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Sheryl Glick


Welcome to today’s episode of “Healing From Within.” I am your host
Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and
Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakening, spiritual
communication, healing energies, and miracles for discovering your
practical and effective intuitive life and today I welcome Reverend
Keiko Hoshino as spokesperson for Master Ryoho Okawa author of The Laws
of the Sun and founder of Happy Science an international spiritual
movement that is dedicated to bringing more happiness to humankind by
overcoming barriers of race, religion, and culture and working for a
world united in peace and harmony.

As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware my esteemed guests
and I share our intimate experiences and insights as we seek to
understand both our heart-based soul life and also our physical or
ego-based life which when working in coordination with each other create
health and well being. We learn more about the Universal Laws of Energy
in order to live a more purposeful prosperous and joyful life
experience.We seek to find ways forward to reach enlightenment, peace,
harmony, balance, and love at all levels of mind body and soul, through
self-investigation and self-mastery of our emotions, so we may live in
happiness and peace.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Reverend Keiko Hoshino
will help us explore the many metaphysical studies and information in
Master Okawa’s book The Laws of the Sun which opens a portal on a new
age of harmony and spirituality based on God’s truths study the history
of over 400,000 years of human history and the evolution of societies as
they rose and fell showing how we tend to repeat history and the same
mistakes over and over again. We will hopefully be inspired to
appreciate that we all come from the same source, can let go of
differences, and come together in peace and happiness to be one people
on one planet.

When Keiko is asked by Sheryl to think back to the people places and
events of her early childhood, she is amazed to remember how many of the
answers she received to her continuous flow of curiosity and questions
failed to satisfy her. While she had an awareness of something beyond
her own experiences as being relevant, she wasn’t clear on the source of
these feelings of something beyond what she could see hear or feel, and
when the time was right, she read the book by Master Ryoho Okawa The
Laws of the Sun and became a member of his organization Happy Science
furthering her spiritual growth. She believes nothing is random and we
are each living with a plan that we made for ourselves long before we
incarnated into this life?

The book is called The Laws of the Sun: One Source One Planet One People
because this can be explained more simply, by understanding that
everything in this world is changing every moment; it is impossible to
stay exactly the same. Even the cells in our body today are different
from the cells we had yesterday. Although the human body is made up of
cells that are changing every day, there is still substance with a
name—a real live being that unifies the body’s cells. In essence, behind
all beings, which are constantly changing in the flow of time, lies
something that never changes. This is true with humans, animals and
plants. For example, what makes a flower a flower is not its plant cells
that came together at random. If the flower was just a random cluster of
plant cells, then under the law of constant change, the flower would
change into something else. However, a flower is always a flower: it was
a flower yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow. Only the stage
of its growth will change; it will never become something other than a
flower, such as an animal or a human. Likewise, a chrysanthemum never
turns into a tulip, or a tulip into a cosmos flower. A tulip will end
its life as a tulip, nothing else. Within change is something that does
not change; within constant change is something that never changes. This
something is sometimes called reality, or sometimes idea. A well-known
Buddhist expression, “matter is void—void is matter,” are words of Truth
that proclaim what Master Okawa has just described: the ever-changing
beings of this world are the projected images of the never-changing
beings or universal beings that lie behind the change. Human beings are
not merely transient clusters of cells that constantly change with time.

The true nature of humans is not an ephemeral being that changes in the
flow of time, but an eternally unchanging being. This never-changing
being is our very life, soul and spirit. By spirit, I don’t mean some
peculiar mysterious phenomenon; it is the very essence of human beings,
the never-changing being, or the idea of life.

The Laws of the Sun tells us about the source of all religions.
Therefore, you must first be open-minded and it is a good idea to start
learning what Buddha’s teachings are. This spirit is the exploration of
scientific evidence in the truest sense. As we explore life, we will
inevitably encounter Buddha’s guidance at some point. The opportunities
to get to know Buddha’s teachings are scattered everywhere in life. The
moments of birth and death are the greatest opportunities, but Buddha
shows glimpses of His very being at other times as well, such as when
you are ill, in love, or are suffering setbacks. Master Okawa intends to
answer the question, “What is Buddha?” and in doing so will also present
you with many clues and answers on the purpose and mission of life.

