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Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author
of Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and
Infinite Love which share stories of spiritual awakening, spiritual
communication, healing, miracles, synchronicity and ways to connect to
intuition and higher consciousness. I am delighted to have an
opportunity to speak with author Paddy Fievet a former guest on the show
and author of The Eagle’s View who will help enhance our understanding
of one’s natural intuitive gift and to engage the life-altering guidance
from Spirit.

As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware Sheryl and her
guests share intimate life experiences and insights so we may begin to
know on a metaphysical level life both spiritually and physically and
understand our inner and outer world becoming more aware of “Who we are”
and “What is the purpose of Life.” As we self-investigate and go within
to the heart and wisdom of our eternal soul energy we can maneuver our
physical life making choices that ultimately improve life health and our
collective consciousness for an improved world community.

In today’s episode of “Healing From WithinPaddy Fievet who obtained
her Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy from the American
Institute of Holistic Theology and is an ordained minister as well as
having advanced training in Integrated Energy Therapy shares from the
depths of her soul that life is not only a journey, not only an increase
of wisdom, but can be adventurous and a lot of fun. Life is about who
you are from the inside out

Paddy shares her remembrance of being at a healing group and asked to
participate and feel the energy. Unsure of how to proceed as she had not
been trained in Reiki energy healing techniques and attuned to Universal
Energy she was asked by the instructor to stand back put her hands out
and remember the connection she had when she was channeling her writing
and immediately there was a pop and release in the woman on the table
undergoing the energy healing and it was later revealed when she went to
her doctor that the cyst that was supposed to be surgically removed was
no longer present. Sheryl as an intuitive energy healer/medium told
Paddy that is how it works. The intelligent energy of Spirit can remove
blockages emotionally physically and spiritually helping a person to
continue to learn about life their life purpose and to find greater
happiness but we must cooperate and be consistent in our efforts to work
from a soul level not expecting or allowing the outer world to influence
us and deter us from our own personal power soul awareness and
perceptions of positive action.

Paddy goes on to talk about Modern mysticism as opposed to ancient
beliefs on what constitutes a mystical person or experience.
Traditionally, a mystic is a person who has had direct experience of the
Holy in whatever way he or she understands it is, and is forever changed
by the event or series of events. This experience is always
individualized with a unique purpose and often is not even understood by
others. To a person who embraces the mystical aspects of life, the Holy
is not just an intellectual theology or a religion based upon facts and
ideas, it is an experience. Incorporating this experience into daily
life is the basis of Modern Mysticism. This creates the grace to be free
of the opinions of others, the ability to be psychologically proficient
and the sure found knowledge to feel not only comfortable with the ups
and downs of life but to thrive.

The mystics in the religious literature learned that they were special
unique individuals who were well connected within God. We have also
embraced the idea that mystics had something the rest of us did not
have, had ectastic experiences we cannot have or could do something the
rest of us cannot do. Paddy and Sheryl no longer believe this. Instead
we just think the mystics of old like Teresa of Avila, John of the
Cross, the Prophets from the Bible were people who simply embraced
heartfelt living, and then surrendered into God’s Spirit in a more
profound way than the rest of us think we can. In other words, they
allowed it to happen.

Sheryl shares with Paddy that in regard to these thoughts about Modern
Mysticism, and who may become called to this path, Sheryl wrote in The
Living Spirit these words, “Some people believe that spirituality and
self-awareness, a connection to the universe, and understanding of life
and death are only available to the old and wise, the well-educated, or
the affluent seeker and traveler. But in reality there is no age race
gender socioeconomic or religious requirement necessary to discover who
we are and what we want and need for a successful life journey.”

In the context of this book, Modern Mysticism is a co-creative
experience with God to live as authentically as you can utilizing your
intuition and your innate gifts and embracing your truth as a greater
plan. It has nothing to do with fear but everything to do with Love.
Mystics not only understand the Divine connections of all life but they
witness it, live it and embrace it. A mystic is One with all of life.
Being Divinely connected becomes a way for them: it is a lifestyle and
it becomes a hoe of sorts, taken with them every moment.

