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Hello and welcome to Healing From Within I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of awakening spiritual communication healing energies and miracles and am delighted to welcome Teresa Mishler the wife of Dr. Guy Joseph Ale a former guest of “Healing From Within” The interview we shared previously can be heard by going to the radio page of my website, clicking on the 2014 link and going to September 1, 2014 to listen to us discuss “The Best Version of Yourself at Every Age” Today we are going to share Guy’s wonderful new book Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar along with his wonderfully energetic and amazing energy that sparked with so much insight and wisdom for life and love which he shares in his books and in how he lived his everyday life.
Teresa as listeners of “Healing From Within” have come to expect my guests and I share our intimate and often metaphysical insights into life, the afterlife, and how to reach our full potential as souls with a dual nature both physical and spiritual to discover through self-investigation how to master our emotions as we discover joy happiness and the truth of our being.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Teresa Mishler will discuss Guy’s last book Buddha Einstein Walk Into A Bar which presents the revolutionary idea that sensing how long we can live is a latent capacity in us, currently unknown, just like the introduction of fire, the invention of flying and the discovery of radio waves were before we truly brought those ideas into reality. Guy Joseph Ale was the founding president of Lifespan Seminar and Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology and was a leading pioneer in the field of human lifespan.
Teresa when asked to relate a story from Guy’s earlier and most unusual life tells us about some of the people and challenges that affected him. Guy’s diverse childhood included living in Georgia near Russia, Uzbekistan in Central Asia, Israel and lived with his mother grandmother sister not his father, which on one hand created a sense of uncertainty, but also a sense of liberation. He learned there is no one correct way of doing things. Born into a Jewish family he lived in a Muslim country and then in predominately Christian societies and never felt part of any religion but always felt at one with God. Staying in his Grandmother’s house where all his cousins visited was a wonderful place filled with comfort safety treats and overwhelming loving warmth all of which stayed with him for his entire life. The house was over a river and Guy saw people drown. He learned from the experience of the river that it kept flowing and Life went on.
Teresa shares with us how the book Buddha and Einstein Meet in A Bar begins with Guy meeting some of the most brilliant scientists Buddha, Einstein, Alexander the Great, Darwin, Lincoln and Nelson Mandela in a relaxed setting for their monthly meeting. Guy goes on to share the purpose and scope of these interactions.
Understanding Guy’s extraordinary childhood allows us to know why these brilliant men were those he respected and who taught him much about life in the physical and spiritual world. Guy says this book would not exist if he hadn’t almost died from a lower back emergency in 2007 but being that close to death prompted him to ask himself: What is the biggest understanding I have at this point about myself and life? The clear answer that came back to Guy was that he had known since 1992 how long he had to live and had devoted his time to researching the scientific spiritual behavioral and evolutionary aspects of this awareness and it’s implication to his daily life. Guy believed he might live to be 102 years old and if that was true he wished to be the best at each stage of life and had to prepare for that possibility.
Guy says to the esteemed group of leaders, “I realize gentlemen that you all represent different parts of my psyche the dominant instincts driving me through life and have communicated with me at various times with a clear message.
Buddha spoke of self-knowledge. Understand yourself and trust yourself. Alexander communicated: You live only this once: you can. Alexander also said “Do what others are unable or unwilling to do That’s what leaders do. This is how to inspire others,” Darwin stressed an intellectual grasp of this awareness, first to understand it on my own and then to explain it to others. Lincoln had a singular repeating instruction: How does it benefit others? Einstein focused on imagination: Anything that is based in reason and facts is possible. Mandela stressed pragmatism and responsibility for what this awareness means in my own life, and for seeing it through to a broader communication.
Guy considered himself a fifty eight year old boy and would go to bed every night and ask for support. The nickname for all his guides was BADLEM
Some of the ideas received were: If you can maintain the soundness and viability of this vision your anxieties and impatience melt away. You can gain a larger perspective on your life and a deeper authority and responsibility to realize this promise of 102 years the duration that Guy sensed he could live. There is no passion to be found in playing small –in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living…Think outside the box. Don’t follow others’ examples but find your own path. Find a way to accomplish what you see fit…Use our wisdom from the group BADLEM. It is possible. Trust Yourself.
It seems Albert Einstein also like Guy felt his greatest idea actually, and he only had one, ”That is how I feel about sensing how long I can live. It is the deepest insight I’ve had about myself and life. Everything else is an interpretation of this awareness and the framework that this perception puts on my life.
Guy tells us that the purpose of this book is to present the clearest most comprehensive current record of the spiritual and scientific discoveries that enable us to sense how long we can live and to give us practical tools to live your longest and healthiest life.
