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Sheryl Glick


In this episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares
stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing,
miracles, and a guide to inner soul intuition is delighted to welcome,
once again, a most gifted and insightful visionary entrepreneur investor
Rizwan Virk author of Treasure Hunt who will share ways to view the
hidden messages in the form of hunches gut feeling déjà vu to provide
guidance in our relationships our jobs career decisions and our

As listeners of the show are well aware, Sheryl and her guests share the
latest thinking often based on quantum physics and a metaphysical
approach to viewing life in its multi-dimensional layers for a clearer
view of mastering our emotions, discovering our life plan and conquering
challenges that block our way to accepting life, people and experiences
in a clear and truthful manner.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Rizvan Virk a businessman,
film producer, venture capitalist and author and a thought leader in
productivity software shows us how to listen to our inner clues, uncover
our Hidden Treasure Map that shows us the work we are meant to do and
the path to get there. Life is not only a dream and a possibility, but
we have everything we need to succeed once we learn to interpret
messages from within.

Rizwan thinks back to an earlier time and how he was fortunate to have a
teacher at MIT who was interested in yoga and Eastern forms of
meditation and spiritual pursuits and offered Rizwan new ways to open to
many effective ways to enhance his life purpose and development. One
might think people in the scientific and mathematical fields based on
logic and outcome might not fancy or be interested in such an approach
to learning and personal development. That just goes to show that the
people we need to meet to encourage our creativity and the complete
expression of our inner wisdom, do not reside in one place, professional
or conceived thought process. Those we are meant to meet to affect our
journey and destiny to know ourselves as spiritual beings in its
clearest form will present themselves. We must keep an open mind and
open heart always.

Rizwan is a successful entrepreneur who has studied at MIT and Standford
Business School and is interested in the metaphysical aspects of
developing a spiritual practice and well balanced life. Many people do
not equate these two arenas to be in alignment with each other, but
Rizwan assures us that to listen to that small inner voice of intuition
is the best way to achieve all goals and resonate in health peace and

Rizwan shares how to begin to find the way forward and discover the
Treasure Hunt of life finding the clues and messages from within that
allow us to be in a state of mind and heart that will be open to this
new way of thinking and being. He mentions Dr. Michael Newton author of
Journey of Souls who suggests that we might have a life planning session
with the equivalent of a spiritual counselor before we choose a specific
life incarnation. We might watch a projection of the general
circumstance and major events of this life or use this spiritual time
travel procedure where the soul can examine specific events and
challenges even before being born. Our mission generally might involve
helping people, or a certain type of contribution to the world in our
own unique way. There are always specific people, places, and
circumstances that we are meant to be with and to experience, and it’s
important that we do not ignore these people places and circumstances as
they appear in our lives. How will we recognize these people places and
circumstances as we cross the “River of Forgetfulness” when we are born.
Since the unconscious holds this general blueprint, clues through funny
feelings, emotions, sensations, dreams and more will alert us and keep
us moving forward along our predestined life plan.

The real treasure in life past other people’s values and expectation
seems to be the remembrance of our inner soul wisdom and essence and the
potential we have to create and manifest our best physical life by
developing our unique and special gifts of intuition, and to trust in a
higher plan for ourselves and humanity through a recognition of a higher
Universal Plan.

For most of us while we don’t get a direct vision or message of what we
were meant to do in life, we may have hunches and guesses and even
glimpses that draw our attention: interest activities and people that
bring us joy. These are little clues, the breadcrumbs leading us on a
cosmic treasure hunt, back to the places and person we were meant to be
in this life.

Rizwan tells a story of his friend Dannion Brinkley who Sheryl met many
years ago at a workshop in New York and after the workshop had the
opportunity to tell him what a fantastic speaker teacher and messenger
for the truth of Spirit and of life beyond life which he had experienced
in a near death experience. Dannion then hugged Sheryl and as his
spiritual gift is to see a running movie- like picture of a person’s
spiritual path he told Sheryl, “You are also a wonderful teacher of
truth also.”

