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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In this episode of “Healing From Within”  your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love and is
delighted to welcome Maresha Donna Ducharme author of The Way Home To
Love.  In these changing challenging times we must embrace our inner
sense of knowing or soul wisdom to find peace well being happiness and
be part of the move to higher consciousness.

As listeners of “Healing From Within” expect my guests and I share our
intimate stories as we remember embrace and reflect on the true nature
of physical and spiritual energetic life. It is through developing
spiritual awareness and practices that we may allow love and peace to
enter our busy complicated daily lives and became more fully cognizant
of our dual nature as both energetic and physical beings who are more
than our body and more than the challenges that surface to remind us of
our compassionate loving nature even as we conquer our fears and
limitations which appears to be the real purpose of this physical life
we have chosen to experience.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Maresha Donna Ducharme
author of The Way Home To Love suggests we ask the question, “If Jesus
Buddha Krishna and the Divine Mother were to meet in conversation what
would each think of the other’s spiritual points of view. Maresha has
been engaged in a long dialogue between the many comparative traditions
and distills the essence of unity and love held within the heart that is
the foundation of all spiritual traditions. We will explore what is
universally sacred and how to find within ourselves a wellspring of love
and peace.

When Maresha  is asked to think back to her childhood and remember a
person place or event that may have alerted her or other people around
her to the life plan or destiny she might pursue she responded that even
as a small child Maresha had memorable spiritual learning experiences
about the nature of love.  Her Italian grandmother soothed and healed
her with an herbal  drink or poultrice when she fell ill.  See held
ancient knowledge of dreams and healing. When Maresha was four or five
one of her first friends ever was an 85 year old wise woman neighbor.
When all the other children in the neighborhood were outside running
around and playing, Maresha preferred to spend time with Mrs. Duprat.
The other children were afraid of her and called her a witch.  But
Maresha was not afraid of her ancient visage but was actually drawn to
it. Maresha and the older woman would sit together and talk.  Later,
after her death my parents bought her house from the state.  We learned
that Mrs. Duprat and I shared the same birthday.  She had an extensive
library on astrology esoteric spirituality and dream work and I asked my
mother to keep those books. Maresha still refers to some of them today.
Maresha now realizes  that she was given a direct feminine spiritual
lineage on which she could refer to and draw on for the rest of her
life.  Her knowledge was deep and her love was vast.

Sheryl says to Maresha  that she is aware that she had a strong desire
to go to church on Sunday and be in a sacred place. Her hope was to meet
God and that was the beginning of an inner quest for truth.  Maresha
also began a teaching career in the public schools but was disappointed
with that and knew there was more for her to find. Sheryl shares with
Maresha that she had exactly the same experiences as she traveled her
path to peace.

Maresha tells her about finding her way and acquiring degrees in
teaching education holistic and macrobiotic counseling and energy
medicine. She is a fire keeper of the sweat lodge and trained
extensively in Eastern medicine.  In 1984 she was initiated into the
Kundalini Shaktipat tradition.  In 2000 she established the Sanctuary a
mountaintop retreat open to all faiths and traditions and dedicated to
the healing of Humankind’s body mind and spirit.

Maresha was interested in how Jesus Buddha Krishna Muhammad and the
Divine Mother would discuss  and  view each other’s spiritual points of
view. In The Foreword to the book she writes, “In our own way and at our
own pace we are walking the path of love.  That means I have inside  a
call to grow and to expand and to be a beautiful person, a good person.”
But how do we answer that call? Is there any way to find ourselves at
home in this world and not be pulled this way and that by the challenges
of our own lives as well as the crises that arise  everywhere around us.
The great masters would tell us that what may feel like separation can
be brought into a place of unity wholeness and peace. They would tell us
that The Kingdom of heaven is within—this is the foundational
consciousness of the messages from every spiritual tradition. What we
are searching for is already within us and love is the pervading essence
that is our true inner nature.

We walk on the path of love to know our nature more deeply so we may
find inner freedom by awakening our soul.

The guiding principle that love is universal whether it is expressed
through the love of the Lord God, The Divine Mother, the nature and the
elemental world, Jesus, Buddha, the sincerely aware mind, or Krishna—
all are the same. The essential natures of these holy men and women
bring forth the infinite light into the hearts and minds of humanity
guiding our way through this life on the Path of Love. They are Shamans,
Yogis, Wise Women, Kabbalahists, Christians, Pagans, Philosophers, and
more.  They are lit candles that stirred the flames of my own inner
light and divinity.

