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Living Your Best Life From Your Front Seat with Jessica Butts

The “REAL” you is an amazing person!  You are a person who was made to
fill a specific purpose!  The World NEEDS YOU!!!

Once you embrace that you can let go of the old message that tells you
that you are weird or not “normal”.  What you need to be is not what
others tell you to be but rather the best version of you that you can
be.  The question in all of our lives is,  “who is running the show?”.

Are we living our life and running our business because it is how we
SHOULD do it?  Or are we embracing who we are and allowing our strengths
to shine?  Most importantly is to understand just how important who we
are is and not let the person we are “supposed” to be drive the car that
is our life.

Often we have not been taught how to be the best us.  When this happens
everything in our life and business falls quickly into chaos and
confusion.  This is a  trap we want to avoid.  Not only do we want to be
our best but we need to know how we were meant to live our best.

So today listen to the episode to:

1. Understand the the “seats” in our lives and how they impact all we do
2. Find out what it means to live in our front seat
3. Discover what happens when we are in our backseat
4 Find out how to begin living life in your front seat today

Special guest therapist, author, speaker and live coach Jessica Butts
will help you understand that often the areas we feel marginalized in
are because a part of our personality is not the common type or it
difficult or even impossible to fully live in an embrace the way our
society is set up.  You do not need to be like everyone else or do what
they do.  In fact trying to be something you are not is one of the most
exhausting and impossible.  You need to do you!

Join host Steve Kidd and his guest Jessica Butts on Thriving