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A TEA TIME TRAVELER: The Mystery of Granny’s Teapots by Ramona Lea Kohlenberg

A TEA TIME TRAVELER: The Mystery of Granny’s Teapots by Ramona Lea Kohlenberg

When Rachel Moon, inherits her eccentric Grandmother’s teapot collection she discovers something quite extraordinary!

The teapots are beautiful, elegant and sometimes quirky, they each hold a secret. Rachael discovers she can travel through time to the place and year of the original owner of each teapot. She finds herself in 1935 London, 1967 Africa, 1890 Montana. Her journey takes her on an adventure to find herself, true love and crushing heartbreak. It’s quite an adventure.

Follow Rachel and her best friend Lily, as they discover the mysteries of Granny’s teapots and how the world can change drastically in an instant.

Join us for this informal and fun chat with author Ramona Lea Kohlenberg to hear her process for writing and  how she creates these vivid characters.

Ramona Lea Kohlenberg

Ramona Lea Kohlenberg

So set the table  with your loveliest, most delicate, porcelain teacups, tiered plates of watercress tea sandwiches, fruit, sconces, Queen’s Cakes and enjoy. Put the kettle on and settle in for romance, adventure, mystery, laughter, a splash of sorrow, a spoonful of joy, and a whole lot of fun. Tea anyone?


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