We might like to think about how we may merge the needs of our physical
life with the needs of our inner soul life and how to move forward to
higher awareness and consciousness.

Maresha  studied with Michio Kushio internationally known as a teacher
of Macrobiotics and spiritual living. Maresha was able to let go of her
programming about how to be successful and to begin to change previous
exclusively intellectual outlooks and work.

Reality is free from all notions….it is our duty to transcend words and
concepts to be able to encounter Reality.  (Thich Nhat Hanh)

From Michio  she learned about the world of duality, good-bad,
right-wrong, do-don’t summer-winter, man-woman etc.  He showed us how to
transcend the world of duality through achieving balance within.

One time Maresha brought a man she was working with who had cancer and
was seeking ways to heal himself to her teacher Michio.  After an hour
of dietary recommendations the man said at the end of the day he still
wanted to sit down and have a Scotch.  Michio just laughted and said,
“When you drink the Scotch sing songs and be happy.” Slowly Maresha
began to realize the absence of conflict was the presence of love and a
path to healing.  If this man could dissolve his fear of ruining his
efforts by having the Scotch and simply enjoy his drink his freedom from
inner conflict could act as a healing agent. The act of self-love is the
foundation of all healing.

Reading this book can benefit us by finding ways to align to spirit,
improve meditation, focus on conquering suffering, learn acceptance,
realize practices for a good and simple life, understand the gift of
life and energy, and learn to correctly see happiness and other
expressions of human life as they are: and improve your interaction with
yourself and others. All spiritual practices seek to work from within
the innate soul wisdom to focus on our individualized life needs and the
acceptance of all as we expand in our awareness of our full potential as
spiritual beings having a physical life.

Personal guidance is achieved by experiencing the sacredness of all
things and to appreciate the mystery of the circle of life as we find
our place in that circle. Personal guidance through meditation, prayer,
being in nature, allows intuition to grow and  allows for inner wisdom
to strengthen.  For those who can, let them see…for those who can let
them hear..This refers to making a connection to Spirit and the love of
those beyond: guides, teachers, angels..God. It is achieved when you are
able to have a crystal clear mirror and see your own divinity shining
back at you.  A spiritual mentor’s role is not so much to transmit
knowledge or understanding as much as it is to inspire within the
student the recognition of the student’s own pre-existing nature. The
spiritual teacher points to something that is already present in the
nature of the student: the fundamental qualities of oneness awareness
divinity and connection.  Through growing intuitive wisdom we find our
true soul nature and connection to Universal Source and energy and the
inner work frees us from the expectations of others and our physical

Maresha writes,  “The feeling center and  the process of healing  occurs
through the practice of meditation. The Golden Center or feeling center
is the quest or longing that draws one forth into the unknown, into the
mystery.  The seeker steps outside the box and expands the boundaries of
what is comfortable and safe. All attempts to understand, know and
control are released. A state of innocence is established and in this
state we trust love. The spiritual nature refuses certain dogma and
social programs.  It is a commitment to listening to the voice of one’s
soul anew each day. This love we trust is a willingness to open
ourselves to a higher will: it is an absolute acceptance that we are not
the initiator.  We give up the ego and immerse ourselves in the stream
of consciousness love and merge with the infinite mystery  Outwardly the
actions of our lives look like everyone else’s. Inwardly we let life be
revealed.  We rise to every occasion with acceptance and grace. We  live
an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.”

Of course trusting love is symbolized by the beauty of the perpetually
blooming rose. There is a golden center in each rose. The golden center
reminds us to still the mind, breathe in beauty, accept everything, and
trust the love in which we immerse ourselves. The focus in meditation is
always the breath, listening to the sound of the breath and feeling the
sensation in the body.

Maresha discusses  “witness consciousness” We are just watching from the
witness consciousness noticing thoughts emotions and anything that
arises. The witness is you watching yourself: it is you in
self-reflection.  The witness has the ability to watch from a neutral
place and notice what is without doing anything about it.  It is not
discussing or analyzing your situation it is not doing anything but
watching and witnessing.  You will get used to working with the witness
as you sit in meditation practice.

