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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening,
spiritual communication, ways to understand our connections to souls
long past, miracles, and ways to remember our true self is delighted to
welcome Clementina Marie Giovannetti author of Jesus And A Roman
Centurion who will offer a view of her past life discovery and life as
she experienced a moving and life altering interaction with Jesus two
thousand years ago.

As listeners of Healing From Within are well aware Sheryl and her guests
search their inner soul remembrances and experiences with energy, divine
spiritual awareness and truth to learn more about the human and
spiritual connection and implement ways to move forward refining our
soul essence and loving LIFE more compassionately in all its
multi-dimensional potential.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Clementina who is a
visionary and spiritual teacher and dream interpreter who has spent the
past forty years on national radio and television shows including Larry
King Live and Jenny Jones/NBC has shared her love of Spirit and what
they wish us to know as we evolve and move to higher consciousness.
Today we will discuss her awareness of a life she may have shared or
lived two thousand years ago and how that insight can help us now at the
tipping point of change as we move from thousands of years of third
dimensional living to a leap of faith and a larger perception to our
higher life as spiritual beings having a physical life in order to know
the truth of Eternal Life.

Clementina shares her challenging childhood and her ability to have
outer body experiences and relate to higher energy beings who loved her
and helped her develop and survive in the most challenging events during
her early years.. She writes, “I was brought up in one of Chicago’s
challenging areas—what many people today would refer to as the ghetto.
It was heavily populated with Afro-Americans, Hispanics and impoverished
Caucasians. A typical night at home would be a shooting in the alley,
police sirens heard throughout the night, or a burning mattress flying
out of a bedroom window from the apartment building across the street.
In the morning, despite any lack of sleep or a bite of breakfast, I was
forced to walk alone over a mile through the streets of Chicago to
attend grammar school. Congregating on many of the street corners were
the gang members who feared and hated everyone. They had become so
beaten down by their peers, their dysfunctional families, their
impoverished community, and even God himself—thanks to the hell and
damnation the ministers insisted on preaching—that all men were sinners.
And despite their civil liberties, many of them still perceived
themselves as slaves, controlled and dominated by the white man’s
illusionary world and ignorant perception of them. Despite the daily
challenges I faced on the streets of Chicago, I quickly realized that
things were far worse at home. My parents, although deeply devoted to
the Roman Catholic Church, were in fact, completely dysfunctional and
full-time alcoholics. Regardless of their brutal and violent
altercations throughout the week, they would proceed to dress up in
their finest clothes and attend Mass on Sunday. My parents were
completely different people behind closed doors in comparison to the
pious and reverent individuals they showcased in church.

Sheryl notes that indeed too many children, more than we might even
know, are living in equally unhealthy and dangerous families and though
that is their life plan it is painful for loving sensitive souls to
accept or understand. The plan is the plan and these childhood
challenges often lead to tremendous soul awareness and growth so
positive can result from negative influences.

Clementina writes in Jesus And A Roman Centurion that she never dreamed
she would be writing about a former lifetime that occurred nearly 2000
years ago and then share it with the world. But has found that time can
and does heal our past wounds. Time also gives us the opportunity to
release our fears as we gain further understanding and clarity.
Clementina tells us how she became aware of her past life as a Roman
Centurion….”As the days continued, the image in the mirror continued to
take more shape and form until my former reflection, the one that I had
come to know and identify as “me”, had vanished. Instead, looking back
at me was a man towering above 6’4 and resembling a Roman gladiator.
What happened to the petite Italian woman in her mid-forties? Where did
she go?

As Clementina found Jesus as a Roman Centurion it dematerialized her
human personality. She talks about wanting to have a past life
regression session to find out more about the connection to Jesus so she
arranged a past life regression session. The session began with the
regressionist asking Clementina to lie comfortably on a recliner, to
take several deep breaths, and close her eyes. The initial process
consisted of a deep relaxation method which visually guided me into a
deep tranquil state. The actual regression did not begin until the
therapist observed that I had achieved this state. And then she
proceeded to guide me on my journey to a former lifetime.