While most of us only get glimpses of what we are here to do, in some
cases our lives are so off track that we must be given a serious wake-up
call. For Dannion Brinkley who was struck by lightning in 1976 and was
declared clinically dead his wake up call was a near death experience
which took him four years to recover from the severity of his injuries,
but he was transformed and wrote about it in his book Saved By the
Light. After going through various stages of Being on the other side,
including a 360 degree life review where he saw the results of his
actions on every single person he’d dealt with, he was told by “Beings
of Light” that he had to go back. Dannion wrote, “Then the Being let me
know what I was supposed to do on earth. I was to create centers where
people could come to reduce stress in their lives. Through this
reduction of stress, said the Being, humans would come to realize “as we
do,” that they are higher spiritual beings. They would become less
fearful and more loving of their fellow man. Dannion was also shown
biofeedback machines that he would eventually produce and since that
time has started several organizations to help with end of life care and
hospice work. Dannion’s experiences offer validation to Sheryl for the
many concepts and mystical experiences Sheryl has had in much the same
way with guidance from that other field of unified life forces.

Rizwan also shares thoughts and awareness of past lives and
reincarnation or the eternal source of life. Past lives, while still not
accepted by the majority of Westerners are a common model in the East
for how we incarnate and reincarnate. In the West this idea has become
more popular over the last few decades with the growth of interest in
Eastern Spiritual traditions including meditation and yoga. More
recently many psychologists and therapists who use hypnotic regression
have found themselves often inadvertently in the realm of past lives.
When looking for the origin of a particular physical or emotional issue
of a subject under hypnosis they ask the subject to go back to the
origin of a problem and often find themselves in a subjects past life.
Brian Weiss MD had many such encounters which he documented in his book,
Many Lives Many Master. By realizing a trauma in hypnosis a client is
often able to access a past life and whatever problems existed there and
it often allows for spontaneous healing.

While many regressions end up in past lives, only a few end up in the
in-between place—where you end up after you die and stay until you are
reborn. In his book Journey of Souls Dr Michael Newton explores this
in-between state in some detail and there are similarities to
descriptions given of the afterlife by survivors of near death
experiences or NDE’s.

Rizwan uses a term The Full Clue Lifecycle to begin to explain and
understand the clues and messages that guide us forward. This cyle is a
series of stages starting with the recognition that you have a clue on
your hands.

The stages are:
Intuition- A clue emerges Pay attention
Interpretation –Most difficult What is clue telling you?
Confirmation Usually from a synchronistic or coincidental event
Action – It might mean taking a step in direction not immediate action
BE discriminating not reckless
Validation and Reflection go together

While you might think The Clue Lifecycle is a linear process, it doesn’t
have to be and is not meant to be rigid, just a way of thinking about
intuition that comes to us in the form of clues. Remember when clues
repeat then something is up.

Rizwan goes on to help readers understand that the definition of success
is a very personal one. Most people want to feel fulfilled challenged
and moving forward in developing and utilizing their natural talents.
Many of us have a sneaking feeling that we were meant to do and
accomplish more in life than is presently evident. What would be this
treasure in life? What means success to you? Think about the following
suggestions for a moment.

Would it be starting a successful company and selling it for millions of
Would it be writing that novel you always dreamed of?
Or would it be writing a book about your life lessons and getting it
Would it be helping other through counseling or therapy or working for a
Would it be indulging your passion as a photographer or as an artist or

Success can come in many forms. Rizwan and his friend Dannion Brinkley
refer to ‘Spiritual Capitalism” as an environment in which everyone is
contributing to society and able to make a living, leveraging their
natural strengths rather than simply getting by doing something

We’ve all read books about visualization and the Law of Attraction but
they don’t always get us where we want to be. We must begin to rely on
and trust the treasure map inside each of us and we already have a wise
mentor (our inner mentor) who is constantly sending us clues. Our real
challenge is to learn to recognize these clues personalized messages
synchronicity hunches gut feelings visions feelings of déjà vu bodily
sensations and dreams. In the modern world of science and technology has
lost the ability to see these clues. Cultures and traditions ranging
from Native American tribes to Greek Roman Tibetan Chinese and Islamic
have always recognized this fundamental truth.

