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Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within and author of The Living Spirit
which shares stories of spiritual awakening communication from Higher
Source, healing energy, miracles and soul awareness is delighted to
welcome Joseph L. Burgess to discuss dimensions of consciousness. Joseph
is the founder of UBU a non -profit organization which teaches awareness
through possibilities.

Listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware that my guests and I
search our experiences heart and emotional landscape to begin to know
ourselves on a multidimensional basis as energetic beings having a
physical experience and discovering what life is really all about and
how we may improve our individual circumstance and indeed the human

In today’s episode of Healing From Within Joseph Burgess a Life
Strategist and Creator of the Myth of Perception or thoughts on how to
realign the perception from fear to Love shares a 9 Step transformation
course i based on the Hindi sri yanta and the 9 Steps of creation
through realigning the physiology of the way a brain processes
information. We will discover we are all limitless potential wrapped in

Joseph is the survivor of a Traumatic brain injury. At 19 years old he
was in a horrendous car accident and had a near death experience where
he watched himself and heard the medical people and his family talking
about him. Then he was in a coma for 6 weeks and on the threshold
between life and death. Joseph tells us what a hard time he had when he
awakened and had to learn everything from walking and talking to
processing the outside world. Joseph goes on to tell us “That now he
knew what applies to all life forces and not just humans People often
say that they almost died, well I have died, been brain dead and been
the survivor of 10,000 where 9,990 are dead and the nine survivors after
their ordeals lacked my cognizant abilities. I had to learn how nature
heals itself and with that I found my truth. Shortly after that I had
actually found a connection to each of the 7.6 billion people on the
planet. It comes with my understanding of psychology physics quantum
physics accompanied by a lot of other information learned to fill in the
gaps. I have connected the dots of life and discovered the only
separation of life to exist is with the lack of quantifiable connection
causing the fear that an individual realizes as real-ity. “

Joseph alludes to his brand as the Myth of Perception. In a book by Brad
Wheelis, he describes the Myth of Perception by saying:

“There are millions of self-help books that all promise the secret to
obtaining a happy life—a successful career, lots of money, loving
relationships, a defined and firm sense of morality; whatever could
possibly define “happiness” for one person. But nothing is possibly more
subjective than happiness. Brad like Joseph had a challenge to his
physical body. He was born with a deformity known as Pectus Excavatum
(sunken chest) Happiness eluded Brad Wheelis as he struggled with low
self-esteem, perceives flaws, and societal pressure to be perfect.
Eventually, he realized that he had been chasing the wrong ideal. Today,
Wheelis believes that a truly happy life is impossible. No one can be
happy all of the time. But you can strive to achieve a fulfilled life
that contains a myriad of emotions by making a series of changes: how
your preconceived notions of fulfillment differ from realistic goals,
what you want to accomplish for yourself, and how you can make those
ideas come true. Making a conscious decision to transform your
perceptions of both trivial and significant aspects of your life, one at
a time, will lead you to your own kind of happiness and inner
greatness.” The Perception Myth combines personal memoir with a
step-by-step approach to happiness for anyone who is afraid or does not
know how to take risks. Fulfillment is around the corner; you just need
to figure out how to reach it.

Joseph has spent the 24 years since his accident in self development and
self investigative processes studying science metaphysical ideas quantum
physics and trying to understand physical and energetic life
consciousness and levels of multidimensional awareness.

Sheryl says, “As a medium who enters the realm of afterlife to gather
messages for my clients, I have discovered the messages are full of
connection and eternal love that we each are interconnected to a life
force and know internally an awareness that cannot be know by the brain
or ego. The messages I receive are poetic, artistic and musical in their
expression of love. Spiritual communication is a language of love and
that is the afterlife or conscious awareness of life that Joseph
encountered in his near death experience and that I engage with in
meditation and prayer that leads me to know that there is no death. Our
soul is connected to all other energy beings and to this universal
source or God, part of a creative energy continually experiencing life
in many different realms, lifetimes and gathering experiences in order
to gain greater compassion and love: this is the reason for a physical
life and for many of the hardships we face. Sheryl shares with Joseph
that she has interviewed many scientists and medical doctors including
Dr. Raymond Moody who wrote “Life after Life” and who studied near death
experiences for over forty years and also interviewed Dr. Eben Alexander
who wrote “Proof of Heaven” as a result of his being brain dead after
contracting meningitis. Dr. Alexander like Joseph was was not expected
to pull out of his coma, yet miraculously he did. Dr. Alexander relayed
what he experienced in the world of spirit in a most beautiful and
poetic way. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, who worked with Dr. Vernon
Sylvest, participated in the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville,
Virginia and she established the concept and beginning forms of hospice
care as she was aware that life was an eternal force and consciousness
survived physical death and hoped to prove it by documenting the many
mystical experiences of her hospice patients.. We are discussing the
story of energy and the sheer potential of the living force whether in
physical or spiritual life.

