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Money Mindset

What is your relationship with money? Do you see yourself as a wealth attractor or a wealth detractor? Are you a saver or are you a spender? When it comes to money are you focused on the past, present or the future? If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, have you thought about your money mindset and how it affects the money that you bring into your business? Do you give yourself permission to make more money or are you a person that suffers from money blocks? Do you know what the most common money block is or what can be done to break free from this block? Would you like to learn the 4 money mind shifts that can instantly change the energetics with money and how allow more to flow into your life? Kendall Summerhawk answers all of these questions and more as she shares her wisdom on money mindset and how we can do simple things to bring the flow of more money into our lives.