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INTUITIONS: A Book of Poems by Karl Kevin Smith

INTUITIONS: A Book of Poems by Karl Kevin Smith

Author Karl Kevin Smith highlights the intricacies of reality and the emotions we experience as humans in “Intuitions: Book of Poems”. His collection of 112 poems is born out of his deep thoughts and open heart.


In “Intuitions”, Smith draws inspiration from his observations of reality, society and the world around him to offer his creatively written point of view on life.


Readers gain a look into his point of view on a myriad of topics:

  • Poems such as “Lover’s Addict”and “Why?” depict the joy and frustrations of romance and love.
  • He explores the complexities of grief, pain and loss in “25th and 29th“, “9mm”and “Waterfalls”.
  • Readers can reflect on social issues and the changing landscape of today’s world in “Ice Trayed”and “When a King Dreams.”
  • Other themes include gratitude, friendship, mental illness and healing.


Smith attributes his love of writing to the brilliant English teachers who helped him throughout his education at Lansdowne Junior High School, Clark Junior High School and East St. Louis Senior High School. Smith hopes readers of all ages, genders and creeds will identify with the emotions and experiences depicted in his relatable and resonant poems of “Intuitions.”