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Never Binge Again

Are you struggling with food addiction? Are you overweight and have been told that you need to lose weight? Do you struggle with overeating or managing your weight loss? Are you a “stress eater?” Do you know the reason why we overeat, binge eat, or stress eat? Are you aware that this may not be your own fault? Did you know that the food we eat has been engineered to cause us to be addicted to it so that we can not ever get enough of it? Do you know that the entire food industry is set up now to cause you to binge eat, become fat and fail at losing and keeping the weight off? Have you ever been on a diet lost weight just to gain the weight you lost and more? Would you like to learn how to shake to food addiction so that you never binge again, lose weight and keep it off? Dr. Glenn Livingston shares the nuggets of gold on how you can never binge again, keep the weight off that you lose and stop getting high from food for GOOD!