“I connected with my former lifetime instantly as a Roman Centurion. At
first, there were two of us. The Centurion and I. And the “I” had merely
taken on a ghostlike appearance who was being allowed to witness what
was happening to the Centurion. But in less than a minute—I became the
Centurion and my spirit self had entered within his consciousness and
form. I had become, once again, the Centurion. The Roman Centurion was
approximately thirty-eight years old, 6’4, fully dressed in military
clothing however his Centurion helmet and sword had been removed from
his body. The best way to describe his physical presence would be to the
likeness of a barbarian. His arms and hands were massive. He didn’t need
a sword to inflict harm or cause death. He could have literally crushed
the life force out of anyone. It appeared from my immediate surrounding
that I was not alone and had been brought to the lower region of Caesar
Augustus’s palace in Rome. Apparently, I had done something seriously
wrong and was being accused of insubordination. My interrogators
repeatedly lashed out at me, stating that I had betrayed my emperor and
the Roman Empire by helping Him to escape. They reminded me that my
official military orders were to find Jesus, only two years old at the
time, and then inform my superiors of His location, and keep an eye on
Him until they would be able to officially retrieve Him. I do not
remember ever having met Herod the Great or being directly involved with
him, who also reigned at the time. But what I do remember was how he had
become obsessed with a child named Jesus ever since he had been made
aware of his forthcoming birth. And for some strange reason saw Jesus as
a direct threat to his throne. In 40 B.C. the Roman Senate named Herod,
“King of the Jews.” In fact, Herod was guilty of many brutal acts and
was often referred to as a madman it was on his death bed when he was
informed that the Jews’ long awaited Messiah, who had been prophesied
about in the Old Testament was about to be born and reign as their king.
Herod held tightly to the reins of his power and brutally removed anyone
who had ever gotten in his way, including his own family members. Nearly
two years had passed, and there was still no knowledge or information
about Jesus. No one even knew what He looked like or where He could be
found. I don’t believe that anyone other than Herod truly believed that
a two-year-old child was a direct threat to his throne or the Roman
Empire. But I had no choice but to fulfill my special military
assignment that I had received—ordering me to find Him. All I was told
within my special military order was that I was potentially looking for
a two year-old Jewish male child who had possibly been born in Bethlehem
and lived with his parents named Mary and Joseph.

“Approaching a village one day I began to feel a strange force pulling
me to the center of town. Was I about to locate the two-year-old child
named Jesus? Could it be true that He had been sent to mankind from
another dimension? Was I about to locate the two-year-old child named
Jesus? Could it be true that He had been sent to mankind from another
dimension and was capable of emitting such a powerful and non-human
presence? His eyes, I believe, were blue but because they emitted such a
powerful presence and brilliant light, I was unable to truly see them.
He wasn’t expressing any particular emotion on His face nor did He
smile. His overall presence simply exuded a gentle confidence and state
of knowing. I instinctually knew that He was not of this world. Although
human in nature, He did not possess the mind, consciousness, or
spiritual presence of a human child. And without ever speaking a word,
with His presence alone, Jesus began to dematerialize the Roman
Centurion—the emotionless killing machine whom I had allowed myself to
become. There are no words that can describe my spiritual awakening and
profound transformation that took place before Him.

As I continued to look into His eyes, I was filled with such a deep
devotion for Him and His God and without hesitation, dedicated my life,
my very existence to both of them. For I knew deep down inside that I
had always known Him and loved Him, but out of necessity had been
temporarily removed from His presence, so that I would be able to
fulfill my own destiny—one day”

Sheryl shares with Clementine that she often has great synchronicity
with her guests and believes they are guided to share their amazing
journeys on the show to help listeners access their own soul awareness
and spiritual talents. Sheryl tells Clementina that her nickname
“Cookie” is Sheryl’s most loving way to address her seven grandchildren
as Cookie girls and Cookie boys. Sheryl tells Clementina of an
experience she has relating to a connection to life two thousand years
ago and an encounter with a Roman Centurion. Sheryl tells when her
daughter was pregnant she asked Sheryl what the child would call her. It
took months of thought and one day Sheryl said, “Call me “Grandmama.”
Long after her first granddaughter was born one of Sheryl’s Reiki
students brought her a book Anna Woman of Miracles. It was the story of
Anne, mother of the Blessed Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Anne led a
remarkable life, had three husband, three daughters all named Mary and
profound healing abilities. She also had a lifelong relationship with a
Roman Legate know as Julian. Julian’s greatest wish was to protect Anne
and when Jesus was born and they were killing all the first born Jewish
males as they feared a Messiah would be born and lead them to freedom,
he helped Mary and Anne take the baby to safety. Many years passed and
Julian came to find Anne and Jesus who was now 17 years old. Jesus in
the book told Julian to wait in the garden as his “Grandmama” would soon
be home. The soul it seems remembers connections in past times and
lives. We meet many people in life who help us remember our soul’s
unlimited journey to remember our true connection to eternal life….it
seems nothing is random or lost and we must pay attention to the clues
along the way.

