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In this episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick, author of
The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love is delighted to
welcome Diane Goble, Co-author with Dr. Penny Satori and Kelly Walsch of
The Transformative Power of Near Death Experiences. Diane Goble a former
guest of the show continues to share her experiences and awareness
through her own near death experience and the fundamental message behind
every NDE which is one of love, peace, compassion for others and the
transformational power that transcends cultures, faiths and creeds.

As listeners of this show well know, Sheryl and her guests share
intimate and exceptional stories that sometimes boarder on the
extraordinary limits of our physical reality in the hopes of learning
more about the Universal Laws of Energy. As multidimensional beings we
have the potential to understand three dimensional life with its
physical limitations and then to learn more about what lies beyond this
life in other realms and realities.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within Diane Goble, author of several
books including Beyond the Veil, shares her lifetime interest in sharing
that through each person’s near death experience their spiritual
understanding, knowledge and wisdom expands from people’s time in other
dimensions and is relatively the same thereby reinforces the fact that
we are really all part of the same whole and are intrinsically linked by
energy. This view has the power to shift our understanding of life in
its spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Diane tells us about her own near death experience and how she was able
to integrate the experiences into her life in time with great effort and
work to deliver the message so others could become aware of who we are
as spiritual beings of higher consciousness. Diane writes, “In 1971, two
months before my 30th birthday I drowned and had what I now understand
to be a near-death experience. Religion didn’t play a big part in my
life until I was ten when my eight year old sister was accidentally
killed. My parents didn’t handle their grief well and I was lost in a
fog of unresolved grief for several years. As a teenager, I began
seeking answers by attending various churches. I can’t say I believed in
any of their biblical stories. When I drowned in a raging river and had
an out-of-body experience in another realm, where I was shown the truth
about who we are and why we are here, I chose to return to my body with
a message to share and a mission for my life which I promptly forgot
upon my return. The experience changed me so profoundly that within
three years, I lost my husband and my home, and my ex temporarily took
my children away implying that I was an unfit mother. Meeting a good
friend who I hadn’t seen since high school some twenty years after my
NDE, she asked me, “Who are you and what have you done with my old
friend Diane?” I answered, “I’m not the same person I was before the
NDE.” Some personality changes were evident right away. It seems to take
a person about seven years to integrate an NDE into their physical life
experience. I returned to school to study psychology and to try to
understand what had happened to me. Even my return to education, I
believe was guided not planned. I got hurt at work and was able to get
enough financial aid student loans and work study jobs to support myself
and my children over the five years it took me to earn a Bachelor of
Science in psychology and a Masters Degree in Community Clinical
Psychology.” While her journey was not easy her spirit and knowledge of
a higher life force encouraged and helped her succeed.

Diane as a member of Compassion and Choices and advocate for a National
Death with Dignity Law in the US uses her awareness of our true nature
as spiritual beings to help us live and die in the most humane and
dignified manner. Diane goes on to tell us about her hospice work
experiences. Sheryl, who is an Intuitive Medium, shares with Diane that
she also volunteered for Hospice for eight years, after her
transformation and perhaps as a result of knowing there is no death only
transition to a higher form of spiritual life. Sheryl’s intention was to
help others who are still so fearful of the death and dying process to
allow accept and surrender to life as there is a plan, we are not alone
and nothing can hurt us but our own self doubt and lack of love.

In the Foreword for The Transformative Power of Near Death Experiences,
written by Dr. Mark Collins, author of The Unselfish Spirit: Human
Evolution in a time of Global Crisis, shares his thought of how The
Transformative Power of Near Death Experiences is capable of opening our
hearts and souls to a sacred reality.

Dr Collins described the global crisis by writing, “We are living in a
extraordinary time of global crisis and it is evident that western ways
of living, which are overly invested in individualism materialism
consumerism and hyper- rationalism, are outmoded in terms of helping
humanity navigate the challenges of collective transformation at this
time. Mainstream attitudes and behaviors have yet to wake up to the
reality that our lifestyles are soul destroying for people and
disastrous for planet Earth. Humanity is more than capable of great
cooperation and unstinting collaboration and this book The
Transformative Power of Near- Death Experiences is like a sacred spark
that ignites and illuminates new possibilities for inner and outer soul
work.” Any near death experience survivor will know what Dr. Collins
writes is exactly true and we need to make many changes in our modern
day practices in order for the world to continue beyond its limitations
and damaging belief systems.

It would seem that one of the strongest of these understandings as a
result of an NDE is feeling the power of unconditional love which
inspired people to be more loving when they returned to their earthly
existence. Another theme that emerged with regularity and was told to
others was the experience of a life review where the contributors to a
person’s life were shown the implications of their earthly actions, both
good and bad, which were then reflected back to them. Interestingly
enough, it is discovered that any judgments they experienced while alive
were self-generated. What we do in the world to others, we also do to

As a near death survivor, Diane learned through her transformation about
creating a sacred connection to life. Penny came back from her NDE with
a true understanding of the strength and power each of us possesses to
help the hopeless and weary. We needn’t sit idly by staring up at the
sky and wait for God to fix the problems here on Earth. God is right
here with us equipping us with love so we can get the job done.

Neal Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations With God, wrote the
Prologue for The Transformative Power of Near Death Experinces, as he
was in alignment to the authors as like minded souls whose intentions
are to change the world for that is the only way we can come to
understand life in its duality: or physical and spiritual components. So
Neal Donald Walsch tells an amazing story that happened to him nearly
thirty years ago that was either an out of body experience or a near
death experience and which transformed his life. “In January 8, 1980
after a terrible spat with his wife Neal went into the bedroom and was
so disheartened that he asked God to help him. He sensed himself falling
asleep and knew it was going to be the deepest sleep of his life. In a
short time he felt himself awakened by a shocking sensation of being
lifted off the bed. He realized in a powerful and unforgettable direct
experience, “Oh my gosh, I’m not that. That is over there and I am over
there”. There was nothing but consciousness. There was no me. Soon I
spotted a tiny speck of light and moved towards it and it was as if the
rays of light just reached inside me and I felt embraced even though
there was no other physical being there. And I felt these words melt
into my heart:

You are perfect
You are beautiful beyond description
I love you without condition
You are my Divine Creation in whom I am well pleased.

