Spirituality and Philosophy

Create What You Speak

Sloane Freemont


Do you ever find that just before you go to sleep you get these brilliant ideas and you are either 1. too tired to get up and write it down or 2. You think you will remember it in the morning and write it down then but you never do? That’s what happened to me with this weeks show.

Just as I was falling asleep this idea came to me that I was holding on to the absence of some things in my life and in doing so that was keeping me stuck. I was holding on to the absence and along with that came holding on to this sadness and wishing things had been different, among other things.

Luckily for me I actually wrote this down in the notes in my phone so I could remember to talk to you about it and I’m glad I did because I think this is a really important topic. And I didn’t even remember writing it down until almost 24 hours later! Join me this week as we talk about what it means to hold on to the absence of something and what you can do about it. And if you’re a skeptic, don’t worry, I have some examples in this weeks show that are sure to inspire you and turn you into a believer. Songs this week include Oh, What A World by Kacey Musgraves and Hey Child by X Ambassadors.