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The Emotionally Healthiest You No Matter Your Background with Eugenia and Simeon

We all have a past, And in our past there are negative things that can
impact us. There is our background; the family we came from, the country
we were born in, the economic status we had growing up and the way our
family treated us.

Then there are the people that were in our life. Some of the people we
have encountered have not been good for us. They have treated us poorly,
perhaps even abused us. ,These were horrendous encounter both long and
short that have shaped who we are to this point.

But no matter what has happened. These do not get a say on how we live

We each have the choice with each day who we are, who we are becoming
and what we are going to do TODAY to head us in either a positive or
negative direction. We have the power of choice. W have the ability to
learn and live emotionally well. We can choose today to be the best
version of ourselves right where we are TODAY

Steve is joined by international best selling authors Eugenia Yvette
with her book “Checked Out” and Simeon Edosomwan with his book “You can
succeed irrespective of your background” as they share insights into
living emotionally healthy no matter your background on Thriving