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Welcome to Healing From Within. Your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a story of spiritual awakening, spiritual communication, healing energies and a guide to inner soul awareness for effective living in these changing times is delighted to welcome Maureen J. St. Germain author of Waking Up in 5 D which offers eye opening stories of Fifth Dimension experiences from students and from her Spirit Guides explaining that part of our soul energy is living in this three dimensional physical plane, but life is changing and many of us are prepared and excited to move to higher frequencies of consciousness and a new dimension of life.
Listeners of this show have realized over the years that Sheryl and her guests share intimate and amazing stories of working with the laws of Universal energy and Source to align to a higher awareness of who we are: Spiritual beings having a physical life. It is our natural birthright to create and manifest the future with opportunities for more compassion, love and empathy and to make a greater connection between heaven and earth.
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Maureen J. St. Germain the founder of Transformational Enterprises and the founder of Akashic Records Guides International also an author musician and producer of more than 15 guided meditation CD’s will discuss the rapidly changing environment of your ascension; the ascension of humanity and the planet that will bring phenomenal opportunities which Fifth Dimensional energies have to offer.
Maureen as a child was aware someone was watching her and grew up close to nature and the openness and beauty of the outdoors. Sheryl shares that she was also at a young age aware of something around her or energy that touched her and couldn’t quite explain how she knew there was much more than the adults were teaching her.
Moving forward Maureen has travelled to 27 countries and taught sacred geometry and the Merkaba for almost 20 years. She had taught manifestation based on the book Be A Genie and has founded the Akashic Records Guides and taught worldwide. Lowest points in her life was the ending of her twenty five year marriage getting fired being given a bill for college tuition for one of my sons after he received a scholarship. High points included discovering her Divine Mission or life purpose having a wonderful family children and grandchildren and at the right time meeting and marrying her soul mate. Hearing the lightness and joy in Maureen’s voice makes it evident to Sheryl that she has learned and is functional in the truth of eternal energy and life and exhibits the qualities of one moving towards enlightenment.
Maureen shares the definition of the Third Fourth and Fifth Dimension showing the evolution of humanity to reach a level of higher values and life force as we evolve. The third dimension is a linear based time space based reality incorporating Physical Mental Emotion Etheric aspects of our energy and is here in a physical life which concerns itself with cause and effect features. The Fourth Dimension which is a vortex energy located on the Astral Plane is emotion based and of high intensity where a whirlwind effect is noticed. Sheryl likens it to the political nature of life at the present moment and a state or portal we are only rapidly moving through to a higher level of awareness and spiritual connection to the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is a vibrational frequency of unconditional love with the absence of fear, where compassion rules your emotions. As mentioned before, the fifth dimension is what traditional religions teach is “Heaven.” It is the next place humanity is moving and expressing through. Actually we think of ourselves as being three dimensional beings although we are actually slightly above that. Most of us are halfway between 3rd and 4th dimensions. The higher up the dimensional experience you have helps you to discern higher frequencies of consciousness with a peaceful soothing feeling, while still experiencing the lower dimensions with grace compassion and dispassionate interest. Awareness of something that appears to be illogical is a good indicator that you are actually plugged into your fifth dimensional self. This means that our way of thinking good vs. evil, our way of doing (one person above another), and our way of being (everyone for him or herself) are changing. Third dimension is still a free will zone..a God Centered of a non-God centered choice. In the Fifth dimension there is no polarity only love which translates to a God Choice.
Waking up in the Fifth Dimension is different from your current waking up. You become aware of different physical needs and changes are made by you to accommodate those needs. You will find that your rest will become deeper as you become more fifth-dimensional….you may have more trouble waking up in the morning or from a nap you are going deeper and making connections with other versions of yourself. You will be able to use your natural ability to awaken from sleep and not external alarms. Your physical rest is your time away from your body. You can also be bringing up a better version of the body you have. One of the most important circumstances that keeps you out of the fifth dimension is not getting enough sleep. During deeper sleep times you are able to recalibrate with your higher vibrational self which allows you to maintain your fifth dimensional self while awake.
