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Sheryl Glick


Welcome to Healing From Within where your host Sheryl Glick author of
The Living Spirit a story of spiritual awakening, spiritual
communication, healing energies, miracles and Sheryl like her guest Ruth
Anderson author of One Love has been fortunate and gifted with a very
amazing truth which is their greatest joy and responsibility to share
with those who listen. “We are each of us spiritual beings having a
physical life and life is a continuous eternal process of experience,
evolution and love.

Dedicated listeners of Healing From Within are well aware Sheryl and her
guests search their conscious and unconscious memories experiences and
their awareness of soul life and the Universal Laws of Energy to further
understand the duality of physical and spiritual aspects of life. This
search helps us to move past the fear or idea of death so we can live
and achieve much happiness in this physical life and learn to live with
honor courage and love.

In this episode Dr. Ruth Anderson also a Reverend of the Church of Inner
Light was given a ministry to provide healing to souls with or without
bodies in the ethereal realm called Open Clinic. We will discover more
about that place of spiritual healing and about the helpers who work
with us. We will find out how Ruth awakened her own latent clairvoyant
abilities with her since childhood and also her work to help souls
struggling to transition after death. We will gain a greater view of
life death and a soul’s existence here on earth and beyond, through the
stories Ruth shares in One Love.

Ruth thinks back to childhood and a place and event that may have shown
her early sensitivity to perceive energy within and around her. Ruth
tells us she grew up in the 1960’s, the youngest child of two working
parents. She was home frequently by myself, and hated it. She would keep
an eye on the TV and three doors at the same time, especially the door
to the dreaded basement. Ruth thought all kids grew up thinking their
basements were haunted. She would venture down to the basement, only if
someone else was home. For the lack of actual experiences she had, her
level of terror made no sense. Her father had a workshop for
woodworking, in the basement which was rarely used. Ruth knew nothing
about reading energy but knew the shop was to be avoided. Recently, she
found out that her brother, who was two older than me, was insanely
afraid of the basement also. Ruth asked a clairvoyant for some insight
into her terror, who didn’t know her fears of the basement. This same
medium told Ruth that she could see a dark room and an energetic being
taking great delight in trying to frighten her as a child. Ruth’s
brother and her were targeted because we were sensitive to energy and
were able to sense this energy was present.

My teacher released the stuck energy from the home, which also helped
heal the trauma that Ruth have been enduring since childhood. A note to
parents: Ruth says that she wishes her fears had been taking more
seriously and that her parents hadn’t discounted her experience. Not
everything can be seen by the naked eye; that doesn’t mean it doesn’t

Ruth shares what walking with Spirit means to her. Ruth wrote, “I spent
many years in education and my love for education spilled over into time
with my daughters. One summer I thought we would explore American
History, including slavery and the Civil War, we drove to Gettysburg
Pennsylvania. We were on one of the battlefields where part of the war
had taken place. I had a strong sense of suffering and death. Throughout
Gettysburg I clearly felt there were souls everywhere and some of them
wanted to be noticed and acknowledged. Sheryl and Ruth conclude that we
are never alone and have guides from spiritual energy with us from the
time of birth and during experiences where we need additional help other
specialists or guides help us through that part of our learning
experience as well.

Ruth tells us why her Book is called One Love – Divine Healing at Open
Clinic She describes the Open Clinic and who is doing the healing. The
Open Clinic is a place for spiritual healing Open Clinic does not have a
physical location. Ruth enters Open Clinic through meditation and works
with Healing Guides and Archangels to provide healing. It is the journey
of the soul to reinvent with greater compassion and love the experiences
of the past and present as we evolve and bring this state of knowingness
and goodness into our physical lives. Heaven on earth we come to realize
is a state of mind, not a place and it can be achieved by allowing
accepting and surrendering to the truth of interconnectedness and spirit
to spirit connections to those in body and also to those who have passed

One Love also refers to the connection with Higher Source that may be
experienced when a soul sits at the foot of the Most High Realm of
energy often referred to as God and that is a place where energy is
unconditionally refined and pure. Sheryl shares with Ruth that as she
was learning Reiki energy healing and in meditation groups to experience
messages from above she always felt she needed and wanted to sit at the
right foot of God. So perhaps in meditation Sheryl as Ruth experiences
One Love and is closest to their true higher self and the love of God.

