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Sheryl Glick


In this episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love is joined by
Dr. David Braun co-author with Dr. Troy Amdahl of OOLA For Woman
offering their 7 key areas of Life to have less stress, more purpose,
and to reveal the greatness within you.

As listeners of this show are well aware Sheryl and her guests seek to
share intimate experiences and insights into the challenges and
opportunities that life offers us and help us to begin to pay attention
to both our physical and inner spiritual needs for improving health,
prosperity, and a return to our natural state of well being and
happiness moving past the fears and restrictions of our own thinking

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Dr. Dave Braun a
chiropractor shares important life skills necessary to meet and set
goals and find balance and growth in the key areas of life which as we
know are always changing, as are we, physically emotionally and
spiritually. Our thinking and ways to approach personal growth health
and happiness must also awaken and adjust in small or large changes to
our daily life experiences. We will discover the 7 F’s of this OOLA plan
for finding balance in an unbalanced world.

Dave shares his early recollection of his relationships with his parents
and grandparents and how their love for life and him were a motivating
force for him to develop solid work habits, respect education progress
and also instill a desire to be a participant in creating an honorable
and improved state of life for all people.
Dave got to get together with a former colleague to write Oola For Women
Find Balance in An Unbalanced World after having some upsets in his life
and knowing he needed to get back to the 7’F’s of the OOLA Plan for
evaluating what needed to be done and to create plans for manifesting
his dearest needs and desires.

Dave found material success at a young age under the mentorship of Troy
who taught him how to live the OOLA principles of balance, but
eventually drifted from the path and found himself bankrupt, divorced,
disconnected and living in a motel. At rock bottom he sought out Troy
The Oola/Guru knowing he needed help to get his Oola back. Dave the
Ooal/ seeker vowed that if this worked, he would share Oola with the
world. It did and today he and Troy travel the country in a 1970 VW surf
bus, speaking to groups listening to dreams and helping people find
balance purpose and growth through the 7 F”s of Oola. Many of the
amazing stories that were shared on that trip are included in this
journal of practical ways to reset and improve life and to develop
spiritual awareness and a passion to engage life with positive
intentions and actions.

We may describe Oola as a way of thinking while stripping away the
clutter and worry of everyday life and to truly live the authentic
desires of your heart as if nothing else matters. One woman’s story on
our bus tour talking to people about the book stands out for for Dave.
He wrote, “We saw her immediately—a classy effervescent beautiful thirty
five year old who was there with her husband and kids taking photos in
the surf at sunset. They were memories in the making. Photos meant to
record a life. And meant to last a lifetime. The woman we learned has
Stage IV cancer. She knew what the future held but that day at the beach
she was upbeat, smiling and self-assured as she wrote her own Oola
sticker: Be strong enough through my cancer to see my girls become

Dr. Dave Braun is a man well aware of the needs and desires of women as
he has three sisters and four daughters . An awareness and practice of
the Oola method is advisable for men also as Sheryl suggests but
specifically understands that Oola helps women who have lost the
connection to their goals and dreams as they were busy tending to the
day to day of life and have been lost in the process.

Dave suggests we want our daughters to grow up in a world where they’re
empowered, understood and fulfilled….This means changing many of the
antiquated thinking of a patriarchal and male dominated power structure
as we balance and equalize the talents of men and women, allow accept
and surrender to progress in a changing world.

For many women Oola is a state of awesomeness. It’s when life is
balanced and growing in the seven key areas of life: fitness finance,
family, field (career) faith, friends, fun. It’s living an inspired
life—one that you define. In fact you will discover that when it comes
to defining a perfectly balanced and exceptional life, your opinion is
the only one that matters. What the world says you should want, pursue,
have, own, makes no difference. The process will change you into someone
who is more authentic and more honoring of your own needs—versus
suppressing who you are because it doesn’t fit the world’s definition of
who you should be.

To live an Oola life it’s paramount to identify those toxic traits
people or misconceptions that hold us back from finding balance and
growth in the seven F’s of Oola Dave tells us a bit of each of the seven