There are many outside disruptors that can impact your ability to stay in 5D. They include chemtrails which are manufactured chemical releases from jets that have a negative effect on life as it is and direct influences including cell phones wireless internet and other electronic devices…Indirect influences include programming being beamed from various locations, food modifications. Thinking about the past is counterproductive and keeps you locked in the third dimension. Evaluating and judging yourself…using the old system of categorizing experiences prevents you from being in the present moment and maintaining a fifth dimensional stability.
Chart on Dimensions and Qualities on page 56
Dimension Awareness Location in Reality Movement What You Notice
Third Dimension time/space HERE Linear Cause-Effect
Physical mental
Emotional Etheric
Fourth Dimension Vortex Energy Astral Plane Emotion Based Whirlwind
Higher Intensity
Fifth Dimension Peaceful Knowing
Joyful Our New Now Multi-directional Thoughts
Action in Alignment
Without integrity/Painful
Maureen shares a greater view of Ascension work. She wrote, “The spiritual shift is driving all of humanity upward. In the process of Ascension or waking up in 5D your inner motives will change. Many individuals have already achieved Ascension and are now here as way-showers. Way showers don’t need to prove anything. Their purpose comes from within. It’s based on deep service to humanity and deep love for all living things. Many of the things that will happen to you are transcendent. You may start seeing auras or know things about people. Perhaps you will start feeling strong urges that you are to do more than just work at a corporate job. Because of the light activating our new expression anything that is not in alignment with these new energies will become uncomfortable. Your entire consciousness is pulling you toward your Higher Self express.
In the 5th Dimension you will have to 1 practice discernment: non-judgment..2 get rid of good/bad dichotomy. 3 Must learn a few new words and grow your vocabulary..
Begin to See Beauty in Everything,
Gratitude and Presence..
Observe what makes you happy
Develop Your Connection with Your Higher Self Higher Self
Practice – Learn to discern yes or no from higher self during meditation.
Activate the Power of Assertion Protection Intention.
Choose to be helpful and joyful…Make it your purpose
Sheryl says, “In regard to how we are becoming aware of our soul divine essence and moving forward as conscious beings to create a finer state of harmony balance and love in my book The Living Spirit I wrote…”When a person becomes aware of existing energies, emotions and the motivations for their behaviors, they then can finally understand how to balance their own energy. Remember thoughts can be of the ego-mind or they can be emotions and feelings from the heart or soul. They can also be memories of a soul’s divine nature. Awareness of which aspect of our thinking is motivating us to action can help us make more conscious decisions. Observing and interacting with people who receive energy and messages intuitively from Spirit and are able to balance the energies of mind and heart are examples for us to learn how we may function at the highest level possible in the human state.”
The joy and happiness of moving past the 3D limitation and into the next dimension is a gift for an evolving humanity by Spirit who wishes it to be so
And listeners are able to adopt new ways of speaking thinking and acting that will reinforce their mystery path to ascension. Moving into 5 D is actually the merging of both mental and emotional processing of information. It is the merging of logical, linear thinking with an emotional response to the environment. Awareness of the distinction between linear thinking multi-linear thinking and dynamic thinking leads you down the path of self-awareness that will take you to a perceptible shift in consciousness.
Linear thinking may be distilled to cause and effect based on the rational thinking based on logic of quantum physics began in the early 1900’s by Max Planck towards enlightened thinking. Linear thinking is compartmentalizing situations people or experiences based on the relationship that distance equals velocity times time…. Linear thinking creates a straight line plotted on a graph. Logic is built from linear thinking. Another way to look at linear systems is to examine time….Scientists and mystics alike agree that time cannot be measured. The only element of time that really exists is the present moment…the past doesn’t exist except for the memory of it. The past and future can only be changed in the recorded Akashic Records an energy field of all that is….a record of the activity in consciousness that exists in the eleventh dimension unaffected by human interaction although it records human interaction. It is vibrationally dissimilar to the 3rd 4th fifth dimensions and so on.
