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Sloane Freemont


Thinking about what slow means often makes us think we have to come to a complete stop. On this week’s show, I talk about another definition of slow. One where instead of going 90 mph, we dial it back to 60 or 70 mph. We are still moving and getting things done but not as fast. There is no more of just hurrying through one thing to check it off our list and move on to the next. Moving slow allows more living. More enjoyment and more fun. You notice more when you move slow and I also found that I’m much nicer. If you are tired of the grind and moving at top speed, this week’s show will give you a new perspective on what slowing down can mean in your life and how you can apply it. Songs this week include As We Enter by Nas & Jr. Gong and Money in the Grave by Drake & Rick Ross.