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The Art of Saying NO with Jen Gaudet

There is power in saying Yes, But there is also extreme power in saying
NO. It doesn’t have to be a harsh, cruel or rude thing. It is simply a
matter of value. It is important that we are not just valuing everyone
else. It is so easy to give no value to ourselves. Often we dont even
see how amazing we are, or how important our time is. When we say yes to
everything we diminish our own personal value, but we also trivialize
how important our yes is. If anyone can ask you anything at any time and
you simply say yes, where is the value in that. If our yes to our
spouse, our children, our best friend is no more special than to a
complete stranger, does that mean we truly value the most important
people in our lives?No is so powerful. No can free you. No can allow you to really show
respect and value to everyone. AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY TO YOURSELFToday we are joined by International Best Selling Author Jen Gaudet as
she share with us powerful insight and techniques from her book “Over My
Dead Body: the Art of Saying NO”. This episode will empower you with
skill to live as a Thriving Entrepreneur