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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Break Free From Fear and Make It Your Friend

What are you afraid of?
Do painful memories from the past keep coming back, triggering hurt and preventing you from experimenting, thriving and enjoying life to the fullest?
Rather than attempting  to bury a bad memory, clinical psychologist and author Dr. Carla Marie Manly explains why you should face your fears, detect their origin and learn from them. Tune in with your host Roy Richards to discover four powerful ways that destructive fear can negatively impact health, relationships and self-esteem. Learn how to use constructive, transformational fear to gain a fuller understanding of self and to create a life free of fear’s false chains. Uncover five “letting-go skills” you can practice to detach and watch painful memories depart without feeling their toll, replacing them with positive messages that you are loved, kind, intelligent and more.