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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

10x Your Career with Crystal Khalil

Here is a new mantra for you. “Hard Workers Work Hard and Networkers
Move UP!”

We were all taught by our parents to work hard and we will succeed. It
turns out that hard work is only about 20% of the pathway to success.
The other 80% is Networking. We need to be seen by the people at work.
We need to be top of mind when it comes to giving the project lead to
someone or the next promotion. Sadly the person with their head down
working hard but unnoticed is not the person whos name comes up in the
meeting with the executives. It is the person who yes applies themselves
but more importantly is an integral part of the company culture that is
the person that get promoted.

This isn’t an excuse to quit working hard it is a call to understand that
if no one sees you, no one knows about your hard work. What do you want
to accomplish in your career? Who knows this? Whose help and advice
within the company are you taking to learn what the company is looking
for and what it takes to get there?

Today Steve is joined by International Best Selling Author Crystal
Khalil to talk about her book “Hard Workers Work Hard and Networkers
Move UP:Accelerate Your Career 10x Faster” On Thriving  Entrepreneur