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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening,
spiritual communication, healing energies and miracles in the search for
your intuitive soul wisdom and a sense of eternal knowingness is
delighted to welcome Raana Zia author of Your Hidden Light as she
combines her career in executive level leadership roles and her passion
and intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential for

As listeners of this show are well aware Sheryl and her guests share
intimate stories of awakening and insights into the Unseen world of
energy, and the Universal Laws in order to know that we are indeed more
than we appear to be and are not limited by any circumstance of the
physical world as long as we allow faith truth and love to inhabit our
thoughts actions and dreams for self-improvement.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Raana Zia will share some of
her own thoughts and those of wisdom and truth from spiritual
visionaries Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra to Aristotle and Gandhi,
from the Talmud to the Bible, and from the Buddha to Jesus, who all
showed us the relationship between the world inside you and the world
around you. We will discover that it is only by aligning your thoughts
emotions and beliefs to the truth of eternal life that you can create
anything you truly desire.

Raana shares how her everyday life and success in business and as the
mother of two children she began to explore what really stimulated her
heart and soul awareness and helped her understand how to make her
thoughts and actions translate into what she really wished to explore
and be part of. She discovered that Conscious Creation is a Discipline
and a Daily Practice and why you need to start looking at your world
from the inside out. Your external world is not separate from you, but
directly connected to you. There is an energetic and spiritual force
that connects everything in the universe. It is this energy that
emanates from inside of you that molds and shapes the universe around
you. More concisely it is the energy of your thoughts beliefs feelings
and words that create all of your external experiences. When you begin
to internalize that everything outside of you is a reflection of what is
inside you, your reality becomes your feedback mechanism. You decide
what needs to change by changing yourself. You become the master of your

The importance of being aware of your own thought patterns and learning
the difference between your unconscious negative thought patterns and
your positive conscious thinking is fundamental in order to consciously
create positive things in your life. Bringing awareness to your thinking
by asking yourself—What am I thinking now? Are these thoughts serving
me—will help you become familiar with your thought patterns. If your
thoughts don’t serve you then you need to stop thinking those thoughts.
Thought control is a critical muscle you need to build to most
effectively create your positive desires.

The resources to help you stay on your path of spiritual awareness are
more accessible than ever. Changing your life externally by first
changing your world internally will initially feel unnatural because we
have been conditioned from the outside world and the expectations
opinions and beliefs of those around us. Therefore it is important to
develop a daily practice that allows you to become more connected to
yourself and your spiritual nature. Meditation is the most powerful
practice. Today there are so many resources available to guide you and
help you discover your truest most powerful self and what practice works
for you.

Your Hidden Light is meant to be for readers to see how our earlier
background helps us to recognize the truth of this inner soul knowing
beyond any of the belief systems we may have been taught as children.
Born with an internal wisdom or soul knowing we intuitively know what we
gravitate towards and resonant with but this kind of awareness is often
not respected or encouraged by parents teachers and social systems. The
book is meant to be a simple handbook that directly synthesizes the
“how, what, why,” that is related to the power we all have to create our
reality. This book is a reflection of the many years of research
application and personal self journey to find the authors soul being to
evolve her career and greatly enhance her material life. Raana has
learned that spirituality did not mean giving up material things but
that everything in the material world is created by what we cannot see
but what is energetic in nature.

Raana grew up in what is considered a normal upper middle class family
in Massachusetts the daughter of Indian Muslim immigrants who came to
this country in the 1960’s. Her father is a retired corporate executive
from the technology industry and mother is an author and retired
elementary school teacher. She has an older brother. Raana was expected
to do well in school and she did. She got into a professional job in
finance after college. As her career advanced and not sure of what she
really wanted she started to explore self help books but steered clear
of spiritual books as she was working on her material world goals. Soon
she wanted to understand the truth of who she was and how the world
worked and that pointed to the spiritual world: the unknown, the unseen
and she finally began to wake up. Sheryl says that her journey was
similar. She followed the plan directed by society and family but came
to know that her own internal guidance system knew that for her
happiness and state of well being she had to know herself on a soul or
energetic/eternal life force. Through her own experiences she came to
the truth that the more she experienced herself creating her reality,
the more committed she became to making inner changes in attitude and in
understanding her internal compass to minimize suffering and create
something new to serve her.

