Money and Success

Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Making Money With Your Business Starting Right Where You Are With Gene Swank

Have you ever heard someone say, or said yourself, that someones success
was because they got lucky?

Do you believe it takes money to make money?

Do you wish you had the success that others have had, but you feel like
you cant crack the code?

Today is your day to defy those definint myths and truly begin the
journey to your success. To help us with this host Steve Kidd is joined
by international best selling author Gene Swank to talk about his book.
“No Money Down: Defying the myth that it takes money to make money”

Gene shares with you tip and secrets that he shares with the many
startup businesses he mentors. Tips that have helped them build multi
million dollar companies. And you can too! Listen to this incredible
advise from co founder of Propellant Labs incubator  Gene Swank, today
on Thriving Entrepreneur.