what is beneficial for your evolution so that you may one day embody the Divine Principle.
THE MENTAL SELF OR BODY: This aspect provides you with the ability to reason. What I mean by reason is having the capability to consciously recognize what is right for you in any situation. It is the part of you that creates by thought and choice.
THE EMOTIONAL SELF OR BODY: This aspect is denser than the spiritual and mental bodies and is responsible for physical expression. It influences all the actions and reactions triggered by your pleasure/pain memories. Its enormous power brings what you are choosing into the certainty of being.
THE PHYSICAL SELF OR BODY: This is what most people think they are—the body. But really, your physical body is just the vehicle for the other bodies. It lets you move freely in the world while you work to align your personality with your Soul. It is your individuality. Your physical self allows you to come together with others to share life experiences.
All these aspects make up the human entity. Even though they are different, they have one thing in common: they are all made up of energy. It is through such synergy that the physical, emotional and mental bodies connect to the all-pervading Spirit. On the earth plane, almost everyone perceives himself or herself as an individualized unit, separate from others. Such spiritual deficiency promotes spiritual dyslexia—a view of reality as outer to inner, rather than inner to outer. This perception is in error because, at the subatomic level, there is no separation whatsoever. Everything is just energy fluxing at Godspeed, briefly bumping around, then taking off to somewhere else. Believe it or not, the human body is 99.9999% empty space. The other .00001% (matter) is empty space as well. Matter consists of random blips of energy and informational discharges that solidify into a three-dimensional hologram, thus creating the illusion of solidity.
So Keith shares with us that “Everyone is of One Body that branches into many seemingly separate bodies upon the physical plane? The more you can see this truth, the more your tendency to judge anything will diminish because you will understand that everything is you. When you cast judgment, not only do you bring about division from others— you deepen the conscious breach between yourself and the One Cosmic Body. When you judge, love begins to decay and fear begins to expand.”
Keith give us an awareness expansion technique that helps listeners glimpse who they really are. You see, there is an order to the Divine Will that must play out in sequence. This is necessary in order to know who we are where we come from and return after a physical life journey. At the right time, He will set out to help humanity transcend its collective ego by showing you the difference between reality (living in Love) and nonreality (living in fear). Thus will the pandemic of fear and greed come to an end.
But first I(God) must mirror to each of you with all His Love exactly who you are as a think-ing, feel-ing, do-ing, be-ing beings. All you need to do to be a conscious part of our great creation is look within your own heart. In this readily available place is where you will find Me (God). All things in the universe are individual cells of God. As I embody you, you embody God. This is the sole/Soul reason you are here: to activate and anchor “The Divine upon the Earth’s physical plane.”
The problem you are having is that you have gotten so wrapped up in the drama of life being just too much that you have forgotten to look to Me for relief
Sheryl says that she thinks perhaps the whole purpose of a physical life is merely to remember who we are as souls interconnected to all souls and find that part of God within each of us to know that we are within the Universal God and God is within us so we may manifest and co-create with that vibrational force all we put our thoughts and attention on. In that view, yes we are all Gods and never separate from our divine source of eternal life. It is in knowing that truth that peace love and freedom or liberation are ours eternally. So then we are infinite potential for creation and expansion.
And Keith downloads from God what we are….”What I am is the Ultimate Awareness. What I am is Perpetual, Infinite Potential.” Surely you can understand that everything born of Infinite Potential has within it its own spark of Infinite Potential. Everything has infinite potential to become Infinite Potential. But to become invincible like Me, you must go deep within and reach for that Infinite Potential yourself. Looking to the temporal world for what you think you need implies a belief that you are lacking something. I ask you, why must you reach outward for fulfillment? You can never reach your Infinite Potential and power that way. You have everything you need to create a life and world of infinite love and goodness.
Radical Transformation is the purpose of each of us having a physical life. As we all transform we will discover as I said before, not everyone in positions of power wants more or cares about the struggle for it. Any member of the clergy or any political person who operates from a selfless heart serves the Divine.: I know that you believe in God but if you want to help Me help you shape the world into something worth living in, it is not enough to simply believe in Me— you must know Me as I know you. And know that I am ready to do what I have always done—work through ordinary people just like you who are making themselves available to anchor the Divine Principle.