Sheryl says to Teresa, “As an intuitive healer medium I download information from Universal Source and truly know there is an afterlife, for energy can never be destroyed and we are each of us an eternal soul energy force, but generally I do not pick up the time of passing. My readings are to validate a person’s life path and their spiritual talents. Long ago I was told that I could do a reading on a soul in Spirit, any historical figure or person I needed information from that would help my listeners understand life death and energy. I don’t know why it seemed strange to me for energy is energy and a soul lives whether in a body or in Spirit form. So I did a reading after talking with you and setting up this show to discuss Guy’s book and asked Guy Joseph Ale if he would be kind enough to share his thoughts with us. I received many messages from his most loving and powerful spiritual awareness. However as each reading is sacred and private, I only share the first message and the last on the show today, as over the years I have come to know that these two messages are deeply connected, and help us understand what is being expressed in the language of soul energy.
The first message went like this. “As the Darkness closed my eyes to the end of this life my heart opened fully to my new life, and it was like squiggling or squeezing out of a wet suit or garment and ascending into the eternal LIGHT PEACE LOVE FREEDOM …” The last message was….Perhaps inhaled a fragrance or substance that helped expand Consciousness or just needed for well-being. Perhaps ingested life to the fullest with little fear and great appreciation for All you achieved. Thank You..”
I cried at the beauty of his energy and his expressed love of life and Spirit. Also in thousands of readings I never heard “Thank You” which shows me he was sending us all a blessing. Intuitively, I sense that Spirit often does not share the future with many of us for they wish us to find it ourselves in the right way and time. I think we are born with a time to come and a time to go and if Guy had know the actual age of his passing he may have done things differently and not left his wonderful research and books to help others do the best with their physical and spiritual life. So Spirit may not have wanted him to worry about the time of his passing and simply played a kind little joke to encourage and help him complete his divine mission: to help others respect and love life, and to do the best they could to pursue health and happiness.
While Guy believed many of us have an innate connection to a certain number which may offer us through intuition an idea of how long we might live, but even if we do not know that number yet, an understanding of transcendence consciousness and self-healing can be integral to our best life. So his book tells us much of the latest breakthroughs in Cosmology, Neuroplasticity, The Superstring Theory or perhaps Epigenetics and how we can master the entire system of mind body and energy.
New cosmology aims to explain the nature of existence and the origins of life by presenting the universe as clearly as possible. Guy tells us 13,72 billion years ago: What we call the big bang occurred resulting in the release of matter and energy. We don’t currently know for certain what preceded the big bang but there are several theories such as serial the universes (existing one after the other) multiple dimensions which we cannot detect at present) or many universes existing at once—a multiverse.
What was there before the big bang? The best scientific answer available today is that there was a potential for space time energy matter and everything that would happen in the future. Of course because we have not yet reached the end of time, that journey of evolution and discovery of possibilities that end up being observable phenomena will continue as long as we live. The big bang was an eruption of energy and light.
Teresa goes on to tell us that humankind is the furthest advanced life form to evolve from the forces unleashed at the big bang. We are the offspring of supernovas. We are made of stardust. The carbon oxygen nitrogen and iron in our body could not be created in the universe in any other way than through the collapse and explosion of a star. It is very likely that the atoms in your leg came from a different star than the atoms in your hand. Our bodies are celestial made of the same stuff of which the planets and stars are made. Evolution is not a process of adapting bodies to the environment but of adapting our minds to the increasingly complex forms in the cosmic potentiality. Sheryl having met people who have suggested that were from different planetary influences and aware that there are many life forces vibrational beings and spirit not human but still part of the universe likes to think of us as magical beings of light and energy, thoughts and awareness, and eternal life.
WE humans are at the frontiers of evolution, moving the universe forward with our thoughts and actions.
Teresa discusses that there are essential tools to help us live our longest and healthiest life. They are listed here and discussed in detail in the book.
Exercises that align the different systems to the body
Mindfulness and meditation—to relieve daily stress
Good nutrition—simple rules sustainable for a lifetime
Proper Rest—for your mental and physical peak performance
Active Lifestyle—to stay vibrant through your entire life
When all is said and done it comes down to a basic formula of life: eat well sleep well treat yourself and others well. If you do this and continue breathing freely at every moment you are exactly where you need to be headed precisely where you need to go. Trust your intuition. The only source of knowledge is experience. You cannot make discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
Guy had several near-death experiences which altered his thinking and his life. Nearly killed while riding on a motorcycle when he was seventeen, it gave him a new sense of valuing life. His second brush with physical death happened in 2007 when he was undergoing back surgery. A bone chip broke off and lodged near the nerve canal and he was totally incapacitated. Following that ordeal Guy discovered, “If health is not there nothing is there.” After moving to Tel Aviv at eighteen he entered military service and almost killed three people in two separate traffic incidents. Guy discovered the path he was on impulsiveness accident prone in an unforgivable consequence of recklessness endangering other people’s lives was a wretched sleep walking fool. Profound grief and sublime joy are closely located feelings. Both strike in the center of your heart.
