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In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit, which shares stories of spiritual awakening spiritual communication healing miracles and ways to find your true self welcomes Anna Raimondi a like-minded soul guided author of Conversations with Mary who will offer her channeled readings from the Divine Mother
offering messages of love healing hope and unity for everyone.

Anna as listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware of my guests and I share our intimate understanding and love of Universal Energy as we seek to unify our spiritual and physical life needs for the purpose of
creating a healthier more satisfying personal and collective world community.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within” I reached out to Anna to have her as a guest on the show after reading an article in the newspaper about her new book as I wished to share her story with you, my listeners.
Most of my guests are referred to me by publicists, agents or literary managers and by those I believe in Spirit who guide conscious creative authors to this show. Anna Raimondi is a motivational speaker teacher intuitive and psychologist and certified hypnotherapist grief counselor and spiritual counselor. Part of her mission in life she believes is to give others the tools they need to live their lives in joy while following their soul’s mission.

We will discuss the channeled messages of Mother Mary which offer insights into the nature of the soul, prayer, what happens when we die, and thoughts on reincarnation. The messages Mary shares gathered over the past year goes beyond any religious affiliation and is an affirmation of our soul unified and interconnected Universal life energy. The messages that I read in Conversations with Mary reflect the wisdom of an ancient loving mother and spiritual messenger who suffered the loss of her son and still trusted God’s plan for him and lived in prayer and alignment to Spirit all the days of her life.

Anna thinks back to an earlier time in childhood and shares a story that was an indication of her life work and interests. Anna writes, “At age five on a spring afternoon in the backyard of her suburban Long Island home Anna Raimondi had a profound experience. A contemplative child she slid her body into the small grotto that once held a statue of Mother
Mary. As she sat reveling in nature her body was flooded with a wondrous feeling of pure peace and nurturing love. Then suddenly, Mother Mary was there, smiling and gazing at her with wide mahogany eyes. She looked
nothing like the pictures in church but Anna knew she was the Blessed
Mother of Jesus. In a gentle, yet strong voice, Mary spoke, “Anna I am here for you always. Always come to me.”

Sheryl says to Anna that she was lucky when she told her mother that she had seen and spoken to Mother Mary. Many children and even adults are often questioned as to the reality of a mystical magical miraculous event, and your mother wasn’t shocked or dismissive as another adult might have been. Your mother was a believer and both your parents were religious. It was wonderful that your mother expressed she believed some people were truly gifted and that you should continue to pray and believe. Your father mirrored your mother’s sentiments. In retrospect, it was the perfect time for Mary to introduce herself to you as a child
Anna was not yet marred by convention or the judgment of others. While
Anna saw Mary as a child, now she senses her in all that she does and has never actually seen her in that way again.

Sheryl tells Anna that like her once you are touched by the spirit, the truth of our divine eternal nature is within us, and we can sustain the doubt or intolerance of those who have not yet awakened to their soul nature with compassion and ask Spirit to help them find their path to truth and love. So we begin to accept people as they are and not as we wish them to be, for that is the beauty of free will and the acceptance and surrender to God’s infinite divine will and creative force.

Sheryl says, “Over the years I have often met many Mary’s and Annes as I have come to know that we are all related past time in this human life to connections to all the events of the past and the spiritual leaders,
teachers, and loved ones who are with us in every lifetime as we
struggle to understand our human concerns and remember our divine soul
connections united to All That Is. Like you I was a sensitive or indigo
child and had to come to terms with my intuitive healing and mediumship abilities as my family and their life experiences weren’t in sync with these spiritual realities and they didn’t understand or value those sensitive gifts of energy awareness. In later years after a mystical visit from my grandfather the night before my father passed, a channel and interest were reawakened in me and I have spent the last twenty years serving Spirit by helping others through Reiki energy sessions and readings, to know their soul energy, and value life in a new way.

