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Sloane Freemont

Clutter – Part 1

This week starts a two part series on really taking a look at the things in our lives and starting to clear out the clutter so we can move on from those things that are dragging us down. This week I explore environmental clutter – the things in our home, car, office or any place we spend a lot of time that, knowingly or unknowingly, cause us stress, anxiety and generally bad feelings. I share some tips on how to get started with clearing your space and what benefits you can expect as a result. And before you think this is process will be too overwhelming, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered there too. There is something for everyone in this episode, even those of you who think your space is already clear – I have an example of that from my own life too. If you’d like to get started clearing out the clutter in your space so you can also clear out the mental clutter in your life (part 2), this episode is for you! Songs this week include Running Wild by Little Chief and Gypsy by Shakira.