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Steve Kidd

Moving From Surviving to Thriving with Wanda and Glenis

Are you just getting by, or are you THRIVING?  Do you feel like you have
to ask what thriving even means?

There are things that happen in each of our lives that can be life
altering. The loss of a loved one, a major accident or injury, a bad
relationship, all of these can spin our world in such a way that it
feels liek we will never be the same again.

The good news is even these life altering event are not permanent, and
you can over come them to become something even greater than you were
before. We move from devastation, pain and tradgedy to slowing learning
to cope. To live with it. But over time, if we are committed to work on
it. If we are committed to get to a place of better. And yes, Gratitude
for this life event we can not just get by, we can thriving.

We all need coping techniques, especially in the early stages of the
loss of a loved one and International Best Selling Author Wanda Faye
Williams shares from her book, “Coping with the love of a loved on”
skills to be able to to just that.

To truly thrive out of a situation we then need to learn to find
gratitude within the situation. International Best Selling Author GLenis
Hargreaves shows us how as she shares tips from her book, “Gratitude

Today is your day to begin the journey of moving from surviving to
thriving. Join host Steve Kidd and his guests as we all start this journey together on Thriving Entrepreneur.