Sheryl discusses with Ruth her experience of the passing of her dear
good friend Sylvia. Sylvia passed from cancer and the very next morning
Ruth discovered she was alone but not lonely. While returning to the
airport in Los Angeles to return home to her family she was crying and
talking to Sylvia and realized she wouldn’t be moving closer to her so
they could enjoy spending time together during retirement. Suddenly Ruth
felt a presence in the back seat and thought, “Should I drive to a
police station.” Ruth was terrified. Looking in the rear view mirror she
saw the most beautiful gift ever. In the backseat sitting close together
were Sylvia and Cliff her husband in spirit. They looked younger than
when they died. Sylvia looked a little dazed and tired, but Cliff looked
so content. Ruth laughed through her tears. She was joyful that she was
receiving this visitation and thought of the movie Miss Daisy and
laughed at the oddity of chauffeuring the spirits of her two dearest
friends around in Los Angeles. Seeing Sylvia and Cliff together both
having transcended through the trauma of illness and death healed the
raw pain she was carrying. Ruth felt such love and healing and would not
have to wait to be reunited with them, as they were never leaving her.
One Love must also refer to the fact that as eternal energetic souls we
are always connected by love and life exists beyond the physical realm
in a continuous circle of love and evolution

Sheryl shares a story with Ruth and begins by saying as a medium she
receives impressions and visions of those in Spirit but like Ruth one
day her husband was driving into the driveway and Sheryl saw a large
woman with bright white short hair sitting next to him. Sheryl was on
the phone with her friend and quickly told her she had to run as David
was bringing someone into the house and she had to get dressed quickly.
When David came to the door Sheryl asked him where the lady who was
sitting in the front seat of the car was and he responded that no one
was in the car. Like Ruth Sheryl had physically seen spirit. Only four
percent of mediums actually see Spirit. Most mediums see Spirit in
meditation dreams or visions.

Ruth writes about being given new definitions of life and death. In Open
Clinic, Ruth observed a very human and spiritual love one mother had for
her children. Ruth gives a story, in an Open Clinic meditation when she
saw the souls of a young pregnant mother and her unborn baby girl who
had both just died in a car accident. They were accompanied by her two
year old daughter who had been severely injured and had been lingering
between life and death. Ruth saw the father in body, crying over his
injured daughter, begging her to fight to live and choose life with him.
He could not bear to lose his wife and both children at the same time.
The mother’s spirit however did not want to be separated from the
toddler and wanted all three girls to be together. She wanted her two
year old daughter to transition over and remain in spirit with her. For
the first time Ruth understood the difference in perspective between
“life” to a human in a body, and life in the “spirit realm”. While in a
body there is no greater desire than that of staying alive. Hang on, you
can’t leave me now is the usual reaction of loved ones. However, in the
sprit realm there isn’t time or space, no beginning or end. Spirits who
have transitioned over are at peace: there is no lack, no desire,
spirits just are. Ruth saw the struggle that the daughter’s soul was
facing. Spirit and the child decided for her to continue life on Earth,
knowing she would see her mother and sister in spirit later on.

Sheryl tells the story of when her mother was close to passing and how
she said to her, “Go Mom Be with God and I will see you soon” Then
Sheryl quickly realized that since we are manifesting and co-creating
our life with Spirit that they might take that literally so she revised
it and said, “Forget soon, and Mom I will see you later.” We must truly
be careful of our thoughts and words. Say what you mean and mean what
you say is a great lesson for us all to learn.

Ruth shared with me that she had had a near death experience and would
at a future interview revealed that with us.

Ruth shares in the book some of the greatest changes to the soul in
living in this three dimensional physical reality and shares a story
that Spirit would hope that as we move through our everyday limitations
experiencing new awareness and growing more mature in our soul wisdom we
can shed limitations . Ruth tells a story of the jail that many people
make for themselves. While in Open Clinic she saw a wooden dresser
drawer that she could look through. The drawer became life sized. She
saw trapped souls who were all living people that she knew. Then she saw
that they had all been trapped by their own words or perceptions over
the years. Ruth was shown that when she spoke of someone in a critical
or judgmental way she condemned the person to be stuck in her
perceptions of them as if they were exactly the same even though time
had passed. By repeating their stories or continuing to think in
negative terms, she did not allow them the grace to be in real time or
recognize their freedom to change grow and evolve and so, she reminded
herself to not speak ill of anyone; their actions were in the past; the
person may have changed considerably since that incident and Ruth need
to respect that. Every morning, each of us wakes up with infinite
possibilities to recreate who we are and who we want to become. We want
to be known for who we are in real time and not for whom we were in the
past.” Let us be in the present moment and let us bring with us the best
memories of the past that illuminate the best for now and in the future

Ruth shares that one of her greatest challenges in relationship to the
sensitive work of Spirit and energy is how to accept the misguided
behaviors of those who have not yet awakened and to knowing that while
she wishes to help people avoid their pitfalls and further trauma often
the best thing we can do is to allow others to find their own way and
face their own fears and challenges. We cannot fix or heal anyone who
does not wish to be helped. That indeed is a hard thing for most
nurturing souls to understand.

