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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Embracing The Best You with Alice and Dan

It is time to embrace the best you. To put your best forward into the
world and make the impact you were meant to make

As you come alive to all that you are you will discover something
amazing. You are a winner! At the finish line of your life no one else
is going to come out ahead of you. Now the question is, how big of a
victory, how high of a mountain do you want to have climbed in your life

As you embrace all you are you will come alive in a whole new way

You will hear from International Best Selling Author Alice Besong how
you can live your best life now and write your success story

From Dan Englander you will see what can happen when you embrace your
best and step out on your own to be a dynamic leader in the expertise
you have

Listen to both of these amazing guest as they share insights with host
Steve Kidd how you can Embrace your best today on Thriving Entrepreneur