Sheryl is now completing her third book “New Life Awaits” Creating Your
Best Afterlife by Living Consciously Now which relays messages of
siblings to their relatives and shares the channeling of historical
figures like George Washington in order to explain the social conditions
and challenges that modern day society faces and what Spirit hopes for
us to bring into our physical world in order to have the best of heaven
and earth.

In her book “The Living Spirit” and through years as a volunteer for
hospice patients Sheryl began to understand the dying process and the
journey of the soul beyond physical life. She wrote “Many of my most
treasured experiences have occurred while working in hospice care,
perhaps mainly because I have witnessed people so terribly ill in this
life being greeted and escorted to the next dimension by their loved
ones in spirit. One day I sat by the side of an elderly women who was
blind. As I closed my eyes in my inner vision I saw two young girls
playing in the meadow, laughing and flying above the ground in a gust of
fresh air and sunshine. I held the women’s hand and asked her if she had
a sister that she used to play with outside and a light came over her
thoughtful face as she told me her sister had died many years before and
she still missed her. With gentleness, I expressed to her that she would
be reunited with her sister in a place of continuing love. It wasn’t
long before the women fell asleep and I was so grateful that I had
brought a moment of remembrance of her childhood which had been a time
when life was brimming of promise.”

As a result of Joseph’s traumatic injury and his return to living life
once again, he would like people to know that there is a greater plan
for all things and for all that happens to us and no challenge is too
hard if the heart and soul wish to create something positive and to
renew life processes, like walking, talking, reading and being a
participant in life. If one is surrounded by caring people, family,
those in spirits, guides, teachers, loved ones who allow us the
opportunity to live in the world of our perception not fears, which
drain the energy of creating happiness and health and knowing the truth
of our physical and divine substance. Joseph and Sheryl discuss how in
all engagement and experience in life we are constantly moving from fear
or pain to feeling happy secure or safe. This is the natural state of
being as we remember eventually that we are spiritual beings having a
physical life and are as such magnificent beings of potential and
creation. Our thoughts create our reality and our fears damage our hopes
for positive results.

Joseph goes on to tell us about the 9 Steps of the Realign From Fear to
Love Course he shares with those who have suffered brain injuries
similar to his.
The intention of this course is to realign the physiology of the way a
brain processes information. This learning and creating process allows
for a new lifestyle through thoughts of fluidity. By doing this all of
your dreams can become realized in your life. You will develop
confidence and success in everything you do rather than allowing fear to
stop you in your tracks.

Connect Discovering your true self/figuring out why you have not yet
achieved your goals/fission
Fulfill: Discovering your deepest desires/planning your goals/why it
Activate: The actions necessary to achieve those desires/ planning out
what you are going to need to do to reach them/ownership of
Access: Doing it/start setting up your steps
Implement Start living the life/begin believing that this is your
reality/say what you mean, mean what you say/hold yourself accountable.
Protect: Psychological self-defense/ what to do when the external is
Cleanse: Working through your fears/understanding other realities
Accomplish: Appreciation and gratitiude
Create” Start creating
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” you have shared
probably one of the hardest challenges any human being has
experienced…dying and coming back to life without the skills and
capacity to live life as he did before an accident that left him dead.
The effort and retraining that goes along with such an injury and trauma
are unimaginable to most. But Joseph through the resilience of his mind
body and spirit found a way for healing and to live life as perhaps his
soul had intended even before he was born. The accident and all that
happened subsequently were perhaps part of his soul’s plan to rediscover
the truth of his life and the strength of his soul to defy death and
live again.

We have seen that the key to living beyond any major illness or near
death experience is to remember that we are all more than we appear to
be and life exists on so many levels of energy and in a continuous way
or eternal way beyond physical life. We are the journey of the creative
forces need to evolve and emerge changed and renewed time after time.
The journey is surprisingly simple conquer fear, know yourself and your
energetic capacity, and find we are all beings born into love.

Joseph and I would have you remember while it is not easy often to
accept life challenges, we are never truly alone and have the resources
of the Universe to guide us and love us through lifetimes of
remembrances of love.

Today’s Guest
Healing from Within
Hosted by Sheryl Glick