The most important thing to understand is that humanity as a whole is moving from a reality that includes polarity or good versus evil to a reality that is devoid of polarity…The original purpose of third dimension was to explore the vast variety that polarity can provide. This cycle has ended and we are winding up the way we did things in the Third Dimension. Things have changed, the rules have changed, and it’s not the same.
Humans are the only beings who are able to be in a Polarity Reality in the first Place. It appears Humans are the only beings that have the capacity to hold both the light and the dark simultaneously. This unifying of polar energies into one being was so that Source could better understand the nature of the unfolding of creation. The goal was that the human would ultimately be able to choose the light and merge the dark into the light. People who are finding new ways to view themselves and to focus on understanding energy as the source of their being are being guided to fulfill their destiny at the present time and to lift themselves and others into a more loving way to approach all situations with the greatest efficacy for divine possibilities to emerge.
Eliminating certain words from your vocabulary assist you in becoming 5D.
Louise Hay who recently passed helped to awaken the world to the concept that thoughts create our reality..Language is a strong key to creating more mastery at every level…Let your language be open ended, without preference or prejudice so you may speak the language of Fifth Dimension
I can’t I won’t (It is your choice)
I should I choose
It’s too difficult I choose to make it fun and easy
It’s not my fault I think I’m responsible How can I fix it.
Challenges Opportunities
Why me? God must know something I don’t because I
only get things I can handle.
It’s a problem It’s an opportunity
Life’s a struggle Life’s an adventure
What will I do? Just show up!
Maureen J. St Germanin shares with us that the “GAME HAS CHANGED.” Since it is not the end of the line as traditional religions describe heaven, it is the end of the line in terms of separateness. From this point forward we actually care about our fellow human beings as much as we care about ourselves. We care about our beloved Earth as much as we care about ourselves… We move into group consciousness or awareness or Oneness. When you accept there could be situations and circumstances that were set in motion by forces that were outside the basic operational rules, you can begin to use your mind and heart to move into compassion and into the Fifth Dimension…the Fifth Dimension is also known as the Ascension.
We learn to recognize the 3D anchors that hold us from being fully present in 5D.
Emotions might hold you back… RESENTMENT-the energy of blame
FEAR- The energy of incongruence
WHINING – the energy of self-validation
SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS -the energy of bitterness
DENIAL- the energy of separateness not oneness
here is no more Karma at would you like readers to take away with them after reading Waking Up in 5D?
Learn to shift and anchor yourself in the joy love and kindness of 5D as you recognize the difference between good vs evil polarized, limiting, 3D linear thinking and connect to the feelings that exist when you stay more grounded in the higher vibration of this new uplifting life force we are all moving towards in the Fifth Dimension of Unity Oneness peace compassion and love for all of life.
Maureen J. St. Germain shares a comprehensive look at possibilities for recognizing and achieving shifts from three dimensional living to a complete new reality and awareness of energy and worlds beyond what many conceive life to be.…We may live with harmonious and loving interactions and permanently anchor ourselves in the joy love and kindness of 5D.
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From within Maureen J. St Germain has shared with us much of what is happening on the planet and to and for each of us by a spiritual love for humanity whether you are consciously aware of it or not. First of all she says the liberation has occurred. We are now in the implementation phase which will take a long time. As we continue to move from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension moving past the emotions and mass controlled mind set of society, we realize who we are and the many blessings that are available to us.
Maureen wrote, “ The most important action for you is to recognize who you are and that as a being carrying a spark of the Divine, you have a right to demand that all of the forces of heaven support you and every aspect of your life. Remember that when you face some obstacle that appear real demand that it be cleared and removed. Meditate regularly and relax –the hard part is over. Are you in? It’s up to you!
Maureen and Sheryl would ask you to remember that as we appreciate the beauty of life and love and master the emotions that we feel and that others are sending our way we may more fully communicate thoughts, words, feelings and actions of the light and truth of all existence. Feel it! Know it! Live it!
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