Fitness What kind of fuel do you put in your body…what about your
thoughts. Are you feeding your mind healthy thoughts that breed
confidence and worth, or are you planting seeds of doubt worry and
regret. Fitness is about becoming the best physical and mental version
of you and striving to do better. vWhen you’re battling health
challenges or simply need to improve your stamina, get more sleep, eat
right, conquer depression or overcome anxiety, you have the power within
to master Oola-fitness
Finance Heavy debt and financial stress is one of the leading causes of
marital stress Debt and financial burdens smothery your options bury
your dreams and take away your ability to make plans for the future. Do
you have a will proper insurance how about an emergency fund. Are you
planning for a debt-free future that’s comfortable in retirement. Crush
debt: credit card debt student loans second mortgages leasing a car
because you can deduct the interest and taking on bigger mortgage
payments to get a better tax write off—none of that makes sense
financially Pay down your debts…don’t take on more debt. Increase your
income the goal is financial freedom
Family Family relationships are complicated: parents, siblings, spouses,
children, extended relatives, or co-this or step-that…are all bound up
by blood, marriage or adoption. Your INNER Circle deserve your highest
commitment and are top priority. Ideally, life with the inner circle is
full of good times great advice and nonstop applause of your growing
accomplishment. However, we find that the inner circle is a common place
to toxicity. Sometimes passive aggressive, negative, or down- right
abusive ways can hold you back: they may love you on their terms.
IN-LAWS AND OUTLIERS are in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles—as well as
parents from whom you are estranged..we often don’t keep them in our
everyday communications. Your job is to keep the drama and personalities
from doing any real damage to your marriage and self esteem. The
furthest circle out are distant relatives who you rarely see or speak
to. Hopefully they are loving and supportive but if toxic should never
be allowed to affect your inner circle. Everyday you’ll be faced with
decisions and challenges that will affect your family. Deciding to love
your family well, is one decision you can make today and every day.
Choose now to love those in your inner circle in a way that empowers—not
Field (career) What do we mean by field? It’s your career, your calling
it’s what you dedicate your life to. Women wear many hats—wife mother
career professional student business owner and defining what it is that
is most important to you whether it’s a change of job within your
current field or transitioning into another line of work altogether.
Whatever it is the next most important step is figuring out a way to get
paid for doing the work you love. Never underestimate the power within
you or the power of listening to your heart and following your dreams.
Dave encourages readers to know they are more capable than they can ever
imaging. But nothing happens without serious hustle and persistence He
suggests you must “Love it or Leave It” as studies show that 70 percent
of people hate their jobs, and between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in
the US end in divorce. If you can’t love your work have a plan to leave
it. Furthermore it is important to “Stay Relevant.” If your career
skills are outdated or if your business could benefit from being at the
fore front of your industry in some way…upgrade perhaps. Most
importantly in order to receive gratitude and an understanding of
Unconditional love, “Always Seek to Serve”
What’s the lesson here for us to learn You can (1) make a living: (2) do
your best work (3) be of service to a goal that’s bigger than yourself.
Faith Getting plugged into God or the Universal force of life is very
Oola. Again your beliefs are your beliefs whether in the context of
religion or spirituality, but the point is to believe in something
bigger than yourself and to do so boldly.

Story of family adopting a child and following a divine plan….Oola
believes together we can change the world with a word. By making
ourselves better, we make our families, communities cities and the world
better. Listening to God’s voice and his purpose for my life our
families life has changed. It has been unexpected, unplanned and far
better than we ever could have imagined. Listen to that voice—the voice
that says life can be better. The voice that says go for it. The voice
that says fear is stupid and your dreams are worth it. The voice that
says you are stronger than you can ever imagine. Listen to it and go get
Friends You have to get this friends thing right. Toxic friendships,
gossipy friends, needy friends getting used by others—these situations
keep you from living in bliss pull you away from your purpose and
actually add more stress to your life. To make sure your friendships are
supportive fun and strong think of relationships as a series of circles
just like the family.
Your Inner Circle Three to five closest friends. Choose wisely toxic or
Your Crew The next circle is wider…made up of people you know at work,
neighbors or other school moms you see each day. They also have the
power to cause drama in your life. Invite healthy friendships in the
crew while fiercely keeping the toxicity and drama out.
Your Acquaintances Lastly there is the outer circle: your social media
connections workplace buddies, your old high school friends, your
husband’s tribe. While they may not be major influences for you, they
give life dimension and often provide random opportunities to expand
what you are doing.

Oola suggests that a girls’ weekend with old friends isn’t just a
vacation. It’s a reality check with people who know us best and it’s
what sustains us. We get caught up in our daily lives at home where
playground politics and neighborhood drama somehow seem really
important. When you’re submerged in a world of suburban self-imposed
busy-ness and keeping up with the Joneses it’s hard to see anything else
and there’s nothing like an old friend to put it all in perspective.
Fun As there are seven areas of our life that must be observed and
mastered or balanced you suggest there are seven reasons people should
read this book…not just women and you suggest that one reason is to
uncover what blocks you from the life of your dreams and how to get to
it. We know that fear exists and it only by recognizing it and moving
past it that progress is made. You tell the story that in 1932 the
height of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt knew he
needed to calm a worried nation. After three years of economic hardship
many Americans had lost their jobs. Many more had lost their homes And
most people had lost hope that life could ever get any better. Fear
gripped the nation. This is exactly why Roosevelt delivered his now
famous reality check: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
Most of the time, the paralyzing effects of fear are simply unjustified.
As long as your gut instinct isn’t telling you there’s real danger
ahead, our advice is to stay the course focus on the bigger picture, get
all the information or practice you need—then take action in spite of

There are only two innate fears that all human beings are born with: the
fear of falling and the fear of loud noise. Every other fear is learned.
And what can be learned can be unlearned. Examples If you don’t like
communicating bad news to your boss ….if you’re afraid to be in a
romantic relationship…if you’ve got a fear of public speaking or flying
or heights or enclosed places….realize these feelings have grown over
time or stem from a specific incident. You can take steps to remove
those fears especially if they are keeping you from accomplishing
something you want to do. Unjustified fear paralyzes people WE see it
all the time. Someone is presented with a true opportunity. They analyze
it to death thinking of every reason why it won’t work. This fear keeps
them from acting and keeps them from growing.

