Health and Wellness

Journey Into An Unknown World

Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D.

The Dark Side Of The Light

Did you ever get those uneasy feelings about things that go bump in the night? Of course you did… everyone has had them at one time or another. Why do they happen? Are there dark forces out there that are just waiting to pounce on us? Are we subject to the whims of evil spirits when our thoughts go negative?

Dr. Margaret takes us on an intriguing Journey into the place where we go when we experience fear, pain, anger and guilt. Don’t worry; she provides a guaranteed routine for protecting yourself from all of those cold pricklies out there. It turns out that the darkness and heaviness we experience is just the opposite end of the same line that has divine light. Light cannot thrive without Dark to provide balance and allow growth, and vice versa. Come along with us on this fascinating ride into one of the most interesting unknown worlds. Be sure to fasten your seat belt!