After these two events where people almost died Guy realized you don’t get a third chance so he moved to New York as an illegal alien for almost seven years. During this time while working in low paying jobs only to be let go when his illegal status was discovered and being unable to afford the littlest brush with the law for fear of being deported and struggling with loneliness alienation and sense of belonging the most important lesson Guy learned was, Do I see myself as the ostensible facts of a particular situation and how the outside world might see me?, or can I maintain a vision of myself that is not yet apparent to the outside world. Can I develop my talents and skills?
There are many important character traits that go into making a successful life including creativity discipline faith judgment and courage Different individuals have different needs so there’s no one size fits all strategy. There are as we know essential aids to our healthiest life. The Breath is an important tool to deal with stress. Learning to breathe and relax are two indispensible needs for our physical well-being.
When we find ourselves in a “tight situation,” the natural tendency of the body is to stiffen and the breath to become shallow or restricted. These are hereditary responses of the fight- flight or freeze instinct. The solution for situations like these is to learn to do the opposite—breathe deeply and evenly. You want to remember that your breath is your personal domain, and no one can enter this private space uninvited. Whatever negative circumstances we encounter we can always draw inside, center ourselves, and regulate our breath: deep steady and free.
Here are some helpful mantras to carry in your mental toolkit and repeat silently to yourself when you face a tight situation.
My strength is my breath. When I control my breath, I control my life. The oxygen of the whole world is available to me.
Sheryl remarks that she recently interviewed author Dean Sluyther who wrote Fear Less and he tells a story where his Aikido instructor told him when confronting opponents do not tighten your body. “Relax into the Contact” and like Guy he understood that our body can be used to produce desired results when challenged.
Neuroplasticity improves our daily lives. The consensus in mainstream medicine used to be that brain development was largely complete in our twenties. However, research since the beginning of the twenty-first century has shown that the brain’s neural connections never reach a fixed pattern that cannot change further. Rather studies are showing that the brain is changing constantly in response to learning, disease, exercise, and other stimuli—through our entire lifespan. This process is called neurogenesis. The brain produces new neurons until the day we die. This newly discovered innate plasticity of the brain across a lifetime means that a person can stay active and engaged in life for as long as they practice a lifestyle that stimulates both the body and the mind.
We can achieve peak performance in everyday life. We do this by creating conditions that help us be the best version of ourselves at every moment. This means mastering our physical and mental states, knowing why we do what we’re doing and knowing how to deal with unavoidable daily stress. Lifespan Seminar’s award winning tools bring body consciousness techniques for daily use—meditation pressure points touch triggers and ring muscles: and self-management skills—mindful breathing, good nutrition, proper rest and active lifestyle.
There is an infinite potential of existence. We humans are a product of 13.7 billion years of evolution since the big bang. Since we have not yet reached the end of time, we have not yet reached the end of our potential. We simply don’t know what it is because existence means constant change mutation and progress As we discover more about the universe at large, we understand more about the world inside us and vice versa, in a mutually dependent evolution of scientific and spiritual awareness.
I want to thank Teresa Mishler for sharing Guy Joseph Ale’s new book Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar and for sharing his amazing life story of courage compassion love wisdom and an energy that moved with intelligence and purpose much like Universal or Divine energy that holds the answers to all life’s unfolding mysteries.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” I thank Guy in Spirit for being on my show previously and for sharing the amazing sparkle and delight of his energy and enthusiasm to share the truth of our eternal unrealized life force which can change, progress, and help us live with courage dignity and purpose as we continue to learn more about who we are and where we come from.
When Guy asked me to write an endorsement for his new book I was delighted for I know Spirit brings us together with members of our soul group and in those interactions both parties are enriched and allowed to be comfortable and share their true soul expressions. I never personally met Guy, but I so enjoyed our time together during our interview time and remember him fondly with a profound awareness that there is no time and space, only energy connecting with energy of similar vibration and love.
Guy wrote, “ We know hatred and we prefer love. We know strife and we prefer peace. We know chaos and we choose order. We know loneliness and we prefer the company of loved ones. These are not negligible things. These are the building blocks of a good and meaningful life. It is good to remember that our thoughts affect our genes and not the other way around. You don’t need to see yourself as declining in health as you age. Rather, you’re making choices that enable you to be the best version of yourself at every age.”
Our essence is eternal, but while we are in this lifetime, mastering our optimal duration leads to a more graceful exit
Thank you Guy for sharing your amazing energy from Spirit with us. I am aware that you and all the gifted guides above are working with us to improve society humanity and evolution at this very challenging time in world history. I know you are with your beloved scientists and spiritualists and are working as you did here on earth to improve yourself and those around you. Many blessings my friend.
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