There is the term, Buddha’s Truth. Buddha’s Truth is the Mind of Buddha,
the Rules of Buddha, or the Life of Buddha that is ever-changing.
Further, Buddha’s Truth is like a golden thread that weaves through the
past, present, and future of humankind. This golden thread called
Buddha’s Truth has been woven into various kinds of clothing throughout
human history to protect people’s minds from the cold. This clothing was
once the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha of India and, at another time,
the teachings of Confucius of China. On yet another occasion, it was the
teachings of love taught by Jesus Christ of Israel. This clothing, which
served to protect people’s minds from the cold, was not only woven two
or three thousand years ago; various types of clothing, large and small,
have continually been sent to the world, from millennia past to the
present day. Therefore we come to know there are many similarities in
all religions as they search for the truth of the soul behind the human
aspects of a physical life and seek to know the creative energetic force
of creation and evolving humanity.

All seekers of spirituality wish to understand the nature of soul life
in connection to physical life. The second quality of the soul is its
role or nature as the center that concentrates and disperses the light
of Buddha. What, then, is Buddha’s light? It is His energy that fills
the great universe. Just as there is sunlight shining on the earthly
world, there is heat energy that pours down brilliantly onto the
multidimensional universe from the fourth dimension up to the higher
dimensions. It is Buddha’s light. No living organism in this earthly
world can continue living without the thermal energy of the sun. In the
same way, no life form in the fourth dimension and higher in the Real
World can live without Buddha’s light or Buddha’s heat energy. It is the
soul’s nature to be able to concentrate, absorb, emit, and amplify this
light of Buddha.

We consider those who can absorb and emit a large amount of Buddha’s
light as having plenty of light. They are the ones known as the guiding
spirits of light. Tathagatas and bodhisattvas have a tremendous ability
to concentrate and emanate Buddha’s light and can send light into other
people. In short, they are able to bring bright light into people’s
minds. All human souls live by absorbing and dispersing Buddha’s light.
But the high spirits that emanate Buddha’s light, or guiding spirits of
light (angels of light) including tathagatas and bodhisattvas, are able
to supply the light of Buddha to other people; it is for the sake of
illuminating the world and to fill people’s minds with light.

One of the most important Universal Laws is the Universal Law of Change.
We humans have seen all kinds of life and other things under the bright
and shining sun from the time we were born into this world. In them, we
must discover one Truth, a universal rule; it is the law of constant
change. Everything that exists in this world is subject to this law of
constant change, be it human, animal, plant, mineral, or microbe. So,
what is this law of constant change? It is the law that says that
everything in this world passes through the stages of birth, growth,
decline, and death. You can see an example of this in humans; there is
the moment of birth, the process of growing into adults, the process of
aging, and eventually, the time of death. This law applies to all
things, natural and man-made. Take, for example, a car. There is the
time when the car is manufactured and the period when it is used
efficiently for transportation. But it eventually starts breaking down
and is finally scrapped. The same is true with plants; when a seed is
sown, it buds, grows and flowers. But after it blooms, it will start to
wither and eventually vanish, leaving behind nothing but seeds or bulbs.
Thus, everything that exists in this third dimensional world passes
through four stages: birth—growth or full operation—decline or
disorder—death or dismantling. In other words, all beings in this
phenomenal world of the third dimension contain within them time for
transformation. Simply put, nothing can remain as it is. Everything is
allowed to exist based on the precondition that it goes through change.
We can also say that beings of this world, which are set to be in
constant change, are like films being shown on a screen through a
projector called time. In fact, all beings contain this characteristic
of constant change: time.

Master Okawa goes on to describe the many dimensions and layers of life
and their characteristics in the Universal World or Real World of
energy. In the beginning, the Primordial Buddha that exists beyond the
twentieth dimension created the consciousness of the grand cosmic spirit
of the thirteenth dimension. This thirteenth dimensional spirit then
created the galactic consciousnesses of the twelfth dimension, which
then produced the stellar consciousnesses of the eleventh dimension.
These stellar consciousnesses then created the planetary consciousnesses
of the tenth dimension. Consciousnesses with human character begin to
appear in the ninth dimension. These consciousnesses are the ninth
dimensional grand spirits. They are consciousnesses with distinct
characteristics, but their entire energy bodies are too great to reside
in the human body. Therefore, when they are born into a physical body
only in the third dimension, only a portion of their consciousness comes
down. Gautama Siddhartha and Jesus Christ were parts of ninth
dimensional grand spirits that were individualized and born into human
bodies, becoming souls that represented the character of the grand
spirit. In this way, the soul is essentially a spirit with a human
character. When the souls of ninth dimensional beings leave their
physical bodies and return to the ninth dimension, they will become a
part of the grand spirits’ memory. The number of souls into which ninth
dimensional grand spirits are capable of splitting themselves is
infinite in this meaning; they are completely free and have unrestrained