“To anchor the Divine Principle you must accept living in love as your abiding criterion.” With this new awareness of your relationship to Earth, other human beings and God, you now have the ability to understand all that is taking place in the era that you are living in. I share with you this truth of your connectedness to bring you stability and to provide you with a deeper comprehension of the way things will play out in these transitional times.
Earth’s energy is beginning to shift dramatically and it is lifting at an exponential rate. The pace of life is accelerating like never before and in this age of computer technology, when new phenomena quickly become obsolete, most people find it tough just to keep up. But it is very important for all of you to update yourselves and absorb as much information as possible.
“So what should we call this time we’re living in—the End, the Beginning, the New Age, the Golden Age, Revelation, Armageddon, the Rapture—what?” It matters not to God what you call it. What does matter is for you to believe with all you have that God is blanketing you and Earth with Love’s vision so that humanity can see what has been created, how it is working and what needs to be re-cycled for your further expansion. You must know that the “closer” God gets to you, the more the Law of Cause and Effect will be in play. Said another way, as God’s Light pierces the illusion of time and space, everything about you will be unmasked to reveal your shadow self, your own illusion.”
Cause and effect will not be separate and our thoughts will suddenly begin to manifest There is enormous potential for unpleasant things to manifest in your life, but they need not necessarily come into being. You said it correctly: as Love energy continues to lift, all things will quicken into manifestation. So if you wish to avert any adversity, you must clear yourself of any hate, guilt and fear you are holding on to. If these obstacles are not addressed, trouble will continue to show up for you on a regular basis.
In his conversation with God Keith hears ” Never mind what you were taught! I know this may not sound like the God you have been used to; nonetheless, these are the constructs of My Love. “When trials show up in my life, does it mean that I’ve been abusing my freewill? Is that why I sometimes feel You are testing me?” I have never tested anyone. The truth is, you are testing yourself. Your unhappy experiences have come about because you have not yet worked through your karma.”
Sheryl suggests that our listeners begin to advance their spiritual practice and then will be able to find a more peaceful demeanor in these challenging times.
In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl suggested a way to advance your spiritual practice is through meditation and she was inspired by a client Marisol and the meditation she wrote is called “Meditation of the Sea and Sun” This is a small part of that meditation “ In this state of gentle vibration, relaxation and connection ASK for what you need to heal—an emotional concern or a physical pain. ASK to be brought forward, away from limited thinking and to become the expression and radiance of the divine light of your essence. This will allow situations and people more in tune with your highest interests. A state of healing is created as a result of these intentions and actions, leading you to living with hope, faith and wellness.
Keith says, “But if you want to live eternally—where there are no more births and deaths, just life everlasting—you have to replace your fear with Love. Once you get to that level, your consciousness will no longer be interrupted, the cycle will no longer perpetuate. But, as of now, you are only the potential of what you can become.”
Keith would like to remind us that a cleansing and transformation is taking place right now in the world as it did in the time of Moses and Pharaoh when things had to get so bad before people realized “the Divine Principle” of love for God and man and began to live as God intends in peace humility balance and integrity and love. The Divine Spirit speaks to us and tells us to take a look around. Can you not see how the infrastructures of family, religion, education and geopolitics are all beginning to weaken? “Without a doubt, but I also see a lot of people who want to build, and are building, their lives on truth. It seems like almost everyone is looking for something to fill the hole we all feel inside. You seem to think that the rebuilding of society and everyone’s search for truth are different from one another, but they are one and the same. You are all creating these changes by finally recognizing the illusion you have been living in, by realizing your relationship to a cause greater than yourselves, and by deciding to take that cause up. It is through this new perception that you are becoming more globally aware, watching everything that takes place within the institutions at work in your modern world.
Once everyone begins to establish the Divine within themselves, you will find the solution to all of your problems. You are on the cusp of choosing your fate.