Dave says that no matter what you have done or have failed to do you
deserve a better life and goes on to explain that. You deserve an
extraordinary life regardless of what you have done or have failed to
do—you have an incredible future “within.” As you plan and grow in your
seven F’s and Oola goals, as stress begins to ease, you will become more
balanced. The one thing that can prevent this is Negative self-talk
–hidden in your subconscious mind— which will begin to say. “You don’t
deserve this,” “You’re not good enough.” “You’re not smart enough.” This
form of self-sabotage can actually cause you to take actions that will
undo all the progress you have made. If you’ve worked hard to lose
thirty pounds for example, or been presented with a lifetime opportunity
for your career but failed to move forward with it, that was your
subconscious mind controlling your actions. Why does it do that? Over
your lifetime, your subconscious mind—which runs your body’s systems
takes in information and helps you make decisions—becomes programmed to
act in your best interests. It protects you from harm. So every time you
try to achieve but fail miserably your subconscious mind reacts to that
painful disappointment by saying, “Okay so we’re never doing that
again.” But often your self-talk is lying to you, and regardless of what
your subconscious mind says, you are smart, talented, successful,
beautiful, and capable. So where ever those self doubting thoughts came
from…maybe a father who barely acknowledged you, or a mom who told you
how irresponsible you were, that doesn’t matter, for you are Worthy and
deserve to live the fulfilling life of your dreams. You can handle
whatever the world throws at you and you are worthy of being loved for
who you are. So change your negative self-talk to words of praise
encouragement and acknowledgement,

Sheryl says, “I couldn’t agree more with those ideas about what the mind
believes it creates, as our thoughts turn into action and either fulfill
our dreams or thwart them. In my book The Living Spirit I wrote, “Many
choose to believe it is life circumstances that are at the root of the
destruction of so many fine plans, intentions and opportunities. I
believe, it is the perception of limitation and self-doubt, not our
circumstances, which destroys dreams and thwarts wonderful ideas. What I
call “The Law of Attraction” is a universal energetic truth of creating
our own reality by bringing to us the people and circumstances that our
mind and actions generate. What we focus our thoughts time and energy
on—whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether positively or negatively,
whether lovingly or hatefully—sets up a ripple of interaction with other
people places and events that ultimately brings these possibilities into
reality. The thought begins on an energetic mental level and sometimes
proceeds after days, months, or years into a manifestation of a concrete

Dave gives us several ways to begin to get the life of your dreams
faster and ignite your journey with positive behaviors and habits. They
are as follows:
Put a positive spin on Life’s crazy moments and practice gratitude every
Give and receive love Committing to love others as they are not as you
wish the to be and yourself also.
Discipline and persistence
Passion Rediscover your true passion, not someone else’s plan for you
and turn your passion into new goals.
Humility Attach yourself to a cause greater than you and practice
selflessness. Assemble your “truth crew.”
Wisdom Gain wisdom from life experiences and seek wisdom from people who
have achieved what you want. Spend time in proportion to the decision
you are making.
Dave suggests that readers may take away the idea to visualize what your
life will look like in a year if you avoid these interruptions and
devote the time instead to the necessary tasks that will help you get to
your Oala life. Be choosy about your commitments and there is a great
power in the word “no.” He tells the story of the girl from California
who loved San Francisco and lived there with her dad, had a lovely
family, and then one day a friend coxed her to drink some rum and coke
and before long she was snorting coke and doing heroine and had fallen
so far away from the loving family and healthy life she had know. Her
father was diagnosed with brain cancer and she made the effort to chose
sobriety. She lost 10 years to that damaging life style and still has
scars on her arms but found herself and her family and just like that is
moving forward…

Sheryl says…”It is a painful story that our nation is facing so much
addiction and wasted young lives. Inspiring practical books like Oola
for Women shows us what hope, hard work and love can do to heal a person
a family a nation and move us past fear and limitation to joy and a
healthy life.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have seen
that when you recognize that there is a larger plan for us all and that
our inner essence seeks to define it’s personal power with love and
compassion, curiosity and to find ways to solve the challenges offered
to us by the outside world, we often learn to accept ourselves change
and flow in the spirit of life, and then hopefully, find what is our
natural birthright-joy and happiness. The authors of Oola for Women Find
Balance in an Unbalanced World offer ways to view the seven main areas
of our life…Fitness, Finance Family Field Faith Friends and Fun and to
with perhaps a new perspective, create in small increments, a way past
any trauma challenge or limitation, and to change yourself and your
thinking, thereby creating new possibilities for joy and success.

Dave and I would have you begin to look at your life and to develop a
new sense of self-awareness through a self-investigative process,
always, loving yourself for all the quirks and inconsistencies of
yourself, others and life, and begin to move past the duality in
thinking of things being right or wrong, good or bad. Just accept that
all is as it is, nothing is random, and when you begin to see each area
of life with hope and lightness of thought and openness of heart, you
will find you are able to create whatever you put your thoughts and
energy on, and “Be” the person you were born to discover.
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