Clementina talks about human illusions because her soul in this lifetime
chose a girl’s body. How different life as a young woman was from the
life experienced as a powerful Roman male. Clementina feels its mere
presence by others in her family was automatically perceived as a
worthless object. The patriarchal religions have seemingly undervalued
women and their status relegating them to second class citizenship and
we are still working on equalizing those misguided thoughts of the
religious and political educational and medical communities.

Clementina says that her parents had absolutely no desire in raising
her, let alone nurturing her as a little girl. For the most part, I was
ignored and left on my own to figure things out or what needed to be
done next. On the other hand, her brother, nine years older than her,
was given a bedroom of his own, new clothes, a bike, and a college
education. Her parents not only adored him, but also worshipped him.
According to my parents, he was a saint, and could never do anything
wrong. Quite a contrast to how they felt about me. I was a girl, so
according to them I was worthless. Because my soul had chosen to
incarnate into a girl’s body, I was a huge disappointment to them, and
was also perceived as a financial burden—an unnecessary expense that
wouldn’t be worth anything in the end. Had there be a legal way to
dispose of me the day I was born, my parents would have opted for it and
would have felt greatly relieved. When I talk about illusions, I think
this is one of the best examples of an earthly illusion. Had my soul
decided to incarnate into a male body in this lifetime, I too may have
been worshipped right alongside of my brother. But because I chose a
girl’s body, its mere presence was automatically perceived as a
worthless object that others, especially men, could control and abuse
without any consequences. In their eyes I was way beneath them, and
never required their respect. My life, according to them, had no real
value. So regardless of whatever they may have sexually or physically
chosen to do to me, it was never perceived as any kind of loss. At any
moment, I knew I could have potentially been raped or killed. But even
more unimaginable, I also knew that no one would care. And so by the age
of nine, I had acquired a full range of arsenal including; a switch
knife, brass knuckles, and pepper spray, which I kept secretly hidden on
my body at all times. All of which were purchased on the streets in
exchange for anything I could take from my home.

Sheryl says…..Just old world patriarchal thinking from primitive
religious beliefs and a structured religion that controlled people money
women land in an unjust system. Even the pagan world beliefs respected
women more.

Clementina writes, “I was beginning to realize that my parents were not
the only humans who had forgotten their divine origin and who and what
they really were—soul. That many of them, like my parents, had fallen
asleep and entered within an alternate reality, void of all light—which
ultimately transformed them into a mere illusion. How in God’s name did
they allow themselves to become what they are? Why had they forgotten
who and what they really are? Don’t they remember the light at all or
where they had originated from? Why don’t they awaken themselves and
remember? How can they continue to live in such darkness? Why are they
so concerned about money, sex, alcohol, and other worldly things? And
accept their barbaric ways of life as normal? I was seriously beginning
to ask myself, “Why did I come to this planet? Who are these people? And
how do I get back home?” On occasion, I even attempted to rise above the
ground and fly, but unfortunately found myself incapable of duplicating
any of my nightly out-of-body experiences. All I knew was that prior to
my earthly incarnation, my soul life consisted of beings similar to the
ones who were now helping me during my out-of-body experiences. The best
way to describe them was—light beings. Most of them had forms similar to
a human being, but other than that, they were the complete opposite in
nature. My real family was so different from my earth parents and the
other humans I was now encountering. The light beings were genuine. They
were 100% real. They were not shadows of themselves, hiding behind
illusions or pretending to be someone they were not. Whereas the humans,
for the most part, chose to live in complete denial of themselves and
the spiritual realm and then attempted to convince everyone including
themselves that their mirror reflection was in fact who and what they
really were. Let’s not forget that for century’s history has told us
that these same individuals have been known to destroy anyone who
appeared to be a direct threat or possessed the ability to awaken them
while on earth. How many enlightened souls over the centuries have been
put to death, tortured or persecuted because the group consciousness
chose to remain in the dark? They truly believed that crucifixions,
beheadings, burnings at the stake, or lynching’s would ultimately put an
end to the light permitting them to continue to cast themselves in any
one of their illusionary roles.”

Sheryl reminds listeners that she interviewed Linda Deir author of
Guided who had a most challenging childhood like Clementina’s and was
told over and over by the Light Being Spirit Guides that if she could
hold on and get through childhood everything would be better and like
you she is indeed blessed by Spirit and enjoying life with the truth of
soul life.