Paddy and Sheryl believe this philosophy is similar to what Jesus
taught. We realize that a Modern Mystic only needs to embrace five
specific areas of understanding that serve as steps to a heart-centered
mystical life. However the results of these specific steps have to come
from the depth of a person’s spiritual passion. His or her unique
answers are all that are ever needed.

The First Step of Awareness: Where am i? (Includes Self-Perception,
The Second Step of Identity: Who am I?
The Third Step of Expression: What is my Purpose?
The Fourth Step of Spiritual Artistry: How Will It Happen?
The Fifth Step of Love: What is Love?
When you answer the Question “Where Am I?” You may come to a conscious
understanding of yourself as a spiritual being which is necessary if you
wish to live as one. Furthermore our beliefs affect the experiences we
have in life. Your beliefs also reflect your understanding of “Who You
Are”…So if your beliefs about a Higher Power are narrow confining and
fear producing, then your life will be likewise. If your concept of a
Higher Power consists of ideas of sin and punishment, then your life
will reflect this: you will constantly seek an absolute perfection that
is impossible to create. And on the contrary, if your belief in a Higher
Power is love-based then your life will be also. Blindly accepting the
words of others as personal truth will condition a person into a
mechanical process of spiritual sleep. Instead of experiencing organized
religion by rote—taking at face value what others say instead of
experiencing God on a personal heart –felt level it is best to allow the
powerhouse of Divine potential found within each individual to move in
tandem with life. Connection to a Higher Power is a one on one

Sheryl says…Jesus personal experiences with God and his message of love
and awareness of soul afterlife and personal connection to God was
indeed evidence that he was aware of his spiritual eternal soul being.
He was a mystic so yes I believe Paddy is revealing Jesus message in her

Paddy says, “Unlike Plato who understood soul and body to be in
conflict, Jesus taught that all aspects of a person are one with God
Common to all, including the different cultures and beliefs in the world
throughout the ages, was a desire to assist others to expand individual
soul Consciousness. Soul Consciousness or an awakening of yourself as
part of the Divine demands an expansive nature. Gautama Siiddharta later
known as Buddha the awakened one and Lao Tzu are mentioned here.

Paddy writes, When one is secure in his or her divinity operating within
the empowerment of Soul Consciousness, it is impossible to be threatened
by anyone with other beliefs. Inner security is always substantial
enough to accept differences in others without being threatened. Don’t
mistake what I am saying to be a chastisement of organized religion in
general though, for that is not my intention whatsoever. Footnoted in
Joan Borysenko’s book Fire in the Soul is a quote from Rachel Naomi
Remen MD: “Religion is a bridge to the spiritual, but the spiritual lies
beyond religion.” When we perpetuate Soul Consciousness it allows the
individual to expand authentically in spiritual wisdom to serve a Divine
Purpose…this open minded form allowing self-expression and general
discussion perpetuate personal authenticity then they are formed with
Divine grace.

Paddy tells us about God through her mystical experiences. She wrote
“With a swoosh of energy this Love transported me into realms beyond
time space and form. I was in what I call a Spiritual Void—a void
consisting of only pure potential. This Void has also been called a
field of infinite possibilities, the non-local and the zero-point field
by other. And what I saw paled in comparison to the way it felt:
limitless loving powerful in a way creative instead of forceful…… The
only way I know of explaining this is John 1:1 (ESV) In the beginning
was the Word and the Word was one with God and the Word was God.” For a
brief instance, I was One with The Absolute, experiencing a very strong
sensation of Mystical Unity in all Divine Love Glory and Humility. I did
not exist as me, but as part of Oneness so beautiful so magnificent so
powerful that it still touches my heart to remember. The best way I know
to describe it is unlimited loving creative potential. Connected to
everything I was consumed with a bliss that seemed to forever change my

Reading The Eagle’s View might change your life by helping you open up
to Mystical Unity as a way of discovering the answer to the second
question Who am I? may help you to grow in wisdom become more aware of
who you are and begin to change your life. Through the feeling state,
you are able to expand your knowledge of who you really are. By doing
this, you stop thinking of yourself as this, or that but start living
from a state of Being that emerges into a state of Becoming my
terminology for Soul’s experience of continual expansion.

