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Sheryl Glick

God’s Last Savior

Welcome to “Healing From Within” with you host Sheryl Glick author of
Life Is No Coincidence and also The Living Spirit which share stories of
spiritual awakening spiritual communication healing energies miracles
and ways to find and know your divine soul essence and am delighted
today to welcome Les Jensen author of Forgiven Sinner a search for
finding the path to understanding suffering and find a way to human
salvation and fulfilling the dreams of our ancestors of bringing Heaven
to Earth.

Listeners of Healing From Within are well aware that Sheryl and her
guests share amazing intimate experiences and ways we have come to know
both our physical and energetic or spiritual life and how to bring both
together for helping to create our best life journey of love healing and

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Les Jensen a television
engineer working with technology frequency energy and high levels of
power helped him to work with the energy of human consciousness and to
later use this experience to create a language of Divine Love bringing a
fresh perspective about human nature.

When Les is asked what brought a television engineer to write a book
about sinners and saviors Les wrote, “In hindsight I could see that when
my soul chose my life path, it put me in front of high-power television
transmitters so I could start to understand the nature of power that was
not perceivable by our five senses. This would become a core aspect of
what I was here on earth to teach and write about. And I would also have
a life-changing event later on in my life that would require an already
existing understanding of power and the mechanics of how it all works.
These early days of my career in broadcast television were setting me up
for a much bigger and much different life path awaiting me later in my

Aren’t saviors by their very title the ones that save us? To summarize
we are spiritual beings evolving through the many aspects of this human
experience in our inevitable journey to truly discover the truth of who
we really are. God personified. So it is not saviors who save us bus
each of us in our own discovery of higher consciousness and the mind of
God within us allowing us to transcend transform and transmute the
reality of our ego based physical lives to know the truth of eternal
compassion and love. Sharing aspects of his life Les has come to
understand what the sages saints and mystics have been saying since the
beginning of time. That we are all connected. That we all emanate from
the One. That we are all Source Consciousness. And that we are always
and forever connected to God, as God.

Every savior from every religion has come and gone, yet we still have
suffering on this planet. What happened? What went wrong?

Les wrote, “When we look at what’s happening in the world we can take on
that view of concern and perhaps hopelessness too….but there is
something we can do and we have everything we need to get there too. The
current upheaval that is happening in our culture is based on centuries
of very deep karmic imprinting on the collective consciousness of us
all. Including us as individuals too When I talk about collective
consciousness I am talking about humanity as a whole. The collective
story of all humanity. On many fronts, we have become entrenched in a
karmic peril of sorts. We as citizens of the world have watched as
so-called leaders have created a history of war and confrontation
between our various governments. We have lived in a shared karma of
sorts when it comes to so many fundamental aspects of our culture. Our
currencies, Our economic systems, And the notion of being patriotic and
loyal to our respective governments. Our religions have taught us the
nature of God and how we are to behave. And that our school systems have
taught us theoretically preparing us for our future. And yet, here we
are living in a world that is full of turmoil and seeming despair. ….In
many way we, the people, have been exploited and taken advantage of.

So many of us want to bring about change, change for the better. We must
ask ourselves, “How can we the people play our best hand when it comes
to bringing about change? if the ego is in step with the heart and soul
then anything is possible in the next moment. What Les is talking about
here is your personal freedom to create whatever we can. This is the
gift of the Divine consciousness in you. Your ability to fetch any
solution to the paradigm at hand, and then bring it into action in your
life is the process of creation. It is within all of us to receive
divine inspiration and to bring it forth into the material world. It
appears each of us is a representative of the Divine and we must bring
salvation to ourselves through living with joy positivity happiness and
gratitude for Life…that is the change that is needed to bring heaven to
earth. When we remember our divine soul nature treasure it and have
faith that we can make choices to improve ourselves and others the light
grows brighter and the world heals. We are each and every one of us a
Messiah teacher and spiritual being of hope.

So many of us have been taught about the absolute power of God, so isn’t
praying to God the best way to end the suffering of humanity?