Rev Hoshino walks us through the developmental stages of love: nurturing
love, forgiving love, love incarnate and true love for as far as we
know, love has the greatest power in this world. Love is the greatest
power in the Real World as well, the world also known as the
multidimensional world of the fourth dimension and higher. What is more,
as you go higher up the dimensions, the power of love becomes stronger.
This is because love is the power to connect to one another and the
power to connect will make a person’s power twice or three times as
strong. Therefore, love has no enemies; where love goes, no enemy stands
in the way.

Love is life. All people live on the food called love; they live with
love as their power; it is their flame of life. That is because love is
everything. Love is joy. Without love, there is no true joy; without
love, there is no true happiness. Love is the expression of God’s joy
and the magic that sweeps away all sorrow in this world. Love is joy,
which gives birth to more love, and this love produces more joy. In this
way, love is circular; it is a cycle.

Finally, love is prayer. Without love, there is no prayer; without
prayer, there is no love. Through prayer, the power of love becomes more
proactive. Through prayer, love achieves all things. Prayer is the power
to elevate love; prayer is the sacred rite that will deepen love. Thus,
by praying to God, love achieves itself; by praying to God love

Love is the greatest power, love is without enemy. Thus, I would like to
talk about how love is invincible. Human beings encounter various
adversities in the course of their lives. I mean, humans undergo soul
training as they live their lives. This actually has been predetermined.
What are these difficulties? They are, simply put, illness, poverty, and
setbacks. Also included are heartbreaks, business failures, broken
friendships, and separation from loved ones. One may also encounter
someone one dislikes.

Furthermore, people grow old, lose their looks, lose the ability of
their body control and functions, and eventually die. If we look at
these phenomena only as they appear, life may seem to be filled with
distress and sorrow. However, there is a meaning to our distress and
sorrow; they urge us to make a choice. By choice, I mean that each one
of us must choose between a life of giving or one of being given. Those
who are suffering from love, listen well. Why do you suffer? Why do you
suffer from love? Why do you suffer by giving love to others? Do not
expect anything in return. Expecting something in return is not true
love. True love is love that gives. Love that gives is unconditional
love. The love you give is not yours to begin with; your love is the
love given to you by God. We should love other people in order to return
this love to God.

The next true teaching of love that I must address is the developmental
stages of love. Truly, love also has developmental stages. Even so, I’m
sure not many people on earth have realized this.

The first stage is fundamental love. This stage can be said to be love
in its simplest form. This would be the parental love for children and
children’s love for their parents; a man’s love for a woman or a woman’s
love for a man; and the love for friends and neighbors. In its broadest
form, fundamental love would include the love for the community and
society as a whole. is an infinite power that allows nothing to resist
it. This world on earth will surely become Heaven by simply filling it
with fundamental love. Fundamental love is a form of love that everyone
is expected to practice and it is possible for everyone to innately
appreciate the beauty of it. This is because humans are by nature
designed to feel happiness in giving love

The second of the developmental stages of love is nurturing love. While
fundamental love can be practiced by anyone, let alone the question of
how you practice it, not everyone can practice nurturing love. That is
because only capable people are able to nurture others. Unless you, with
your own innate abilities and through effort, have firmly developed
yourself to a degree where you can guide others, you will not be able to
truly nurture others. Nurturing love is an intellectual love, a rational
love. You cannot truly guide others unless you have high intelligence to
penetrate the true nature of people and society, and can take action to
treat the main causes of existing problems by using a greater power of
reasoning. At times, these practitioners of nurturing love must show
“leader’s anger” to those who are about to regress spiritually, and lead
them in the right direction. Without doing so, people cannot truly be
nurtured. In this sense, nurturing love can be said to be the love of
the sixth dimensional Light Realm of the Real World. There are of course
leaders on earth who are capable of practicing this love, and their
minds are already attuned to the sixth dimension.

Fundamental love is the act of expressing goodwill toward someone you
naturally care for, while nurturing love is the act of guiding others
after having developed a distinguished character. Both are wonderful
forms of love.

However, nurturing love is still not enough. There is yet another stage
of love that transcends ability, intellect, or putting in effort.