Sheryl goes on to tell Anna that many years ago as an energy spiritual worker and medium she was so sad to see some people in her work situation exhibit hurtful damaging behavior. Every day Sheryl felt the negative vibrations being emitted and was so overcome with sadness that no one was trying to correct the situation. One day after witnessing a horrible exchange between the person creating the problems and others, she was overcome with heaviness of heart. Sheryl closed her door and
started to shake cry meditate pray and ask for help. Suddenly Sheryl felt Mother Mary at her side and in her inner vision sensed her calmness and beauty Mary had a blue shawl over her head, the sign of royalty
oyalty and integrity and Mary said, “I am so sorry for your suffering. It will be taken out of your hands”

Sheryl believes our guides are always near to us and sometimes even present themselves without our ever calling out to them. .” Sheryl knew she needed to let Spirit work out the problems of the people involved and was able to feel calm loved and restored. She as indeed all of us need to hear that message from Spirit that they are working on our behalf. While Sheryl and others long to do so much to help, sometimes it is not our job or destiny, and we have to let it go, surrender and maintain our faith no matter what.

Though Anna has always felt close to Mary and received guidance from her he thinks in the year before her book Conversations With Mary was published Mary as part of Spirits hope to help us chose to answer many questions that concern us at thischallenging time in human history. Mother Mary wanted God’s Truth and love to be clearly expressed.

Anna began to feel and welcome Mary and she emphatically told me she was
the mother of humanity and desired to use me as her channel to bring
messages to multitudes of people of all religions ethnicities and races.
She said the time was upon us to learn to be closer to God and to find
joy and peace in our lives. Although she was gentle, there was an
urgency about her. Anna felt a sensation of panic. Mary calmed her fears
and told Anna she would speak through her so that the world can be
saved. She told me that there would be more and more people who would
hear her through me and who would be drawn to the Divine Light. Mary
assured that she would bring the right people to me.

Anna wrote, “Mary’s messages are global, forward thinking, and
transformative. When I asked her why she desires to become more relevant
to both Christians and non-Christians she told me that her time is now,
and that people around the world are finally listening. We are crying
for help, we are desiring a deeper sense of how heaven can alleviate our
burdens. We are seeking our individual spiritual cores, an awakening,
and a form of peace. Mary has told me that as a species we are finally
able to accept her messages with open hearts and without fear of
judgment. She maintains that there should be no boundaries between
religions ethnicities, or race. She insists that we need to see
ourselves and the Creator in everyone we meet, because we are all
children of God. Mary isn’t just a revered spiritual icon: she was a
real person. She’s a tangible symbol of suffering sacrifice steadfast
values and unconditional feminine love. By bringing forth Jesus the
healer, the savior, the prophet she has been crowned the mother of us

Mary tells us about the immortal nature of the soul and the lessons
along each soul’s journey from immaturity to spiritual illumination. And
to get a clearer picture of that Mary says, ” Among other things, I
speak to all people wherever they live and whatever they look like. The
soul has no color. It is all the same. The physical body is superficial
and not as beautiful as the soul. It is just a covering over the essence
of the soul. My image is that of the mother in whatever form that may
take in your mind. However I carry an energy that has a radiant color.
Many artists have painted me with a blue dress or blue aura around me.
My soul vibrated a beautiful vibrant blue . Many ascribe blue as the
color of royalty. Blue is the color of a high vibration which God has
bestowed upon me. It is also the vibration of Truth. This vibration that
I carry is to heal and enlighten you. I pray for the enlightenment of
the world. I am a soul and as a so I am energy. The higher the energy,
the higher the vibration. In the beginning there was the Word. The word
is the highest vibration as it was and is God. God is a vibration of
love. In other words we are energy beings who carry our unique
vibration. If we could shift out of seeing people as different in terms
of their physical attributes and allow ourselves to feel their
vibrations those with the highest vibrations will be able to raise those
who have the lower vibration. The soul holds the energy and vibration of
God. The soul is that which yearns for God because it knows God. The
human soul is the part of you that is not physical, yet it represents
the majority of who you are.