Sheryl writes in regard to the greatest challenge she faces in her book
“The Living Spirit”, “The choice to accept others and ourselves with our
frailties ad sometimes negative behaviors can be hard, yet it is
necessary in order to have times when we feel like we are on cloud 9. We
must realize that each person perceives the world according to his or
her life experiences, both present and past; therefore, we will never
fully understand another’s behavior or their reasons for doing things
differently that we do. This realization is the key to allowing ad
accepting everything and everyone without judgment, anxiety, fear, pain,
anger or hate. It is you will find, the only way for us to experience
true contentment while we are on this three dimensional plane.”

Ruth suggests people begin to find this inner source of life force and
connect to those in Spirit by staying grounded to our physical family
and responsibilities. You must open our heart and mind to your God or
your experience of the divine, and stay focused on higher vibrational
energy, which means expressing yourself with joy, positivity, hope faith
and trust to be a clear channel; for your higher truth to spread light
and love to those around you relies on that choice.

Ruth tells us that one morning her youngest daughter was in terrible
funk, frustrated and angry. And Ruth soon realized, her youngest
daughter, her husband, her other daughter were all grounding themselves
through her. Her family as indeed many citizens were very unbalanced by
the mass shooting in Orlando just the day before. Ruth and Sheryl
believes many people are internalizing the violence of these events and
the political climate across the country in our own way and it is
unhealthy for us. In these very uncertain times we must hold on to those
truths that are most important to us: Ask for help from Spirit, and from
those around you to stand firmly to your belief knowing that everything
does happen for a reason and that the world is a truly miraculous
environment for us to learn compassion even in the midst of tragedy. It
becomes easier and better for us to observe without judgment the
negative and hope for better responses and behaviors than to enter the
environment of chaos that has been so prevalent these past few years. I
guess we find this inner source of peace by finally realizing we are
interconnected to all life and energy and we are only journeyers on the
path of refining our eternal energy life force.

Ruth tells us of her guides and shares stories relating to Jesus and
several Archangel guides. Ruth writes “I was at one of my clairvoyant
classes. During the lesson we were in meditation receiving a healing. A
very large very white presence entered my meditative space. was not
any voluptuous vixen but a very large winged male energy with immense
strength power and light. As soon as I acknowledged that I understood he
was an angel, he flew off with such power that I could feel the air
whoosh around me. I soon realized that my dove-angel Michael was
actually Archangel Michael. Whose name means “Who is like God.” And is
the most well known angel and is found in the sacred texts of Judaism
Christianity and Islam. Michael is known as the overseer of the
archangels and for fighting against evil with the power of good. Since
that day I have been so fortunate to get to spend time with some of the
other archangels among them Gabriel and Raphael. Gabriel motivates us to
overcome fear and procrastination. Archangel Raphael whose name means
God Heals,” is generally associated with the angel mentioned in the
Gospel of John as stirring the water at the healing pond of Bethesda.
Archangel Raphael is a healer.

Sheryl shares that during her Reiki 2 attunement process she felt
herself being lifted out of her body and held in the hands of Jesus. As
Jesus was a healer and messenger of the Divine it seems appropriate that
he would be involved in the process where an individual is learning to
connect to Universal Energy for the process of serving others to know
and feel the essence of God within them.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within Ruth has shared
her stories of love and abiding trust in the bigger Universal Plan of
life for us to remember as we maneuver our physical daily experiences to
rediscover our soul eternal energy that we learn a greater appreciation
for living in harmony and balance with all life forms.

Ruth clearly expresses this idea when she writes in her chapter One
Love, “In hindsight, I can see that I was being prepared for Open Clinic
a place on the spiritual realm where souls, with and without bodies,
could come for healing. During meditation in late February 2016 I was
energetically escorted and taken up through our blue sky out of our
atmosphere and into the black of the universe. I had no fear and knew
that at any moment I could come back and ground myself. I was taken to
experience an incredible white light so white that mere words cannot
describe it. I was told it was “One Love.“ I wanted to desperately to
understand more but I was brought back to my physical plane. I would be
escorted energetically at other times. I was hungry to understand what I
was experiencing. While with One Love, I felt like I was having my own
personal communication with God. It must be God because nothing else
could be so all encompassing accepting or loving I heard the words One
Planet One God and understood there is really only one God and all
religions worship this one power one force One God.

Ruth and I would have you move past any fear or restriction to trust
that one day you will experience this connection to Spirit and in that
moment know your own soul essence and be free of man- made controls and
misinformation, and truly accept allow and surrender to the greater plan
for the love of man nature and Spirit.

Today’s Guest