Namely, it is the third stage of love: forgiving love. The practitioners
of forgiving love would have already taken a giant leap to attain a
religious state of mind because this state can only be reached by those
who have transcended good and evil and have devoted themselves to
fulfill their individual mission. What this means is, people who attain
this state have awakened and realized that those living in the third
dimensional material world are spiritually blind, feeling their way with
no sense of direction in the darkness. This state of forgiving love can
appear only after you have developed generosity and broad-mindedness, a
virtue that surpasses abilities. Only people who have truly understood
and can see the true nature of human beings as children of Buddha or a
part of God will be able to see the Buddha-nature that lies within, even
of those who appear to be their enemies. This ability is called
transcendental wisdom.

A higher love than forgiving love and is called “love incarnate. This
form of love is no longer the love of one person for another; it even
transcends status or position. Love incarnate is embodied by a person
whose very existence in this world, or whose momentary presence in your
life, will help you overcome your problems and attain enlightenment,
change your life completely, or guide you to correct your mistakes and
enter the right path. The mere presence of such a person on earth will
make the world of that age brighter and provide humankind with the light
of hope.

Thus, fundamental love corresponds to the fifth dimension, nurturing
love to the sixth, forgiving love to the seventh, and love incarnate to
the eighth. These are the stages of love. It is good enough for you to
know that these stages of love are your goals of love in spiritual
training. Of course, there is the fourth dimensional love as well, which
is instinctive love.

We are now in the twenty-first century. What kind of people will we see
and what kind of age will we see in the coming era? Many people today
may be excited or feel nervous about the twenty-first century, filled
with either hope or uncertainty. But the indications of a new age and
signs of a new humankind to come are already in today’s society. Now is
a time of transition. In a time of transition, many old things perish
and many new things emerge.

About 10,000 years ago, humanity witnessed an older civilization perish
when the continent of Atlantis sank. The end of something is the
beginning of another. Then, a new civilization eventually developed,
starting mainly in the land of Egypt. For the last 10,000 years, the
current civilization has flourished in many countries and regions,
starting in Egypt and then moving to Persia, Judea, China, Europe,
America, and Japan. It can be said that the distinctive feature of this
civilization is intelligence; it is an age with a very strong emphasis
on intelligence. So, it is a civilization of intelligence, where people
are heavily inclined to try to understand the world intellectually.

Before this, the civilization on the continent of Atlantis mainly
focused on reason, and In the age before Atlantis, more than 15,000
years ago, there was the continent called Mu in the Pacific Ocean, and
it also had its own civilization. In short, the Mu civilization was a
civilization of light energy. The people of Mu were very advanced in
scientific research and spiritual research regarding light energy, and
their spiritual training was mainly about learning how each person could
amplify the power of his or her own light energy.

Master Okawa documents the many ancient civilizations that lead us to
the many interest in materialism and spiritual life impulses that are
fundamental studies in today’s world. In the 400-million-year history of
humankind, countless civilizations have emerged, then to disappear like
bubbles floating down a river. But it is not necessary to talk to the
people of today about them all. For now, what we need are references to
think about the present and future societies. We need to check if such
references are buried in past civilizations. So, Master Okawa decided to
look into the Akashic Records in the Real World of Spiritual Energy and
tell you briefly about the transition of the civilizations of the last
one million years, which is only a small part of the 400-million- year

First, he explains the Garna civilization. The continent of Garna rose
from the sea 962,000 years ago after an underwater volcanic eruption
caused the seabed to rise. It was located in the area between the
present-day African and South American continents. But about 735,000
years ago, an unprecedented event occurred which caused the continent to
split and move apart; one continent became two continents. Four
civilizations were built on the Garna continent, but here, I will focus
only on the final one and call it the Garna civilization. The Garna
civilization flourished for approximately 25,000 years from around
760,000 years ago to the end of the continent.

As I said earlier, this civilization was mainly focused on supernatural
powers. At that time the average height of men was 2.1 meters (7 feet)
and the average height of women was 1.8 meters (6 feet). These were the
standard heights. Interestingly, the men in that age had a third eye. An
emerald-greenish, round eye was located in the center of the forehead,
approximately two centimeters (0.8 inch) above the eyebrows. This third
eye was usually closed, and opened only when the supernatural power was
used. The myth told near the end of the Garna civilization was that,
“God created men and women equally. As proof of that, God gave men a
third eye to protect themselves and their kind, while women were given a
womb for the prosperity of their kind.” In those times, a woman’s womb
was also considered an organ of supernatural power because it allowed
women to communicate with the heavenly world and choose the spirits of
the children-to-be their bodies would bear. Women would discuss deeply
with them who were in the heavenly world. When they reached a mutual
agreement, the spirits were conceived. So, unlike in our times,
abortions would never happen. Many films or movies and books share a
representation of the ancient people and societies and some call it
mythology while others call it the reality of great spiritual people who
existed long ago and continue to exist in the world in these times also.