Knowing how the spiritual world of energy and eternal life work came to
make her know that all religions her childhood Muslim religion and
practices and all other religions all sought the same answers to
questions about how to live life consciously in alignment to the
universal truths of goodness love and compassion. When you realize who
you are and the Source of Creation and of life, you may come to realize
all religions seek the answer to knowing ourselves as energy beings or
souls and often Spirituality or an understanding of the
interconnectedness of all life forms moves us beyond structured
religious belief system as often these belief separate us from the fact
that life is not random at all and we are never alone. We are energy
beings or souls connected to eternal source of creation and each other.
Suffering is often a state of mind we fall into because we have been
disconnected from our natural state of being which is happiness health
positivity and love.

Raana wrote, “However many people think of materiality and spirituality
as separate distinct things they really are not. However, spirituality
is in fact the creating principle of anything physical. Spirituality as
I refer to it is not meant to be religious in context, but a belief in
what is beyond the observable and physical reality. It is the belief in
the Ultimate Creative force of the Universe. Within the spiritual realm
there are energies and powers that exist which are beyond what we see in
the physical world. You have access to powers beyond the physical realm
and these powers lie within you because you are a spiritual being.”

Raana gives many quotes in the book but Sheryl selected these to share:

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.” From The

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine
you create.”

The quotes seem so simple but for many are hard to appreciate or
implement into their daily life so they can make living and loving
easier. We can begin to make these thoughts into our work and home life
making life more productive and fun. Raana personally realized that she
was spending seventy percent of her life working and the majority of
that time was full of frustration and unease. She knew to be happy her
work life had to change. The birth of her first child was the catalyst
for the desired change. Suddenly she had to prioritize tasks that would
work and those tasks that she would let go of and most importantly she
had to trust the resources she needed to succeed in both her work and
home life. Nothing external was the reason or cause for this change. The
company and people around her didn’t change but she changed and relaxed
and then the world relaxed…She allowed accepted and surrendered to what
was best for her and others, and life proceeded to happen without
pushing pulling or exacerbating the process. Most people do not realize
they can create the life they want in the way they want it. They do not
know they can choose something different by making and committing to a
different choice.

Sheryl says to Raana that she also has learned that fear denial and
false beliefs absorbed in societal training or childhood traumas where
loss of trust in oneself and others led many to believe that they are in
control of other people’s thinking and experiences. A sense of
entitlement or arrogance and a failure to know there is a divine plan
for their personal evolution and that of humanities leads to resistance
and a loss of opportunity for creating our best lives.

Raana has a quote that states “As Above so below, as within so without,
as the universe so the soul. :by Hermes Trismegistus Sheryl has often
pondered this thought and we go on to talk about how when you learn how
to consciously create a positive thought with an aligned feeling and
belief, you can change any negative circumstance to the positive. The
good news is that all thoughts feelings and beliefs can be changed and
only you have the power to change what is inside of you.

Oftentimes you do not know you are energetically negating your desires,
but you are. Similarly, when things seem to work out for you with
minimal effort it is because internally you are in complete energetic
alignment. This alignment connects with all that is unseen to bring into
your physical reality that which you desire.

So in essence we are constantly in connection to that unseen force of
creation and oneness and when in synch or not opposing our best interest
all flows easily.

The Mirror Effect is an important concept to become aware of for as we
begin to see our external world as our mirror we see our reality as a
reflection of our dominant thoughts feelings and beliefs. The people we
interact with and our circumstances are reflections of what’s inside
you—what you believe about others and yourself. When you look at reality
this way you will realize you cannot change your reflection by changing
the mirror. Your reflection does not change until you change.

When your core being knows the circumstance of an event or change is
actually an opportunity, message, or catalyst for the positive change
you desire, you will come to follow your inner guidance. There is much
more power in knowing you create your reality and there is less
suffering because nothing outside of yourself is to blame.

Sheryl says….In her book The Living Spirit she expressed the idea that
our thoughts and actions are creating our success or lack of it and
wrote, “Spirit allows us to face challenging situations that our energy
(emotions and thoughts) bring into our lives and helps us to see if we
are on the right or wrong track. Therefore we are co-creating our life
by observing what is happening and by seeing how to make the best of any
situation. Through our faith and the surrender of some of our personal
needs, we allow the universe and a higher source to help us find new
ways to search and remember our already preconceived destiny and life
plan. Nothing is random and all is meaningful if we simply pay

The question all spiritual seekers begin to ask at some point Is Who Are
You ? Eckhart Tolle wrote, “ I cannot tell you of any spiritual truth
that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of
what you have forgotten.”

