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Steve Kidd

Rational Living with John Vespasian

We all have a plan of some sort. At times we can become comfortable and plateau, or even take a dive.  Distractions in life have a way of making us feel relieved, and some can make us feel defeated, but all distractions are equal. We have to be living our lives in a rational and focused way that serves our growth and prosperity in order to fulfill our plans and dreams.
To be intentional in reaching for new goals, it’s all about making rational decisions that motivate you in the right direction. Seeking growth both personally and in business is only the first step.  You have to remain focused and rational in order to achieve. You cannot let distractions stop you from living your purpose.
Listen in as John Vespasian and Steve Kidd talk about how to live rationally and effectively reach your goals in spite of the distractions that will try to get in the way.