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Doc Holliday

Did the Democrats Gain Their U.S. House Majority in a Legitimate Way?

After the Mueller report and in the midst of making “A Lot To Do About Nothing” in congressional committee rooms, someone needs to ask, “Did the Democrats who now run the U.S. House of Representatives as the majority party, win using legitimate tactics?  Did Robert Mueller delay his collusion report to help Democrats to further demonize President Trump as a traitor—-some in the Congress and past Obama administration members did? Did Mueller purposefully wait till after the mid-term elections to better enable Democrat candidates?  So where do we go from here?  Doc Holliday has a lot to talk about and America needs to know the answers to these questions. Doc uses clips from the congressional hearings with Attorney General Barr and a clip with a leading Democrat saying that President-elect Trump was not a legitimate President.  Have any Democrats who called President Trump not legitimate or a traitor apologized?  Click on for a fascinating show this week.  And next week’s show will be a special celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TEA Party movement!