Clementina describes nightly visions and out of body experiences and how
they became her sanctuary towards spiritual enlightenment and her soul
journey to serve others with her gift of vision. She wrote, “Despite my
countless outbursts of resistance or tears, no one ever came to rescue
me from his sexual abuse or the countless whippings and bleeding lashes
I received from his metal belt buckle. Yes, I was born into darkness and
lived in the dark for many years. A world so filled with hatred, rage,
and intense fear that it literally choked out the very essence of God
himself. I never knew or experienced peace, love, kindness, or serenity.
Instead, I was being forced to live in and endure the very depths of
hell. I began to pray to God, despite the mere fact that I was only a
child, and didn’t even know if He truly existed. I begged Him to show me
a way out from this hell on earth. That surely, He didn’t intend for an
innocent child like myself to become buried alive under such darkness
and brutality, but rather to rise above it. God must have heard my
desperate pleas, because He responded with such profound clarity and the
much needed answers within my dreams and nightly visions. Upon entering
my nightly visions, I was shown with great clarity that earth was not my
home. That in fact I was a soul, a spirit, from another dimension who
had chosen to return to earth in order to achieve spiritual mastery over
its darkness and all of its illusions, and ultimately provide assistance
to other souls who still remained lost and confused. I was also informed
that it was necessary to be incarnated into the darkness and personally
experience it before I would be able to understand its true purpose. I
can’t even begin to find the words that adequately describe the feeling
of liberation and spiritual freedom that I began to experience on a
nightly basis. For my dreams and nightly visions had become my only
source of truth. And through my nightly visions, I was able to
re-establish a line of communication with the spiritual realm despite my
earthly incarnation.”

Sheryl says…My own childhood was lived in a Brooklyn community not
nearly as terrifying as yours but with parents who had fears as they
were the children of immigrant parents and were striving to survive
financially. As the middle child of three daughters I don’t think I was
devalued as a girl but in the temple I saw the men leading the prayers
and the women were expected to run the home and take a second place to
their husbands. I thought much adult behavior strange and knew there was
more to life and to us than they understood and became, between crying
for injustices heaped on all of us, quite outspoken. I was in the gifted
class with boys and girls and really didn’t see or feel at that time
that we were all that different. I believed God loved us all and didn’t
label us only accepted us.

Clementina became aware of her soul and higher consciousness and aware
that certain religious practices might be limiting your experience and
the truth you needed to find Spirit. She tells us life was so bad at
home at ten years old she was practically living on the streets and was
picked up and brought to the police station and had a profound
experience…You wrote,” While sitting in the front seat and being driven
to the police station, I began to feel the presence of someone’s hand
impress upon my right shoulder, and with it a profound and extraordinary
presence began to touch my soul. Apparently, someone had heard my prayer
and decided to respond. I desperately wanted to turn around and look up
in order to see who was not only behind me, but also capable of
transmitting such a profound energy through me. It was Jesus. He looked
a lot like the photographs I had been shown. And He was now appearing to
me in spirit, in a ghost-like body. And upon His face was a tender smile
and reassuring eyes that told me not to worry, that I was not alone and
in the end everything would be okay. Jesus did exist, despite his human
death nearly two thousand years ago. He had personally made His presence
known to me and provided me with the much needed strength and courage I
desperately needed. My prayers had been answered and I had become
spiritually reunited with the very soul that the entire Roman Catholic
faith and organized religion had been established on.”

