Health and Wellness

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

It’s Time to Abandon Your Safe, but Joyless and Uninspiring Life

As a young adult, the sky was your limit but at middle age does it feel like the world is shrinking around you? These days, is your primary ambition simply to remain in your comfort zone? Author, speaker and holistic healer Laura Di Franco challenges you to abandon your safe but joyless and uninspiring life to challenge destiny to accomplish your true potential. In her thirties, Laura “followed the rules, didn’t upset anybody and never said no” but this forfeiting of self-control took a toll on her physically and mentally. Discover how she broke out at middle age through Tae Kwon Do. Tune in for keys to escape your comfort zone and to become your own inner warrior. Learn how body-mind awareness can unlock the secrets to health, well being and your optimal role in serving self and others. Explore “fear crushing tools” to help you put your armor on and learn to have fun with your fears. Host Roy Richards explores reasons why it often is unwise to retire early and suggests an action plan to determine just when and how to retire.