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Welcome to “Healing From Within” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit- Answers to Healing and Infinite Love and as a Reiki Master Teacher and medium have studied many modalities that open the mind and heart to the endless miracles and wisdom of Spirit and Creation. Today I am delighted to welcome Tori Hartman also a professional intuitive and author of How To Read The Cards For Yourself and Others who will share how a near-death experience twenty years ago led her to study and learn about color, the chakras and their power to transform and heal lives.
As listeners of “Healing From Within” have come to expect and respect, my guests and I share our intimate stories challenges and forward thinking views as we learn more about energy, our multi-dimensional lives and find answers to the mystery and beauty of life and its many possibilities.
Tori thinks back to her childhood and remembers her mother and father were particularly important to her and subsequently part of the story of her life values interests and pursuits. She tells the story of a Christmas Eve when she was about three years old and her father was away on business and she wouldn’t go to sleep until he returned. She sat in the chair in the living room and while her mother feel asleep she trusted her Father would be there for her soon. At about 2 o’clock in the morning he walked through the door and scooped her up and she still remembers the cold against her cheek. While her relationship with her mother may have been somewhat strained her father seemed always to be there for her with love and acceptance.
Tori shares a near death experience twenty years ago and how life changed for her after that experience She writes, “In the 1980’s I had a strange dehydration and passed out and left my body and floated up to the light. When I regained consciousness I heard the voices of angels speaking to me. That was the hidden catalyst behind the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards I would later create. After the experience I felt a need to move to Los Angeles where I reconnected with a college friend Steve and one evening he asked me if any of the spirits would talk to him and I channeled through a voice that spoke to him. Over the months we recorded 20 cassette tapes about energy and timelines and when we asked the Spirit to tell us his name he said “I AM” He said, “ I am your servant but I chose to call him The Great Servant. The Counsel of the Great Spirits became clearer to Jeff and I who worked with the ideas they expressed and formed fable teams, color definitions and group exercises to actually use the Universal Laws of Energy.
Tori describes the difference between Oracle and Tarot cards. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are not designed to teach you about the seven chakras. They are intended to support you in finding answers through your own internal chakra map. Tori believes we all have the answers within us already and just have to learn to access them.
Card reading is a spiritual collaboration between you the cards and your angels or guides and the querent (the person being read) This is done through your intuition of Higher Self. We by- pass the brain. Your brain’s soul purpose is to protect you in the physical world. It blocks what it can’t understand. When your intuition sends you a message and your brain is unable to make sense of it you will notice one or more of the following thoughts….
This doesn’t make sense
I don’t understand
I’m confused
This won’t work
This is stupid
I quit!
Imagine that your brain is keeping your intuition prisoner. Your brain wants to know the meaning of the cards but allowing yourself to feel lost and confused is the real pathway to trust and to revealing the secret messages your intuition is telling you.
Sheryl says…I have only vaguely explored that topic as I download information during meditation and dreams and intuitive thoughts and feelings and each medium or healer works in ways unique to their life path and past life experiences. I have had card readings and the readers have been right on the money but I know they are also downloading the messages of spirit and Spirit is helping in the selection of the cards that are needed at the moment. At my office I have a small package of miracle cards given to me by a client years ago and sometimes after a reading I ask the client or querent to select a card and it always makes them smile for it is always in perfect alignment to the theme and messages of the reading and healing session. I suggest to them that Spirit or loved ones are arranging the card selected further illuminating their divine help.
Tori suggests it is necessary to bypass your conscious mind and trust your intuition. Becoming a reader is the way to know the truth and about delving deeper into YOU. It is a journey of self-discovery and each time you read or give a reading, you discover more about yourself and the true joy in living and also discover greater love and compassion for all living things moving past any suffering illusion limitation and fear.The most vital tool in card reading is to become a Neutral Observer without the reader giving advice.”
Tori tells us how the seven chakras or energy vortexes of the body which channel universal energy and affect all areas of spiritual and physical life can teach you to discover the difference between your logical brain and your intuition and how common buzzwords are running your life and how to use your intuition to change that.
On each card in The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards is printed a key word such as Joy or Perseverance that refers to a fable told to her by an angel. Each fable was related by a different angel and the stories are very individualized as a result. The fables came to me in a distinct color and over time I understood that each shade was linked to one of the seven chakras as each chakra has its own color Examples are red for root chakra, orange for sacral chakra and yellow for the solar plexis chakra and so on. These chakras are wheels of light aligned with the spine but not part of the physical body and have been recognized as a potent source of healing self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment.
The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards allow us to tap into these seven energy vortexes. So we can open the door to our intuition or soul essence and understand how our personal wounding is our greatest gift.