Eventually Clementina left Florida and arrived in a rural town called,
Princeton, Texas—about sixty miles northeast of Dallas. It was
predominately farm country. She sensed there was more for her to do and
while visiting a horse ranch had an connection to Universal Divine
Healing and her own calling to help people heal. She describes the
experience of the beautiful young mare who had sustained a very large
injury on the right side of her head when her owners had beaten her. The
horse had become completely traumatized and would not let anyone near
her. Clementina’s life changed entirely at that precise moment. Her
wound was large, deep, and infected. She could tell the horse was in a
lot of pain, physically and emotionally and felt so sorry for her. It
was like finding a child who had been beaten by her own parents and then
left for dead. All she could think about was getting into the stall with
her to help. Clementina’s hands began to tremble, and she felt an
electrical current starting to pulsate in both of them. They were
becoming alive—it felt like they were on fire Suddenly, a brilliant
white light pierced into my eyes. I could no longer see anything in
front of me. I was completely blinded by the brilliance of the light. I
couldn’t speak, and I could no longer hear anything except the ethereal
vibration sound of the white light. My entire being was being completely
embraced by the light. A very gentle voice from within the light began
to speak to me. It asked, “Will you help her?” I replied, “Yes. But
how?” The gentle voice spoke again and said, “Walk into the light.” I
became frightened and I thought I had died. I knew somehow that I had
been spiritually transformed and at that moment was not able to return
to my human form. I also knew that I was not alone. I could feel God’s
presence surround me in the barn. And somehow He had separated me from
everyone except Him and the young mare. The gentle voice asked me again,
“Will you help her?” I replied that I would, but said that I was afraid
because I had never been with a horse before. The gentle voice assured
me, “Have faith and know that God will be with you at all times.” I
walked to the stall gate and unlatched it. My heart pounded, but I knew
that I was not alone. I knew that God was with me in the brilliant
light. My hand was on fire, and the brilliant white light grew stronger
over me. I could barely breathe and I believed that I was about to
become dematerialized. The moment I touched her open wound, pus began to
pour down my left hand, my arm and along one side of her face. This was
the beginning of many healing experiences I would share with others.

Clementina talks about religious indoctrination and the harmful effects
it can often have on its followers and how they might responded to
healers and spiritual teaches.

Sheryl as an energy practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher is well aware
of how many people cannot see that people with spiritual gifts are
working as messengers for the Divine and they share their God given
gifts with as many as will receive them. Sheryl’s intention is to help
others know that all religions science and spirituality hope to learn
about God or Universal Source and all offer some of the pieces of the
mystical and mysterious puzzle of life, but it must all be brought
together to know…. One God…. One Humanity and the answers can only be
found within each soul, and by one’s own experiential experiences in
alignment with Spirit. There are many paths to the Divine.

In The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote, “Of course, not everyone agrees with
this point of view (these are the less than agreeable teachers I
referred to). Some people believe that mediums violate religious
doctrines. This concerns me as they are cutting themselves off from
their own divinity and gifts. Just as I believe that mediums receive
their gift from a higher source, I believe we all have the ability to
connect to God through the higher consciousness of the soul……Religious
leaders can offer their own interpretations and feelings and we have the
choice to follow religious dogma or a different path. Either way, it is
up to the individual to find his or her own truth and communication with
God Sometimes we can find the most resistance among those closest to us.
Most if not all of my own relatives are grounded in the practical
aspects of life and it’s difficult for them to let go of antiquated
belief systems and consider the idea that energy, thoughts and all our
memories survive even after leaving the physical body.”

Clementine goes on to tell of how her healing work was received by the
local people and it is frightening to see how closed so many still are
to spiritual healing. She wrote, ”Within days, the healings began, both
of people and animals. People I had never met began showing up at my
front door—just like in the movie “Field of Dreams.” But not everyone
approved of me or that God had chosen to perform His healings and
miracles in their rural town. Many of the locals who had been born and
raised in Blue Ridge began to personally threaten me, make up false
allegations about me, and even filed a petition to have me removed from
their town. But why? Why did they attack me? Why did they persecute me?
Couldn’t they remember what Jesus had said during His lifetime? “Very
truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been
doing, and they will do even greater things.” John 14:12-14

Despite the teachings of Jesus, they didn’t love me. They hated me,
persecuted me, terrorized me, made up false allegations against me, and
betrayed me. They were no different, than the Roman Catholic priest who
had fondled my breast. He also knew that he would never bare any
consequences for his evil actions because he had found a way to
successfully hide his true intentions behind the sacred teachings of
Jesus. Let my experiences be a powerful and profound lesson of truth for
you. Just because they take His name, and can recite by heart every
sacred teaching of Jesus does not authenticate that they indeed believe
in, practice, or live by His words. It has been my experience, in many
cases that religion both in history and present continue to be used as a
protective shield to hide an individual’s lack of moral and spiritual
integrity and also gives them the authority, according to them, to
improperly judge, condemn and even put to death an innocent individual.
Religion when misinterpreted or improperly used can be used as a deadly
weapon of mass destruction despite its original teachings founded and
established in “love.”

The unfortunate issue with all man-made religions Clementina says is
that there are too many of them and by their own very existence continue
to create an even deeper division, misunderstanding, and fear amongst
the human race. No one in the name of any religion has the right to
hate, offend, judge, intimidate, punish, abuse, deceive, manipulate,
control, or even put to death an individual whom they perceive according
to their religion—a threat to their belief system. And let us not forget
that it was the religious teachers and leaders nearly 2000 years ago,
who had Jesus not only condemn for something he hadn’t done, but also
had Him put to death because they were threatened by His healing
ministry. History does and can repeat itself.