Rizwan goes on to share his view of what intuition is and how it comes
to us in so many ways. Intuition can come in many forms from a hunch
while you are waiting in line at the grocery store or a tingle at the
edge of your awareness about a book on the shelf in a bookstore, or a
little voice that tells you something is wrong with a plan that a
colleague is trying to sell you or a full blown vision that comes in the
middle of the night in the form of a dream that reveals your next step
in life.

This kind of dream Rizwan describes is very personal to Sheryl both
because she loves the results and has also had her own Big Dream. It is
often a Big Clue in the form of a Big Dream as it was for
Director/Producer James Cameron which impacted his life and career
profoundly propelling him into the “A” list of Hollywood directors and
set the stage for financial success. Rizwan writes about James’ Big
Dream. His terrifying dream vision of robots emerging from the fire
after an apocalypse of some sort and the robot coming after him was so
vivid that he couldn’t get the image out of his mind and his friend Gail
who was helping him, also an aspiring filmmaker, and James were working
with cheap props and effects on “B” Grade movies when she encouraged him
to write a movie script about the all consuming dream. That dream turned
into “The Terminator” one of the biggest, most successful movies of
1984, and it also turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a superstar. James
Cameron is only one of many successful people whose intuition provided
very important clues about their future

Sheryl shares a big dream that happened over twenty years ago when her
long deceased grandfather visited her telling her, “You have to write
something for your father.” The very next day Sheryl’s Dad died and not
putting the clues together, simply wrote his eulogy. She could not
forget the feeling of that dream and many months later when her daughter
mentioned a book written by a psychic medium a thought went through
Sheryl’s head, “Read that book.” After reading the book her curiosity
was piqued and her interest in knowing about spiritual energy and
communication from Higher Source led her to develop her gifts of
intuition and mediumship and to write three books and host “Healing From
Within.” Big Dreams, prophetic dreams or messages from guides teachers
loved ones in Spirit seem to be ways to follow the path we are each born
to discover for ourselves.

In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl addresses the way we sometimes help
“The Law of Attraction” to a new level. Sheryl wrote, “After
interviewing and reading Sara Wiseman’s book Writing for the Divine
where she suggested ways to realize our own needs quickly and
decisively, I was able to take the Law of Attraction to a whole new
Level. I wanted purely and simply to have the most gifted and
knowledgeable people request to be on my show without seeking them out
as I had to do when the show was first initiated so I simply asked
Spirit to help me. That very same day I received three requests from
amazing people to be on my show. Spirit quickly provided assistance for
me to have what was needed for my radio show as Spirit or the combined
efforts of all the many souls assisting me seemed to agree that to bring
together the beautiful wise voices of leaders in higher consciousness to
share their experiences and wisdom might just be good for us all.”

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing from Within” Rizwan Virk a
most creative and intuitive author shows us how to look beyond the
expectations of those around us and the world, for what most matters to
us and to go within to hear the quiet voice or to dream the big dream,
while also perhaps paying attention to synchronicity and opening to a
Universal world of energy that holds the clues and answers to our life
journey…a journey that can be immeasurably enhanced and filled with the
potential to thrive beyond all expectations.

As Rizwan wrote, “Internal clues are very important to familiarize
yourself with. These are feelings that you get before you make a
decision about some course of action. This includes recognizing the
“funny feelings that come with seeing an external clue, or noticing some
tightening up or tingling or other sensation in your body at the right
time. One of the most powerful ways to distinguish between a real
message and a superfluous one is to learn to recognize inner signals,
feelings or sensations that alert you that a message is there. These
signals are part of learning to find the way to the “Holy Grail” they
are like metal detectors that tell you a clue is present.”

Rizwan and I would be delighted for you to awaken to the many clues
messages and feelings we are all receiving from the world of Spirit or
Universal energy that wishes to help us find our life plan and destiny
in ways that are joyful positive enlightening and energizing. Begin
simply by listening from within.
Today’s Guest