Mary then tells us what happens when we die with relation to the
realities of heaven hell purgatory and reincarnation. The soul is all
that exists after death and carries the “self” of the person who is
accountable for its actions during its life on earth. When we die the
body once dead is nothing. The body decomposes and is turned to dust. It
goes back to the form of nothingness. It disintegrates and goes back to
earth. The body is insignificant. It is the soul that goes on when we
die. If the soul does not fulfill its mission the soul is given the
opportunity to come back to earth and try to learn again.
(Reincarnation) In the course of spiritual evolution people acquire the
ability of reaching spiritual bliss. Every one of us is at a different
stage of spiritual evolution and the experience of bliss is related to
where the person is in their spiritual evolution. The purpose of the
soul’s returning to earth over many ages is to learn to be more like God
and be in perfect union with God. It is the balance in the soul of
knowledge wisdom compassion love for God faith in God awareness of God
and rejection of all that is not of God. The Hindus explain that
reincarnation is the natural way the soul evolves from immaturity to
spiritual illumination and that the soul is immortal.

Irrespective of evil or misconstrued beliefs it is true for some people
as the Catholics who believe that following confession one must make a
penance. It is true for all people but isn’t necessarily to follow one
tradition or one religion’s way of doing so. The Hindu, Jewish Muslim
and Buddhist traditions teach penance must be made to God in order to be
forgiven. Penance in its purest form is recognition of the
transgression, understanding the reason for the transgression having an
open heart and contrite heart and a desire to change to be closer to
God. The penance practices of different religions differ but are still
right and good as are the collective prayers in groups or personally
privately to God.

Mary shares how she refers to God and his relationship with people. It
should be noted that God as referred to in this book, is a God for all
people. God doesn’t belong to one group and not to another. He loves us
all. You will learn from reading these pages that Mary, in her
conversations doesn’t discriminate between or among religions and
religious teachings. God is a power above all, the Creator of the
Universe and a perfect energy of Love. God does not have a gender, but
“he” is used in this book for the sake of simplicity. Please remember
that Mary is for all people. She repeats this over and over again: we
are all her children regardless of our religion or spiritual belief. She
is the universal mother of humanity. Her mantle is wide and she wants
all people to seek sanctuary under it.

Sheryl says..In her book The Living Spirit she responded to the true
love for God as the kind compassionate loving energy of creation and
wrote, “As in any challenging life situation, practicing meditation and
prayer and asking Spirit for help during that silent time will lead us
to know our life plan and open the way to a personal understanding and
interpretation of what is needed for achieving a life of joy. In
continuing our quest for personal truth, along with our goal to hear the
whispers, experience beautiful thoughts and sense the feelings of peace
that may reside in our soul and body, a pleasant feeling of cooperation
between body, mind and soul can be achieved to bring about a future
reality of substance.” “Spirit gives us all the time in this world, in
this life and other lives and beyond, to find our greatest means for
developing levels of infinite love and healing as evolving compassionate
expressions of the Divine.”

Mary tells us how she lived with her husband Joseph and then how she
lived after Jesus’ death. “When Mary married Joseph she was very young
and Joseph had been widowed. He was described as wise and good and was
chosen for Mary with great care. It was through she believed God’s
initiative that he was brought to her parents for Mary. They knew he was
to be her spouse and Mary loved him and was a dutiful wife. God created
man and woman to come together in love to create those in their image.
It is not sinful to create a child out of love as the Creator created
the world out of love. With tremendous love Joseph and Mary had sons and
daughters. By God’s grace the children were old enough to help Mary
after his passing. Mary says Joseph was waiting for her when she passed
into heaven.”