Soon after that Neal was in a car accident, broke his neck but didn’t
die and lost everything, his home, job, wife, family and sat in a park
as a homeless person and wrote his book Conversations With God. He
realized this was his road back to some semblance of that place he had
visited on January 8, 1980. He created in that experience a way to
access a level of connection with the Divine, which he tells us we can
all access. That is why Neal has shared his out of body experience so
publicly and has shared his conversations with God with the world. As
Neal learned, no matter what tragedies or difficulties we may face in
this physical world, it is all only a means to rediscover and remember
our eternal soul body and connection to Universal Spirit.

Diane goes on to tell about Kelly Walsch’s transformative experience
Spiritual Transformative Experience which occurred when she was
recovering in the hospital after an attempted suicide. Kelly’s
perception of herself and life had changed so drastically after being
suicidal anxious and depressed to being incredibly positive and loving.
Kelly was developing an online community The Positivity Power Movement.
One of the most important questions we can ask is what is it about NDE’s
and STE’s that makes them so powerful that they can change the way
people perceive and live their lives afterwards?

There are many reasons people choose not to share their metaphysical
encounters such as NDE’s Often people don’t realize other people have
had such experiences too. Sometimes after watching a movie or reading a
newspaper article about NDE’s, they are pleasantly surprised to find
they are not alone. Also after an NDE some people may question their
sanity and are terrified of sharing it in case they are considered to
have mental health issues. Sometimes the experience can be so profound
that it is deeply sacred to the person and they simply don’t want to
share it. There are many changes associated with an NDE experience that
continue in numerous cases for the rest of a person’s life. It is
literally as if the person they were before the NDE has died and been
replaced by someone who looks the same but has very different values.
These changes are not always pleasant or welcomed by the experiencer and
the renewed perspective on life can be disruptive to their relationships
work life and personal life. Many feel that they no longer “fit in” and
they can no longer relate to family and friends and feel alienated from

Sheryl tells story of a possible NDE or Spiritually Transformative
Experience while sick with the flu and having her grandfather appear in
energy to tell her she had to write something for her father and the
next day received a phone call from her mother that her father passed…so
Sheryl wrote his eulogy and years later three books- Life Is No
Coincidence :The Life and Afterlife Connection, The Living Spirit and
New Life Awaits: Create Your Best Afterlife by Living Consciously Now.
The last twenty years since that experience she has focused on energy
healing techniques, mediumship and sharing messages from Spirit to help
others know who they are, and how to merge physical and spiritual
realities for further improving life here and beyond.

Some of the people’s stories in this book include Erica Mc Kenzie’s
battle with her weight which led her to help people all over the world
after her NDE and Katherine Baldwin who fell into a pool as a child and
had an NDE which led her to develop healing techniques that have
benefited thousands of people, William Peter’s NDE led him to develop
the Shared Crossing Project and Robert Tremblay’s NDE has given him the
strength to live with a debilitating disease for years while Jessica
Harpers troubled young life led him to the military and has helped her
become a voice for those suffering with transgender and other painful
issues. Dr. Bernie Siegel’s childhood NDE greatly influenced his medical
career as a pediatric surgeon and his goal has been to humanize medical
education and medical care. Many other amazing and endearing stories of
near death experiences and the positive changes made by the people to
value life and serve others are expressed in each of the stories
presented in this book. Diane shares with us that all proceeds from the
sale of the book are to help children in underdeveloped nations to
achieve a better quality of life.

The authors and contributors of The Transformative Power of Near-Death
Experiences have shared their amazing journey to the core values of life
and light, the home we originate from and return to, showing us that
Near Death Experiences are but a way to receive messages from above
offering us the truth about our divine nature and infinite possibilities
for love and creation.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Diane and I have
been delighted to share our personal encounters with Spiritual forces of
love and compassion that offer all of us the opportunity to know
ourselves better, to conquer our fears and limitations and to accept
life as it is with infinite ways to find the truth of our soul mission.

One of the stories that brought tears to Sheryl’s eyes was that of David
Bennett in his chapter “Purpose Purpose Purpose What Purpose? “ David
shares his NDE while one night in March 1983 aboard the research vessel
Aloha he drowned. “He describes the darkness was emptiness, not good or
bad. It lacked emotion, but he was comfortable and no longer in pain.
There was something supportive in this state which felt the most natural
thing in the world and there was an omnipresent intelligence at hand.
Slowly light started to appear within the darkness and a brighter light
in the distance. I was being lifted up emotionally as if It were
enveloping me taking me into what I could only call Love. I was becoming
part of its love….

Beyond my soul’s family’s support I was also aware of the Consciousness
of the Light. When I think of God today, I think of it as a
Consciousness of the Light with billions of souls attached.

I was told, “This Is Not Your Time. You Have to Return….You have to
Return. You Have a Purpose.”

Diane and I would have you know that each of us is here in this physical
life because we each have a purpose. If we pay attention open our hearts
and mind listen to our dreams and observe the goodness and love within
ourselves, the purpose will unfold. We can find joy in knowing we are
never alone, life is not random and we have the divine spark of creation
around and within us at all times. Knowing that can make all the
difference in how you choose to live and open up to what is really
possible- infinite possibilities.

Today’s Guest
Healing from Within
Hosted by Sheryl Glick