Believing in the absolute power of God outside of ourselves takes us
away from our personal power or divine essence that if called upon would
provide us with everything needed to overcome struggles. Les writes,
“Perhaps religion tried to sell it as God’s promise. And, perhaps it IS
GOD’S promise. But the religions that put conditions

Sheryl says , “Praying to God or simply talking to Universal Energy and
souls in Spirit helps create a feeling of acceptance and allowing life
to flow as it will and must and helps each of us to achieve our personal
goals and life path which in essence leads us to find peace love and
happiness and if we share from within with the outside world we are all
the better for it. So while pray is a way to help us recreate our
thoughts and actions to serve humanity and God in a more positive loving
way it is not the only necessary ingredient to creating heaven on earth
within you and then in the world. It is however a way to awaken and
focus your thoughts in a more generous grateful fashion and that is
definitely a prerequisite of improvement in the human condition.

Les you write, “When we look at the collective story being played out on
the global stage it is quite clear that God with a capital “G” will now
be fixing this. At least not as some single glowing deity. God has
already shown us that God will not be the one to end wars. God sucks at
ending wars. I did some simple math and there has to have been easily
billions of prayers to God for ending of war on this planet. And, as I
write this, people are dying all over the world in wars against our
humanity. God has not answered those prayers an all-powerful force
descending from heaven. And never will.

BUT GOD WILL show up as you and me. There is Divine potential within
every single human being on the planet. Your past cannot disqualify you.
You are pre-approved right now. All that the Divine consciousness
requires is your own desires to align with it. ..And honor that divinity
with your own personal preferences. Living the authentic life. Your
authentic life. A type of Heaven on Earth.

We are allowed fierce freedom here on Earth. We can elevate this human
experience to Heaven on Earth, or we can take it to “game over.” God
will not intervene as the big God. One thing to remember is that we are
here, as humans, to master the experience of being a human. All
solutions will come through this human experience. The God that religion
has sold us does not exit. Les is not saying that God does not exist but
to have a healthy relationship with God we need to recognize what role
this all-powerful God is willing to play with us.

To summarize this we are spiritual beings evolving through the many
aspects of this human experience, in our inevitable journey to truly
discover the truth of who we really are. God personified.

Sheryl says like the words Namaste in Yoga The God in me sees the God in
You. We are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of us. Life is
eternal as the Creative Force of Energy and the Divine Source or God is
always moving changing evolving and growing greater in love and

Saviors do have a role to play. Les writes ”Who are the spiritual
legends of your religions? What saviors, prophets or gurus does your
culture form its religion around. The really good deities are always
pointing the awareness right back on us. Typically with an indifference
to what you will actually choose to do as powerful deities always take a
hand-off approach. They understand that we, human beings living on Earth
are here to master the art of living from the human experience. That we
are given fierce freedom to do as we choose. That we are to overcome our
own struggles by who we become.

We, the humans, are the ones holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven
on Earth. If it is to be so, it will be by our own human thoughts,
choices and actions that heaven returns to Earth….So you naturally get
to the point where you no longer have the urge to follow them but rather
to look within yourself. The “last mile” of enlightenment is always an
inside job.

It took us a long time to get to where we are now. We all experience a
lot of subtle nuances. Habits or attributes that we have acquired along
the way. Each one having its own effect on our own demeanor. Yet the
prophets and spiritual leaders of the past have also mentioned the idea
that everything we seek, is already within us. The idea is that there is
a fundamental truth to how we, the people can live our lives where we
are honoring the truth of who we are and living a life that honors that

As we get skilled at staying focused on our own Divine Inner Wisdom, the
turbulence of our current human paradigm does not sway us emotionally
into a re-active pattern of resistance.

We are all souls, here for the human experience. And when we can bring
that soul-aspect of ourselves into our core understanding of who and
what we are, then we are ready to engage our life in a lasting and
sustainable way.The personal hero is within you. Not to measure your
life against anybody else or their expectations. You can tune into your
own higher wisdom and align to your own life’s purposes and preferences.