Mary says, “The friends of my son surrounded me at the time of his death
as well as Mary’s own immediate family. Mary clung to Mary from Magdala
for she so loved Jesus. John Mary’s youngest son stayed by her her
entire life, loving and caring for her. Mary watched as her son’s
friends carried out his mission bringing healing love and faith to so
many. People began to follow them, seeking the Truth. And I was never
alone as I had God by my side. Mary prayed and prayed to be in deeper
union with God. The pain of losing her son is why she comes to people
now. She doesn’t want to lose anyone. She wants to save you from
suffering. Mary wants to share her wisdom and help you heal and save
yourselves and direct you to God. Yet, like all children, many rebel and
turn away. They must go through their own trials and errors. It is
painful for Mary and those in Spirit to watch. It is time to turn to
Mary for peace and love as she is a messenger of peace love and wisdom.

Even as a descendant of King David Mary says that what Anna and all need
to know is that she was a flesh and bone woman: a human being like all,
and not perfect. Her imperfection was born out of simply being human.
Only God is perfect. Yet Mary lived in surrender to God and in pure
faith. It was that faith which allowed her to be steadfast in living
according to the will of God. Yet in Mary’s imperfection she suffered
the human emotions of anger and resentment. As Jesus grew and his
mission became popular people did not always understand him. When they
didn’t see the manifestations of their expectations they mocked him and
persecuted him. Mary’s own people and the Romans did this. But Mary knew
God had a plan and she trusted him.”

Sheryl says that our most difficult challenge as human beings seems to
be to let go of the preconceived beliefs opinions and notions and know
all that Mary says within our hearts and beyond our ego thoughts and
physical needs is true and good, so we may vibrate at higher levels of
emotions such as joy happiness bliss and love.

Anna shares with us the many ways Mary comes to people and why. Mary
says she comes in different ways to different people as they are
distinct in abilities and levels of receiving: and it is personal to
each person in the world. It is the wonder of God to have created each
person to be unique. The world experiences Mother Mary in different
ways. Whatever way your energy can connect with mine is good and right.
Humans were graced with intelligence, yet sometimes over-thinking
diminishes feeling and innate knowing. Mary says we all know her. Mary
is the mother. Her world is beyond understanding and rational thought
you must find her by going into your hearts. It is in faith that you all
experience her and in your hearts that you feel her. Mary prays that the
people in the world allow her to touch them in whatever way is best.

Mary comes to all who call her and allow her to embrace them. Often
people don’t recognize it is Mary coming through because they feel
unworthy or it may be strange for them to believe. Or they carry fear.
Fear blocks her: fear blocks God. All are worthy but faith, true belief
and love allow the person to merge with Mary’s and God’s energy and
experience love in a way that is perfect and right. Mary hopes her love
moves you and brings you the greatest love there is. This knowledge is
beyond intelligence, it is Divine: God wishes to bring you closer to

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have discussed
the messages of Mother Mary …messages of Love Healing and Unity for
Everyone who must begin to look past judgment, doubt, blame, negativity
and suffering, so they may feel the light and love of Spirit that is
within. Please trust your life plan no matter the challenges or
roadblocks, for the road ahead is filled with light and love as surely
as the day follows the night. It is only in knowing your eternal nature
and asking and being open to help from the spiritual guides, teachers,
loved ones and angels, that God is able to support your physical life
experience and lead you to that place where goodness faith healing and
wisdom reside.

As Mary said in one of her messages to Anna, “ God does come to people.
Many people hear God and feel the overwhelming presence of love that
pervades. Yet, since I was a person and inhabited a body, people are
comfortable putting a face to my energy. I have shown myself to people
in a way that God has not. No one has seen the face of God. God is a
pure vibration that can only be felt. I have been chosen by God to carry
his energy and his message in the purest way to all. But I am not the
only one. There are many in the heavenly realm that have been coming
through to help those on earth. The angels and other spirits are sent to
people to help bring about love and peace in the world. I say to all:
Listen feel, and heed my words and the world will be healed. My words
are just utterances of the wisdom of God. I come to help teach you so
that you can find peace on earth.”

Anna and Sheryl would have you who are listening now know that we all
carry the energy of the creator: his presence is always around us and we
are never alone. If we bring love from within ourselves into the world
it will correct balance and restore the beauty of our individual
spirits, and peace will return as it was always meant to.

Today’s Guest