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Powerful Use Of Your Most Under Used Talent Your Voice with Arthur Joseph

Do you know what perhaps the most powerful and under utilized tool you
have in your life and your business is?

Would it surprise you to know it is your VOICE

We take our voices for granted, yet often it is the #1 representative of
us in the world. People determine so much about who we are, what we
mean, and how we show up in the world from the things that come out of
our mouth. And yet, most of the words that we speak have little to now
power at all.

We have an impact that only we can make. But are we making it?

Arthur Joseph, a vocal coach for the past 52 years to celebrities like
Sean Connery, Tony Robbins, Angelina Jolie, Stephen Covey, Jerry Rice,
Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and so many more. Plus a whole world full of people
in every aspect in life from CEO’s to stay-at-home mom’s. Arthur brings
his skill at teaching vocal awareness to you today, to help you make the
proper use of your voice. To speak as you. To speak geniunely. To speak
with authority, from the heart.

Listen in as Arthur Joseph teaches us all how to make use of our most
powerful and most under used talent – our Voice. Today on Thriving
Entrepreneur, osted by Steve Kidd