We are is forgiveness important in the salvation of humanity? Les
writes, Our mythology is the ultimate “teacher” from our past, as far as
what our tribe thought was the promised way,” The road to salvation.
Perhaps we have to forgive the stories of our religious backgrounds
which asked us to pray for God to heal us war and all the darkness in
light but we may have been focusing our attention on the wrong things.
By honing who you are authentically pure you find a place where you are
at ease with yourself. That place of Divine peace within you and from
the stillness of peace find your true Divine potential that can manifest
in you through you, as you. The entire universe is a hologram of the One
mind. So if we were able to have an experience with power and creation
so too could we all have the same types of experiences as Jesus said
that we will do everything that He has done and even more. Therefore As
we so believe, then that is where we will find our Divine Path. To the
consciousness of miracles themselves. Miracles are the new norms. “

So forgiveness for thinking that God will bring war and suffering to an
end is not the forgiveness we need. We need to trust the divine soul and
connectedness to creation to find that each of us will bring Heaven to
ourselves and to the world.

The everyday citizen fits into all of this.Les suggests that it is our
human consciousness where we will rediscover that there is a very
powerful source within us that we can use to improve our human
condition. We know there are many “villains” on the world stage and it
only seems fair to conclude that there are legions of heroes, mystics,
gurus and saviors in the making also. The saving of the world will not
be through a single hero or savior to right all that is wrong with the
world. But rather, it will be through an ocean of everyday heroes.
Arising out of the masses. Discovering their own inner Divine guidance
and wisdom. Discovering your own soul connection and who you really are
and the heroes of tomorrow will wear a million different faces and will
know the Divine Spark of consciousness within ALL of us. No longer
waiti9ng for the media to bring the news that it is done. Knowing within
that the vision your soul had in mind for you since the day you were
born is perhaps the place where you will find your personal Heaven on

Sheryl says that since the day 25 years ago when she had a dream and her
grandfather spoke to her in Spirit saying she had to write something for
my father and then the very next day learned her father had passed
leading her to write his eulogy she was opened to remembering the
thoughts of her childhood and the dreams of whatever she could think of
could be accomplished…She was open to communication with Spirit which in
some ways had never ceased, but wasn’t totally aware of that inner
guidance she had always followed but could never explain.

In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “ I believe that we all have
the ability to connect to God through the higher consciousness of our
soul… Each of us can come to understand the Divine energy at work in
his/her evaluation, whether through prayer meditation or
study…..Religious leaders can offer their own interpretations and
feelings, and we have the choice to follow religious dogma or a
different path. Either way it is up to the individual to find his or her
won truth and communication with God. The Divine Force is in us around
us, for us, loves us, and hopes our love for Universal Source will help
us achieve a more successful human experience.”

We talk about purity and what purity has to do with our salvation.

Les writes, “I was told that God as a big entity could be seen from
within a pure heart. The heart of someone who had practiced being
compassionate towards all of humanity. Over time showing intentional
compassion those same souls would intuit how to cleanse arenas of
consciousness and start cleaning up the collective by cleaning up
themselves. Thus creating even more of a difference of potential of
human consciousness between themselves and the collective consciousness
of the masses. And showing others how to cleanse themselves too. Purity
is always in fashion when it comes to Divine intentions. For it is only
through purity that a perfect image of the answer to any prayer can
manifest itself, without any thing, ethereal or physical lingering
about. Soul Ego Love and through that purity is the power to accomplish
it too.

In order to develop this ability to embody purity, one would need to
keep the language we use very sterile. “I AM THAT I AM, and, AS IT IS.
No place for archetypes, emotions ego brain symbols words ideas nothing.
Clean as a whistle.”

