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Removing the Head Trash Talk and Living a Life of Significance with Greg Yates

We are constantly bombarded with voices telling us who we are, what to
be and what to believe. The outside voices may or may not impact us
depending on who they are coming from, but the dangerous and diabolic
voice is the one inside our own head talking trash to us and about us.
We all have it. That little voice that tells us we cant, when we know we
can. That tells us this time it wont work out. We hear that voice and
all too often we believe it and give in to this trash. This is something
we need to learn to combat and effectively win against. WHY? Because
there is so much you are meant to do and in order to attain the life you
are meant to live you cannot allow room for this head trash to rule you.

Your life is meant for great things. You are meant to not only succeed,
but to do so in a way that is significant. After all the money, all the
glory fades, the life of significance is what last. This life of
significance is your destiny. It is what you were made for.

Listen in a special guest Greg Yates shares his story of how phenomenal
success left him broken and how learning what was significant gave him
the life he always wanted. Today on Thriving Entrepreneur hosted by
Steve Kidd