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Steve Kidd

The right energy in your life and in your space with Patricia Lohan

The energy in our lives and in our environment is so important to living
our best life and Thriving in our life and business. The people we spend
the most time with. The things we day and do. Even the items we have in
our home, and yes the way they are arranged has an impact on us.

Often one of the most overlooked things in our lives that has a dramatic
effect on on how we show up in the world is simply how our home is set
up. Are things cluttered or clean? What impact does this have on you? Do
your rooms flow?  Did you know that even something as simple as the
toilet lid in your bathroom may have an impact on your day to day life.

I encourage you to join with us today as host Steve Kidd is joined by
Patricia Lohan as we discuss the energy in our lives and our
environment. How they impact us and the little things we can do that can
make a dramatic impact in the quality of our lives. Today on Thriving