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Steve Kidd

Maximize Today with Nakia Boglin and James Purpura

Today is your day to maximize today!

Many things have happened in your past, both good and bad. Many exciting
things will happen in your future. But you can’t do anything about
yesterday or tomorrow. All you can do is make the most out of this 24
hours that we call TODAY.

When we learn to learn from events good and bad from our past and plan
for an amazing future there is one most key element that must happen. We
have to take those lessons, take those plans and we must maximize all we
can do to make today the best day of our life so far. Tomorrow will be
even greater, but only if today is the best it can be

To help us with this host Steve Kidd is joined by Nakia Boglin as she
shares secrets from her book “Favor the Odds” and teaches us how to
stack the odds in our favor. Then we hear from James Purpura as he share
the powerful lessons found in he and his wife’s book “PERCEPTION: Seeing
Is Not Believing” which has now been made into a movie

If we will take up the challenge of today. If we will make today the
best it can be, then yesterdays struggles and tomorrow successes all
will have a way to serve us best. Take this cahllens and Maximize today
as you listen to Thriving Entrepreneur