Being authentic to ourselves also so important. By being authentic to
yourself you are actually realizing yourself as more than the physical
human body and know that there is an ethereal aspect about ourselves.
Our eyes show us matter. Things or tangible aspects to life. Yet our
soul has no matter of its own. Our soul which existed before we even had
a body exists in an ethereal realm as an intangible realm of pure
consciousness. It will be by questioning the aspects of this ethereal
process that will bring the most comfort to us and help us realize who
we are and then allow authenticity to sustain us while offering insights
as to what our capabilities and spiritual gifts are and what is really
possible for our human experience

We can find our path to our own salvation. We find our path to our own
salvation by realizing the notion of having a karmic energy field of our
own past. We learn to discern karmic tendencies within ourselves. And
how to understand that we tend to have repetitive patterns of behavior
based on our own karmic composition. These karmic tendencies can get in
the way of our ego being able to fulfill the inspirations of our heart
and soul. Our ego can be intimidated or even scared of the energies we
have accumulated in our subconscious. We all have acquired a lot of
karma in this lifetime from our family of origin. Who taught us about
symbols and their meanings. Words are symbols. Belief systems. And then
they set up a karmic propensity by teaching us the VALUE of those
symbols. By respecting the value of the symbol you were honoring the
core values of the family unit. Like the core value of a family living
on a farm was hard work and a strong back to make the family system
operational..Or in a religious family it was perhaps behaving in
righteous ways. But often these symbols and beliefs took us away from
knowing the truth of who we are. The truth is it is God’s consciousness
in you right now and if that Divine Spark weren’t there would be no
consciousness to read these words. If you get good at recognizing
inspiration from your heart soul you can master the art of Divine

Les would like us to remember though humanity has prayed for the end of
suffering that it has not yet happened in human terms and perhaps we
missed some important aspects that the saviors of various religions each
fulfilling their individual callings but still unable to allow humanity
to cure or end suffering. There is a way to salvation peace and healing
and through a look at the saviors and the magnificence of their own
appreciation for God creation and human life we find a way to find
heaven within us and discover the part we can individually play in
bringing the best of our spiritual and material world into alignment.

I want to thank Les Jensen author of Forgiven Sinner for a clear also
imaginative way for us to begin to merge history antiquity spirituality
and religion into a magical web of interconnected love and enthusiasm
for life our human potential and the possibilities for infinite creation
miracles and change when we truly value our inner soul wisdom and open
our hearts and minds to the magic of eternal life and salvation.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within Les Jensen author
of Forgiven Sinner God’s Last Savior has shown us that each of us is
perhaps the way to cure the belief systems and karma both individually
and collectively that have allowed or encouraged us to think that it is
God that must cure fix or heal suffering war disease and lack of genuine
compassion and love in the world. He must teach us how to move past
accepting the failures of the past and change ideas not completely
evolved or developed that have allowed us to wallow in self-doubt and
wait patiently for our lives to become magnificent and fulfilling. The
truth is we as energy beings part of the hologram of the universe or
Oneness of creation are divine manifestations of that compassionate
loving whole life force and when we begin to act from within that source
of personal power we can create miracles as the saviors and divine
Spiritual teachers of each religious group have done in the past.

As Les wrote, “There are millions and perhaps even billions of us who
want to see fundamental change to how our human experience is unfolding.
This is raw human potential. This is an unfulfilled desire for change.
And ….a desire for the end of suffering. This specific arena holds so
much raw power for those who can discover the underlying truth of who
they really are and then come into alignment with that truth and will be
the new humans who show up in their own divinity. These are the new
humans that can transcend the karmic imprinting of the collective. That
can transcend the dogma of our culture’s misunderstanding of our human
potential. Those who get glimpses of their own inner light and know that
all things are possible….These will be the next wave of Gandhis,
Jesuses, Muhammads and such. Legions of mystics and sages arising out of
the common man. From every corner of the planet. These are the ones we
have been waiting for. These are the ones who will seed the “new” Divine
paradigm, by actually restoring the understanding of the timeless truth
of who we really are.

Les and I would have you know that this journey of awakening is
happening Now for all of us and we can find our own way in time past
limitations and fears to embrace the wonderment of our inner soul light
force and energy finding peace and eventually the end of human

Today’s Guest