Clementina describes a vision one possible view of Mankind’s future but
of course everything is subject to the thinking of our collective
consciousness. Hopefully we can begin to correct political and religious
misconceptions and more love and acceptance in ourselves and for others
so our future can be improved.

In one of her visions, she saw herself much older than she is now
currently in her sixties, standing near my front gate and looking over
several beautiful acres of prairie land that she apparently owned. In
her vision, she was embracing the simplicity and peaceful nature of her
earthly home, when life as she knew it, without warning, instantly
ceased to exist. Something with an unimaginable force had struck the
earth’s surface and then deeply continued to penetrate itself through
multiple layers, causing an indescribable reverberation within the
earth’s core. The secular world that I had come to know was now
incapable of functioning. Whatever catastrophic event that had occurred
on the earth two days ago had somehow disabled our entire grid system.
It had literally become disconnected and was no longer in service. It is
my belief that the earth’s transformation will occur within the next
twenty years. It is now 2017.

Clementina believes the consciousness of mankind must and will
ultimately shift to Love. Why did they kill Him? Why were they so
threatened by Him? Why couldn’t they embrace or love Him? The answer is
simple but true. He was spiritually awakened and of sound mind and
spirit. They were not. They were insane, and didn’t even know it. And
they wanted to continue to enslave and control the masses. They believed
that if they had allowed Jesus to continue His ministry, many
individuals would have ultimately chosen to awaken themselves, as I had
done. And refuse to conform and obey, or remain enslaved within their
barbaric and ruthless consciousness. And for that reason alone, an
innocent and extraordinary man was put to death.

Sheryl says…In a meditation with Jesus I downloaded his thoughts and
love about the trying political social economic and spiritual challenges
the world is going through still but perhaps not forever…… I downloaded
this loving message…. in response to my questions His response was:

I am the Spirit of God and the forces of all the Universe as I breathe
life into all that I express into the world.

As I am humanity infused with life and the eternal source of peace and
Spirit. We all are the children of this Divine Eternal Force I dwelled
in his peace and love as I shared my love for that Life Force in the
best way allowed for me.

I had human feelings and emotions and was a soul like all other souls
eventually Grateful for my time on Earth and being able to serve Spirit
to help the world grow in greater awareness and higher consciousness.

I serve still and Always and with the light of Love Flowing from me to
all who ASK for it and those that find me find themselves and our

Who AM I? I Am You and You Are Mine Blessed Forever

I and the other Masters and Loved Ones Embrace you and cry with you as
you share the energy of Spirit with those who long to know the truth of
their essence.

We grow in strength and numbers as we all join together to push away the
darkness and stand in the light.

I protect you as you are a warrior of Truth and stand Boldly connected
to all that is Good throughout time- lifetimes after lifetimes knowing
wherever you reside in heaven and Earth you are a Soul of the Universe—

The beginning and the end are but never changing and Life and Spirit are

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within you have heard one
woman’s amazing story of pain and suffering of living in the darkness of
her families unconscionable beliefs behaviors and negativity and how she
found her way into light and love and learned about her soul nature and
the beauty of Spirit. Her story is more prevalent throughout this world
than many would like to imagine or believe, but when we awaken to the
truth of our Being we may create a world that is beyond these third
dimensional horrors of separation, anger, greed, prejudice and pure

Clementine wrote, “Stop and talk with anyone today, and you will often
discover that most people who complain about life and the world in
general, and how awful things have become, are the very individuals who
have not come into conscious realization, that it is their own belief
system and actions that have created the world. Prior to the arrival of
human beings on earth, life in general was a blank canvas. And from the
moment that man arrived, he could have created anything. He alone
possesses “free will and choice” and the ability to create an external
life—one that will only mirror back to him an accurate reflection of the
very essence of his own soul, consciousness, thoughts, and belief
system. Life on earth as we experience it today has only been created by

Clementine and I would ask you to read some of the past religious
statements in Chapter 30 of her book and see how painful it is to see
that such thoughts and words ever came from religious followers. The
truth is in spirit and soul essence we are all part of the Divine and
the Divine is within us..there is no separation or devaluation of any
member of the human race and all those thoughts and words uttered and
believed have limited the true destiny of humans and only contributed to
poor decisions and actions. Let us treat everyone with love respect and
dignity as human/divine beings and the World will be made whole again.

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