If for example you ask your question and shuffle the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card breathe deeply, drop your shoulders and next pick a card placing the card in front of you, you will see the key word as your brain interprets it. This is the “buzz word.” What does this word mean to you? Perhaps look it up in the dictionary. Do you see an alternative meaning to the one your brain originally thought? Now your intuition is talking to you. Next, look at synonyms and see which word strikes you. Now you are going deeper into how your intuition is speaking to you. If you are resistant or feel upset look at the antonyms what opposes exposes. If a card is upside down I always look at the antonyms. A severe level of upset might indicate a root issue that has long been denied.
Tori goes back to discuss the term, “the neutral observer” and how to engage the neutral observer in yourself. When the brain sees the surface meaning of the keywords on each card our intuitive self becomes what Tori calls the Neutral Observer which, once you have learned to use some of the simple techniques, will reveal the hidden messages each keyword is sending you. In essence this means that the word printed on the card is a doorway or deeper understanding and not to be taken too literally. We can also become the Neutral Observer of a character in a fable in her cards and in doing so recognize how the fable relates to us. You will see over time how these energy vortexes are ever-changing and evolving.
Learning to step into your neutral observer is a key skill. As a reader of the cards you are more than an observer, you are not taking a side, you may have feelings going on, but you don‘t act on them. You observe each experience as though you are not involved. This is not the same as detachment which is active. “Neutral Observer” feels but takes no action. For example when you watch a movie you may experience sadness anger or upset, but you don’t act on these feelings because your brain knows the movie is not real and cannot hurt you. The power lies in using this same ability in readings: to step back as a Neutral Observer from your feelings and then allow distance to create a natural separation between your feelings and the circumstance that brought them up. The Neutral Observer supports you in not jumping to conclusions because when you jump into your emotions for a querent (someone you are reading) it shuts down your intuitive ability and your brain rushes in to make meaning of something. When the brain speaks it gives advice, and that can override the intuitive message from the card. The Neutral Observer never says something like, “Now Why would you do something self-defeating such as that? but would simply say, “That’s interesting so the person can feel the emotion and make their own choices about why events are happening without judgment.
Sheryl suggests to Tori that being a neutral observer is a skill that can aid us in many ways and in most interactions during the course of each day allowing for better interactions and a more peaceful world experience, for it would override the mind and ego allowing the heart or soul to feel, know, and then let go of lower vibrational emotions such as anger fear jealousy greed and judgment. We are as spiritual beings having a physical life encouraged to know and feel all emotions for as long as we need to, and then to return back to our natural state of being which is joy and love.
Tori shares a few experiences she had with people during readings of the cards and their own intuitive input. She tells of a young woman whose mother could never look at her when she came home from school and was trying to talk to her. She always felt abandoned and as a result had low self-esteem. When she was older she realized the reason the mother didn’t want her to see her face was she was often bruised and was the victim of domestic abuse and didn’t want her to know. Sheryl suggests that understanding her parent’s problems evidentially allowed her to see things in a new way, develop new perceptions and clear away many of the hurts of her childhood. That is what is meant by letting go and accepting allowing and surrendering to your life plan so you can refine restore renew recharge and relive with better results any experience that feel short of being positive.
Tori tells the story of a querent who selected the Workaholic card and told her how hard she worked and that she had no life. Tori applied the key concept, “How we relate to the issue is the issue.” She asked her how she felt and she told me she hated the buzzword “Workaholic” and she wanted to get rid of the problem. She said she had no life and felt helpless. All that from the Workaholic card. Looking at the word “helpless” in a thesaurus I read the synonym and she stopped at the word “defenseless.” ..Looking “defenseless” up we discovered lacking protection or support. The revelation was hard. This revelation offered her a choice to either continue to carry on as things were or look for ways to experience support and feel safe. Her father had been a workaholic and to her that didn’t only mean helpless but that he was unavailable.
By the way both stories show the effect our childhood plays in the many beliefs and values we hold as adults and how it is valuable when dealing with repeated patterns of behavior we begin to look back and realize who may have contributed to our fears and limitations so a clearer picture of what caused these reactions is truly seen.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Tori has shown us that often challenging events that happen to us, guide us from a Higher Consciousness of Spirit to understand why events happen and to use this knowledge to improve the quality of our lives. We are often guided to invest time and energy into learning skills that support our physical life and often through a clearer use of energy processes. Reading the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards enhance the natural ability to recognize our natural state of intuitiveness soul wisdom and the connection we have to spiritual guides as we learn when called upon try to help us accomplish what we came into this physical incarnation to remember and improve. We can remember we are soul beings having a physical life experience in order to grow compassionately lovingly mature and to refine our relationships, our love of life and all life, and to create or manifest whatever we need in order to evolve and help ourselves, humanity and Spirit. Whatever tool is presented to you, healing modalities, energy medicine, tarot or oracle cards, prayer, music, meditation, they are all keys to finding a comfortable union with mind body and soul.
Tori and I would have you open your mind and heart to the possibilities that you are more than you imagine and life is an eternal pathway to success happiness and fulfillment once you learn to pay attention to the clues and messages and change any negativity within to be the loving soul you actually are.
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