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Sloane Freemont

Mind Games

Low, high, high, low, the lyrics from the Black Keys song Lo/Hi is exactly how I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks and I couldn’t figure out why. I had this feeling of darkness, sadness and depression that wasn’t showing on the outside but I couldn’t seem to shake on the inside. But as luck (timing) would have it, I ended up getting sick last week and I had nothing else to really do but sit with my feelings.

So as I sat there and got sick of not only being sick but of feeling bad, I explored some ways to pull myself out of this place. What I landed on was a series of better questions I could ask myself, that I’m calling mind games, to get myself out of where I didn’t want to be. The interesting part of this process is the one question that helped me the most allowed me to toggle between feeling low and high, almost like flipping a switch. And since I didn’t like feeling low, I made a decision to stick with the mind games that helped me to feel high again and guess what? It worked!
Songs this week include Lo/Hi by the Black Keys and Low by The Driver Era.