Spirituality and Philosophy

Create What You Speak

Sloane Freemont


This week I had an experience that really surprised me and so, of course, I wanted to talk about it on the show. It had to do with making little minor tweaks to improve something I was already doing and I was surprised to find it had a huge impact on me after I was done.
We are talking about making little minuscule changes in your life, that may not seem like much on the surface but make a huge difference in the long run. I’m focusing on those tweaks that save you time, save you money, increase your productivity and/or overall just make you feel good and feel better in whatever you are doing.
If you are looking for some small ways to change up your routine to get big results, this is your episode. Don’t miss it! Songs this week include My Name is Human by Highly Suspect and Nanking Road by The Shanghai Restoration Project.