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Blissful Living

Rochéle Lawson

Connect Your Outer Life with Your Inner Self


Do you view your life as half full, half empty or full?
Is your spirit thirsty for more?
Are you aware that the volume of busyness of what’s going on in your life creates a disconnect between your outer life and your inner self? Do you know that it is this separation that can cause your soul to wilt and prevent you from experiencing joy and hearing your own wisdom of what you really need to prioritize in your life? Do you know the importance of honoring your rhythms in life? Have you lost the art of being able to step out of the doing in life to connect with who you are at a deeper level? Are you looking for ways on how you can honor and embrace your self-care? Would you like to learn how you can show up to the busyness and fullness in life and feel present in that you are living in your heart and the beautiful quality within that? Karen shares her wonderful words of wisdom on all of this and more that will help you live a life of Fullness, Joy, Peace, and Love.