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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

College Secret–It’s Not Where Your Kids Go, It’s What They Accomplish Once They’re There!

Here’s a secret for you parents attempting to get their kids into an elite college or university: don’t try so hard! “America’s College Advisors,” Lindey and Tom Schneider contend it doesn’t really matter which college your kid attends, what matters most is what he or she accomplishes when there. Tune in for advice on how to help your teens select the college or university best suited for them then how to make the most out of their college experience. Beyond affordability, discover some of the most important factors your son or daughter should consider in selecting the school best suited for them. Explore advantages and disadvantages of an online college education. Uncover the one element most important to your offspring’s success in college (and subsequently as an adult .) Learn why over the long haul, “college B’s may be better than A’s” and why your son or daughter should not take college too seriously.  Host Roy Richards describes why exercise not only makes you  look and feel better but also keeps your brain healthy and decreases your chances of early-onset dementia.