Paddy tells us how she decided on the title of her book. While Paddy was
seated at an outdoor theatre in the Flemish countryside of Belgium she
watched with awe as three magnificent Eagles swooped from trainer to
trainer. Paddy felt one with them as they stretched their wings moving
with the air currents from position to position. In her mind’s eye Paddy
began to envision these beautiful birds sailing through the natural
currents of eagle life living exactly as they were created to live.
Paddy felt their greater presence and intuited their mystical potential
completely understanding why Native Americans considered the eagle to be
a messenger from the Great Spirit. To Paddy these influential eagles
possessed an intrinsic authenticity that felt as holy as anything I have
witnessed. Although the eagles were protected and well-cared for their
conditions were not natural to eagles’ habit. The eagles had been
conditioned to forget their innate mystical potential for living a
joyful spiritual life. Would they remember if given the chance? Could
you and I?

That is why the five steps to mysticism that Paddy writes about in the
book matter. The First Step: Awareness The Second Step Identity The
Third Step Expression The Fourth Step Artistry and The Fifth Step Love
help move us through each of these five steps to find who you are- a
spiritual being having a physical life and you can then remember your
divine connection to Eternal Universal Life or God and find the way to
live that resonates with your heart and soul, and not be limited by
societal, familial, or any belief system of the world. You can be
connected in oneness to All That Is.

Paddy has a wonderful chapter on the often misunderstood qualities of
Love and expresses that the goal of the Spiritual path is Love. The
major driving force of our human condition seeks to experience deep
abiding Love. We must first learn to receive love before we can share
it. The Four types of love are Brotherly, Family Passion and Divine Love
and the love that most of us are seeking is Divine Love. Sheryl suggests
that is why so many people tell her they are lonely for they are looking
for that connection in their friendships marriages families and still
something is missing. It is this connection that sustains their physical
life and is the energy that is around them and flows through them..this
is the life force or love of Spirit.

As Paddy shares it is in the “Witnessing Recognition and Surrender” we
find the 3 characteristics of receiving Divine Love. Divine love
inundates each of us with unparalleled sensations allowing those who
embrace life as a Modern Mystic to ascertain a spiritual connection
richer deeper and wiser than those who simply live life through the five

One of the most important questions for people searching for meaning is
“What is my purpose?” Soul Purpose does differ from vocation or career?
It is from the realization of Wholeness that our personal truth
expresses itself through purpose. The ancient Greek aphorism “Know
Thyself” from an innate interior perspective is the only way to express
life purposefully. Paupers or billionaires, the homeless or CEO”s the
real worth of a person far exceeds his or her wealth or vocation.
Unfortunately most of society reacts otherwise. People are often judged
by their peers not only by appearance, by also by adherence to social
customs as well as occupations, all exterior expressing. When delving
into the true meaning of Soul purpose, money rarely plays a major role.

Paddy Fievet author of The Eagle’s View is living a bold impassioned
life filled with exploring the inner world of soul energy and learning
how to utilize it here in a world complicated by third dimensional views
and beliefs and in and effortless way shares love and enthusiasm for
life through her everyday focus on grace and peace.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have followed
Paddy through a passionate spiritual journey and awakening experiencing
profound mysticism. Her travels have taken her to Ireland, a soul’s
crossing in Auschwitz, the feminine Spirit in Malta, personal evolution
at the Mary Magdalene Tower in France, and Divine Unity while sitting
inside the Great Pyramid. Through these experiences she understood joy
authenticity and love are experiences from the inside out and understood
all life is a spiritual quest—a sacred story.

Paddy wrote, “Just like the eagles you and I each have an intrinsic
story—not the story we tell ourselves every day to feel good or to boost
our deflated egos, but a deeper richer story filled with the empowering
loving grace of God. In other words, we are each fully connected to the
sanctity of our individual lives. And yet, like the eagles life in many
ways conditions us to forget our authenticity and mystical connections.
Instead we hang onto imposed illusions that we have created to fill
perceived gaps of our truth. Over and over in many different ways, we
create stories of our imposed identity because we have not realized our
real identity.

Paddy and I would have you remember many of us are mystics at heart,
many of us are curious about who we are, and many of us wish to make
ourselves and the world a better place. We begin when we remember that
each of us has a mission of love and remembrance and by opening our
heart to the possibilities and opportunities that await we move forward
past the self-imposed stories and fears.
Today’s Guest