Another notable civilization that has relevance to today’s world and
interests is The Myutram civilization which was especially developed in
the research of dietary lifestyle. In this age people studied all
aspects of dietary life extensively. They thoroughly researched the
relationship between dietary and spiritual life to see what combination
of foods were most beneficial to human nature. Unfortunately, in
contrast to the Garna civilization, which despite an aggressive nature
placed a high value on spiritual powers, the Myutram civilization was
peaceful but there was an underlying tendency to think lightly of
spirituality. You can see that now in the interests of so many concerned
with their physical body and well being through exercise diet but not as
much through their spiritual studies or interests.

Thus, early forms of the materialism we see today had already begun to
appear at that time. Although the civilization’s discoveries of the
relationship between diet and human character were important, this main
focus on dietary life caused the Myutram culture to neglect the true
mission of human beings—to explore and train the soul.

All civilizations have passed along their studies and interests in one
way or another. Enlightenment is what human beings have always sought
throughout the ages. Even if we do not know exactly what enlightenment
is, we find that we have the desire to develop and improve ourselves
further in our search for enlightenment. This cannot be denied. While
enlightenment is particularly associated with religion, there is a
fundamental and strong impulse to attain enlightenment in philosophy as
well. The philosophical desire for enlightenment is the desire to attain
the Truth, the yearning to understand the mysteries and workings of the
world in an intellectual and rational way. Whether or not Confucianism
is a religion is open to discussion, but there is no doubt that
Confucius taught the way to human perfection and the ultimate state of
moral perfection. In other words, Confucius tried to guide humans to
attain enlightenment from an educational standpoint by teaching them the

Rev. Hoshino goes on to share a concept of heaven. There is a definite
structure of heaven and the infinite worlds beyond. Hell might be viewed
as the lowest level of higher eternal energy where the thought energies
or elements whirling around in Hell: envy, jealousy, anger that comes
from feelings and instinct, complaints, feelings of discontent,
dissatisfaction, pessimistic thoughts, negative thoughts,
indecisiveness, cowardice, laziness, self-hatred, grudges, hatred,
cursing, lust, self assertion, egotism, abusive speech, double-dealing,
manic depression, uncontrollable drinking, violence, exclusionism, lies,
falsehood, materialism, atheism, loneliness, authoritarianism, greed for
money, status, and fame, and disharmony of their physical incarnation.
These are all negative energies. However, these are not substantial
energies at all. The bottom line is, hatred, jealousy, anger, and
dissatisfaction, for instance, are all caused by the absence of love.
They simply lack the energy of love. In short, the spirits in Hell are
not at all powerful beings who can withstand the light of the heavenly
world; they, too, are beings who want to be loved.

Master Okawa says that In truth, evil spirits want to be loved even more
than they are now. They want to be treated kindly by many people. Deep
inside, they crave more and more love. Therefore, in actuality, they are
unfortunate, pitiful beings who must be saved. They are unfortunate
patients who suffer from a “love deficiency syndrome.” In the end, those
who did not understand the essence of love and lived a life of taking
love are now suffering in Hell. It is still not too late to dissolve
Hell. We can do this by having all people awaken to the essence of
love—to give. This being so, what will you give first? Giving love
starts from showing gratitude. First, be grateful for the fact that you
have been given everything from Buddha. Then, you will naturally want to
give something back to the world He created as a way to repay Him

The Laws of the Sun can help readers to face life’s succession of daily
challenge and embrace the dream of their life and can help us work
towards a state of enlightenment and reach a state of Nyoshin. Nyoshin
is a stage where you are able to receive guidance from the higher levels
of the Spirit World, from those whose spiritual level is higher than
that of your guardian spirit. In other words, at this stage you can
communicate spiritually with guiding spirits, meaning the high spirits
residing in the seventh dimensional Bodhisattva Realm and higher. When
you reach this state, you are virtually indomitable.