Maresha tells readers she worked with a wonderful teacher, Tawa and
wrote…”One of the most important lesson  learned was that of
“non-attachment.”  Letting go of attachments opens up infinite space for
the present expectations no longer rule our life.  As emotions arose she
learned how to witness them without becoming them.  Maresha learned how
to relate to the world as it was rather than how she wanted it to be. In
clear light she was able to see through to the truth of things. The
problems of this world began to evoke compassion in her heart rather
than fear or anger.  She no longer tried to find happiness. When
happiness was present, she simply enjoyed it and then was able to let go
when it dissolved. Maresha learned to let life reveal itself and dropped
the need to control anything. The boundaries of her heart  expanded and
so she loved more.  She felt naturally compelled to help but was not
attached to the outcome. As this consciousness grew Maresha experienced
a sense of spaciousness and freedom. This created a genuine contentment
that she could never have found in temporal experiences.”  This is
“healing” and understanding yourself and the ultimate possibilities to
create miracles.

She further describes “The Light of the Absolute” which  is the point
from which our highest consciousness observes the emotional life of the
self.  We see ourselves from a neutral detached position without
judgment, analysis, embarrassment doubt or fear. We regard ourselves
without the impulse to alter our circumstances or ourselves or anyone
else.  From this place you will know yourself better and refine who you
are.  This is what love is: the acceptance of self. The heart knows the
Spirit and it expands within the light of higher consciousness.

Understanding the essence of life, the very energy that exists in all
things that penetrates every level of existence, material, biological,
and spiritual: from unconscious biological functioning to creative
inspiring ideas and visions in our minds: to feelings of love and
openness in our hearts: to the experience of connection and oneness in
our spirits is the process. The Holy Spirit is the great intelligence
that animates all things. And thus is a bridge of connection between
matter and spirit. As your spiritual practice deepens your ability to
resonate with the Holy Spirit expands. This resonance softens and
relaxes the places in you that are hard and unyielding: it liberated
your fears and brings you into the flow of love.

We consider the idea that if there is no shame and no blame what is
there? There is acceptance for your own imperfection in a physical world
where matter imposes instances of separation and emotions of fear shame
blame and ways to deal with constant change.  However there is only
energy and energy is constantly expanding and growing and can never be
destroyed. So fears of loss death and doing something wrong are merely
illusions of the mind or ego.  In reality we are the co-creators of our
personal lives with the ability to improve ourselves and live with
greater compassion joy and love.  The key is to know yourself as souls
having a physical reality but that is only one dimension of life and of
your eternal nature.

Maresha suggests when confusion chaos and disruption are all around,
dwell in the eye of the storm.  The center is even and calm. The forces
of separation and conflict are at force in the world and we are
suffering from the illusion of self and other, self and opponent.

Three steps to healing and love is to begin with Self.

Bring the body, emotions and thoughts into balance through spiritual
The second step is to extend that harmony to our primary relationships
with family relatives and friends.
Then extend that harmony into community society and the greater
Transformation starts with the individual and ripples from the center to
reach the collective.  If the realization of harmony balance and peace
is possible for one, it is possible for all.  We are all one heart.

Sheryl says,  “I would say let us forgive and accept ourselves and
others, strive for personal inner growth, share our talents with family
friends community and world, see the world with eyes of love, know there
is no perfection and you can’t fix everyone’s issues, enjoy
relationships, nature, and the beauty of the world, travel, explore
music art write, dream and know your infinite Spirit and soul.

Maresha Donna Ducharme  author of The Way Home to Love shares ways to
honor all faiths and traditions and an unfaltering dedication to
spiritual and humanitarian work for fostering harmony healing and unity
for Self, individuals and a collective awareness of our unique spiritual

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have seen
that Maresha’s Sanctuary is created for fourfold purposes: First to
inspire participants in the ways of healing the body mind and spirit:
Secondly to guide each person to live with awareness and kindness:
Thirdly to create a special place to experience one’s own soul which  to
the realization that one’s power to be a healthy and peaceful person
extends to all aspects of their life.

Maresha wrote a most beautiful and truthful realization through her Path
to love…

She wrote, “It is not necessary to subscribe to a formal religion. It is
not necessary to believe in God. It is not necessary to change your
faith. Inquire into your own real nature and believe in yourself.
Loving awareness of oneself and others will reveal to you that which you
already are. There is no place to go.  You are already home.  There is
nothing to do.  You are already what you seek. Take heart and meet every
obstruction within yourself that your throw in front of the flow of
love. You have the power to dissolve these obstructions, clear the path,
and flow in life with love.”

Maresha and I would have you discover that beyond shame blame and any
type of suffering. fear or negative emotion, we each have the power
within our soul connection to Spirit, to make choices to love and honor
ourselves and others.  It simply means awakening to the truth of your
unique divine energetic life and to know yourself as Love.
Today’s Guest