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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Now Is the Time to Stop Living on Automatic!

At middle age, do you keep having the same career and relationship problems over and over? Acclaimed psychiatrist and author Christine B. L. Adams, M.D. warns it’s maybe because you are living on automatic pilot based upon emotional conditioning you received as a small child. Tune in to discover why lessons parents teach to toddlers can explode with dire consequences once kids grow up. Uncover the real reason why “opposites attract” in courtship and marriage and learn if marrying an opposite likely will result in a mutually satisfying life-long partnership. Learn how to turn off automatic pilot, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones through conscious, intentional collaborative thinking and behavior. Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain for which medical testing cannot diagnose the cause? Health and wellness coach Dagmar Bauer-Prigatano talks with your host Roy Richards to explain how lingering pain can be diagnosed and eliminated through acupuncture and other alternative adult treatment methods that help us look inside in order to determine and address underlying triggers of pain.