So what have we forgotten? We have forgotten the key to creating a life
you truly desire lies in understanding who you really are and how your
world works…Erroneously we have been conditioned to believe that we are
separate from everyone and everything in our lives including the
Ultimate Creator of the Universe.

“We have forgotten that we are not only our physical self. We are not
only our body mind and personality or what I call your ego-self but our
true self is a part of essence that is deep within you. It is your
higher self, your soul self, or your spiritual-self and it is the part
of you that is Divine. This is the part of you that is your Divine Light
and which holds your greatest powers. Your physical ego-self is your
mortal self. It sees itself as separate from everyone and everything. It
lives in a world of fear and the biggest being the fear of death. It is
the part of you that holds you back from becoming who you are meant to

Your physical ego-self relies on the five senses to understand
experiences in the world. Your spiritual sense of intuition is a sixth
sense and gives you information guidance a sense of knowing from your
inner divine soul.

Therefore Jesus said…”The Kingdom of God is Within You.”

Socrates wrote “All souls are immortal but the souls of the righteous
are immortal and divine

How beautiful I think..

The Divine part of you is immortal. Cosmic Consciousness is eternal,
forever creating and expressing. You are here to express and aspect of
Cosmic Consciousness..We are all distinct yet we are one. Your current
life experience in your physical body is but one expression of your
infinite nature.There is no death for the soul. All you fear is in your
ego-self. Your ego can and will die. Everything you fear comes from your
ego self.”

There is a difference between conscious thinking and thinking
incorrectly. Most people think they already know how to think because
thinking is something we do automatically. However, by thinking
everything in the world is separate from you and outside of you been
thinking incorrectly. This is “Unconscious Thinking.” By being
unconscious that your thoughts create you may be struggling to achieve
something and fear and anxiety through incorrect thinking make it
impossible to happen. A mastery of thinking is necessary to improve your
life, produce results, and create what you want, but this requires
knowledge discipline and practice.

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind you will hold it in
your hands. Bob Proctor

We can complain resist or blame others but actually, everything,
especially those negative responses are a choice…everything is a choice.
Please tell us how we can recognize that what we may be focusing on may
be a poor choice, and when new choices are inserted into our thinking
life changes.

The world you live in is made up of infinite possibilities and in every
moment you are making a choice as to what to think feel speak or do. The
decisions you make are what create your experiences. You can either
create new things by new choices or experience the same things by making
the same choice as before. Life presents us with things we like or do
not like, and things we perceive as positive or negative. We have the
power to choose that which is positive and serves us best and creating
harmony balance prosperity health and good -will in our lives or
disengage from people places ideas or events that feel unnatural or
uncomfortable for us, but, often we must move past fear and other
people’s expectations to think about what really is best for ourselves
and possibly for others.

Raana Zia has shared her awakening process through an honest and
truthful approach to discussing Conscious Creation moving us past
unconscious thinking and ego based fear constraints, so we may know
ourselves as spiritual beings who have an infinite abundant source of
intelligence and wisdom within. When this inner sense is awakened we
access and appreciate life and live life according to our own destiny.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have
discussed how to reclaim and remember much of who we are and have always
been as part of a Unified Universe of infinite energy and potential and
as spiritual beings having a physical ego-based human life perhaps to
help us remember our true self and to move us merely beyond sensory
experiences to discover the intuitive wisdom within that helps us make
informed choices that manifest into the life style that suits our human
journey. Our thoughts and actions determine how it all goes and being
observant of our needs and soul efforts will lead us forward, past fear
denial blame and any other negative emotion that thwarts our progress
and our spiritual and physical growth. The Choice is always ours!

Raana wrote, “Human beings are dual in nature. We have good parts of us
and bad parts of us. We are both positive and negative. Every atom that
makes up our body has both a positive and negative charge. We cannot
deny our duality as it is part of our nature and part of the world we
live in. Without having both positive and negative sides to us we would
not be able to recognize and experience positive and negative outside of
us…..without our dual nature we could never really know who we truly
are. We are both physical and spiritual, seen and useen, mortal and
immortal, limited and unlimited. You cannot experience your true Divine
Self without the presence of your mortal self. In a dualistic world it
is the power of choice that created who you are and the reality you

Raana and I would like you to know…. May the choice be with you, or as
it was said in the Star Wars movies, May the force be with you…It is all
the same thought, a thought of energy and creation—beyond fear doubt and
limitation lie your ability to create all that is.

Today’s Guest