Sheryl shares with us an idea of how energy awareness leads us to
greater connection to all of life and in her book The Living Spirit she
suggests we move towards a higher state of thinking living and
interacting with all aspects of life and wrote, “ I have found that as I
work to expand my understanding of energy and myself, Spirit bequeaths
new spiritual gifts and skills that may incorporate into my Reiki energy
practice. It has become clear to me that the more I work with healing
energies surrounding me, the more defined my abilities and work become.
Constant effort is the only means to developing your personal inner
power. A new ability I became aware of is being able to read the energy
of a person before they visit me for an appointment. Even if they are
far, far away when I meditate and mention the person’s name, impressions
and an understanding of that person’s situation become clear to me. This
understanding assists me in helping them not only on a physical level,
but on a spiritual one, and that is how energy healing works.

Rev Hoshino would hope readers take away with them after reading The
Laws of the Sun the very important theme of the book which is to
remember about life as a human that in this third dimensional material
world, or the phenomenal world, is indeed such a severe training ground
for the soul. At the same time, though, there is hope. All kinds of
people, including those you would never be able to encounter in the Real
World or world of eternal energy life, can meet each other in this third
dimensional world. You have a chance to meet different kinds of people,
including perhaps a great guiding spirit of light in the flesh, as well
as someone whose mind is attuned to devils of Hell. Everyone begins on
the same starting line when they are newborns; they are given a chance
to start their lives afresh equally. Thus, the merit of enlightenment is
that we can redo our lives. We have already been provided with various
opportunities and infinite ways. Various opportunities, in other words,
means the various ways of spiritual training not only Buddhism, but also
Judaism Christianity, Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism and Islam all have
some form of spiritual discipline.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have taken a
fresh look at a book written twenty five years ago and though time place
and events since that time have enlarged and enhanced the Universal
Truths shared, which now ring clearer within our heart essence,
encouraging us to remember and embrace the divine source within that
allows us to create and manifest our best life, without fear,
restriction, or the falseness of other people’s opinions and direction.
We are free to choose life and love eternally.

As we look back on the history of civilizations in the last million
years or so that lead up to our current civilization, we notice that
they had several traits in common. The following are the five common

A civilization always has its rise and fall.
God (or Buddha) always sent the great guiding spirits of light of the
highest level to each civilization.
During the peak of a civilization when light was at its brightest, evil
became fierce. When humankind was covered with clouds of dark
thought-energy, massive catastrophes inevitably occurred, such as the
shifting of the Earth’s axis or the sinking of a continent.
A new civilization inherits the traits of the previous civilization, but
always seeks a set of values that are of a different standard.
However, no matter what kind of civilization, it served as a necessary
training ground for humans to undergo soul training in the process of
reincarnation. This is a fact.

If we consider our current civilization in light of these five common
traits, we can say that today, the latter half of the twentieth century,
closely resembles the Mu and Atlantis civilizations in their final
years. Examples of this are that: this age is leaning toward thinking
that science is everything and the spread of materialistic thoughts;
people’s minds are in disharmony and social evils are growing large; and
many religious leaders are appearing to lead people astray while sincere
religious leaders are also appearing in places around the world. Like in
the past we can see this as a battle between good and evil or awareness
and higher consciousness or a lack of that wisdom.

We can determine what will come in the future by tracing back what
happened to past civilizations and by seeing the current state of the
modern civilization. We can say that since the current civilization is
not on a single continent but spread throughout the world, if natural
disasters were to occur, they would happen on a global scale. What’s
more, it is quite likely that they will occur within the next several
decades. . This is because I can foresee the catastrophes that could
occur on Earth as well as the fate of humankind. Yet, Master Okawa would
just like to say this: no matter the scale of confusion, it will not be
the end of the world. Such incidents happened in past civilizations,
making people think that it was the end of the world, but even so,
humankind always built a new paradise of hope or a civilization filled
with light.

Just as a human goes through reincarnation, a civilization as a large
body of human beings, also goes through reincarnation. It means there
are births and deaths, in other words, civilizations on Earth alternate
one after another. Therefore, please understand these words well—“The
end of one thing is the beginning of another.”

Rev. Keiko Hoshino and Master Ryoho Okawa and Sheryl Glick would have us
know that the many changes we are living through now are the necessary
stimuli to forging ahead with the help of those in the many realms of
life above, as we continue to know ourselves as the loving and gifted
souls of the Universe, who must inevitably seek to create amidst all
darkness, light beauty and eternal love forever. Rev. Keiko Hoshino for
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