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Steve Kidd

Power in Purpose with Jacqueline and Brynne

There is POWER when you are living in your purpose. Your superhero
ability is you living out your life as the best version of you. It is
fulfilling to your utmost the purpose you have within. When we do that
not only is our world better, but more importantly the lives of the
people we are meant to serve are better.

Steve is joined today by 2 authors who are going to help us to engage in
our highest purpose

First International Best Selling Author Jacqueline Thorne shares her
journey to discover that living in your purpose is not about the pursuit
of perfection, but simply just doing your best and being the best you.
When she embraced her purpose and let go of perfection amazing things
began to happen.

Next Author and Congressional Candidate Brynne Kennedy talks about the
move from 30 year careers to fluidity during the life of ones career.
She even embodies this by doing what she knew she needed to, by step
back from her company and running for public office

Learn today how you can release the power within you by living in your
purpose on Thriving Entrepreneur