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Is Food Holding You Back From Success with Taryn Perry

With the season of eating (often overeating) beginning I thought I would
play this episode for you with some great tips on healthy impactful

Do You Eat Food?  Funny question isnt it and yet for many of us food is
a constant and daily struggle.  What should I eat?  What should I  feed
the kids?  Is this good for me?  Are some of the most common questions
in our day to day lives because, no matter who you are and no matter
what you do, you have to eat.

For some lucky people food is not an issue in their life, but for many
of us food may be the single most difficult part of every day.

We all know that food should be the fuel that allows us to do all that
we were created to do.  But are we fueling our success or are we
unintentionally keeping ourselves from living at our maximum level of
success all because of the way we are fueling our efforts?

Would you intentionally put bad fuel in your car? We all know what it is
like to get a bad tank of gas in our car.  Is there a specific gas
station you avoid because of a bad experience?  Are there certain places
you do go to because of how it impacts your cars ability to get us to
where we are going.

And yet when it comes to filling our own tank what are we putting into
ourselves?  Do we even think about it?  What if the #1 cause for our
lives being less that they could be is all based in how we fuel

Host Steve Kidd is joined by the owner of Choose To Be Fit Taryn Perry.
Taryn in an expert in the field of lifestyle choices that allow us to
live up to our fullest potential.  Today Taryn is going to help us all
learn how to choose to be fit and how making that choice will positively
impact our business every day