Take responsibility for everything that happens and tolerate nothing that is not in alignment with where you want to be. “I’m sure that giving up our desire to acquire stuff wouldn’t hurt either. But surrender does not only require you to release your want for possessions; it also means you must abandon the dogmatic religious, cultural and political beliefs instilled in you by those who want to control. You must back out of those systems completely if you are not being fed loving spoonfuls of universal truth. “I’ve met many who walk the path of universal truth, but are there enough of us to cause the world to shift?” All over the world there are men and women who are living such exemplary lives that they elevate the consciousness of their entire sphere of acquaintances. There are enough of you, all right. It is when you will make the shift that remains in question. Pray that it will not take too long
Keith writes as downloaded from Spirit, ”As you may have noticed, many things are also going on in the political arena. True leaders are rising and making changes, while deceitful leaders are falling fast and hard. “What are Your thoughts about our voting process?” Understand that if someone in power leads by using manipulation and untruths, he/she is treading on thin ice. When you vote for that leader, you are skating on the same thin ice. I am aware that you have blindly elected some into office, only to be shocked at what they have done (or not done) after their seat of power became a comfortable one. This is why I continue to expose your leaders’ ill-advised agendas, so that you can get the “bad ones” out and thus avoid the karma you would be destined for if they remained in power. Know that I do support the notion of leadership, but from what I have seen thus far, the track records of many of those whom you have elected have been “poor.”
Yes, there have been moments in history when true leaders have appeared, but just as they were on their way to making positive changes, they were assassinated, leaving their visions to die on the vine. My question to all of you is: Will you continue to follow leaders who care only about themselves, or will you accept Leadership from the One who cares only about the welfare of humanity?
Second, when you seek leaders, make certain they have a Divine calling, and are not someone you vote for just because they seem to be the “best” ones running. Unlike the leaders of the present system, Divine leaders will not even hint to you that they are the ones in charge. They will govern righteously and be of service to you all.
Third, make certain your chosen leaders have a direct connection to the Divine so that, in any situation, they can move to the good by praying to God, “What do I do?” If you are not choosing leaders with these qualifications, why do you even bother to vote? “To try to make some kind of difference.” Psssst…I will let you in on a little secret. Sometimes your votes are not even a factor. Many will try to convince you that the election process is a legitimate one. But do not be fooled. Election results are often determined long before you step into the voting booth. Keep in mind what I said earlier—your present legislative branch will collapse, and it will take years to rebuild it. Because of this restoration process, many old guard politicians will be forced out.
Your new lawmakers will not make law, per se, but rather, will introduce you to Divine Law and teach you how to fall into flow with It.
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have explored a way past the obvious to the inner world of truly knowing who we are and in that discovery finding the will and mindset to change antiquated beliefs rewrite the story of our life our planet our universe and go about creating a personal and collective new way to proceed through these changing challenging times, to find Spirit or God within and around us as we look to quiet any negativity, fear or limitation of the outer world, and explore through self-investigation the miracles of our inner truth for living life according to The Divine Principle. Engaging positive experiences and moving away from that which is a deterrent to our positive growth and progress will allow us to live with greater love and compassion for all.
Transformation and transcendence from any of our fears or disquieting remembrances of events in this time and place before are only the opportunities Spirit offers us through the people events and experiences of our daily life so we remember who we are as Spiritual Beings having a physical life always refining our thoughts and actions so we can gain greater compassion and love of Life.
As Keith downloaded from Spirit , “But if you want to live eternally—where there are no more births and deaths, just life everlasting—you have to replace your fear with Love. Once you get to that level, your consciousness will no longer be interrupted, the cycle will no longer perpetuate. But, as of now, you are only the potential of what you can become………It is vital that you begin to inform yourself on all matters, especially spiritual teachings from around the world. When you do, you will find all the doctrines you study are but jigsaw puzzle pieces waiting to be assembled. And when the puzzle finally does piece together, do not be surprised to see the image of My Face shining through. You must not accept blindly that everything you have been taught or will hear is true. Figure things out for yourself by weighing the possibilities and probabilities of what is the likely Truth.”
Keith and I hope you find the wisdom of the Universe in the quiet voice of Spirit within and begin to know the joy and happiness that is your natural birthright as we are indeed a spark of the Divine. We would have you focus on what is possible not impossible, and what is real, not the societal training or patterns imprinted on you by others. Look within and find that connection to your energetic self and be at peace, be calm, be Love.
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