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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


Welcome to “Healing From Within” with host Sheryl Glick author of The
Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening communication
and finding ways to empower yourself using intuition as a tool to making
better choices for health happiness and success. Sheryl is delighted to
welcome John Vespasian author of his newest books Rationality is the Way
to Happiness and Sequentiality. A common thread throughout his books is
to look at personal development through observations from history
science psychology and human development as well as alternative health
methods to live a well balanced harmonious life.

As listeners of the show are well aware my guests and I share our
intimate and insightful discoveries of life as it is was, and will be as
we merge our energetic awareness with the physical world and following
the process of self-investigation and self-mastery of our emotions will
improve the quality of life personally and collectively.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within John Vespasian who speaks six languages will share through the personal examples of people In his
stories how they and we all can find the right sequence of steps to deal
with challenges and create an environment for positive results. John
tells the story of Luigi Cornaro who overcame terminal illness and lived
102 years as well as telling the story of Mendel who sought to be a
teacher but failed the interview process as he was painfully shy and a
poor public speaker. Never giving up he succeeded in many areas that
were documented and used ultimately to teach in a different way than he
initially expected. John share the qualities and attitudes we must
foster in order to improve personal development through proper action
and succeed in areas of interest to us finding a better quality of
health and longevity as we simply follow the path best suited for us.
The goal seems to include working consistently, patiently, with resolve
and resilience to persevere against any challenge.

John begins to describe what is meant by the term sequentiality which he
has coined. He gives us a few examples of individuals who through a
sequence of steps worked through any issue or challenge blocking their
desires and goals and found personal success. Luigi Cornaro was one man
who overcame a terminal illness and lived to an extraordinary age. By
the time Luigi Cornaro was thirty five years old he was severely ill and
grew so sick physicians regarded him as terminal. Because of poor
nutrition and exhaustion he suffered from chronic fevers insomnia gout
and violent colics. He described his pain as worse than death. Cornaro
consulted two doctors in Venice and received contradictory advice. One
doctor told him to eat more meat and drink more milk. The other advised
he eat more vegetables and fish, work fewer hours, and take a nap during
the day. More unsure than before, he decided to follow both plans
moderately and live in alignment with his own inner voice established
new behaviors reduced worry and stress and relied on his body to heal
himself. He lived to be one hundred and two years old.

Another story John tells that Sheryl found completely compelling was
that of a man named Mendel who had studied to become a schoolteacher but
failed the oral examinations in 1850 and 1856. Sheryl when she was
seventeen years old took the oral examination for teaching elementary
education and found it very hard but passed and overcame her own public
speaking issues in time. Mendel possessed more than sufficient knowledge
to become a school teacher but due to his shyness he had been virtually
paralyzed during the oral examinations. After the massive efforts he had
invested in his studies the disappointment might have marked Mendel for
the rest of his life. When he faced the fact he would never be able to
achieve that goal, he accepted that he would be spending the rest of his
life in a monastery where he ultimately found success and happiness.
John tells us that he pursued scientific experiments and documented much
that was later used in teaching other. If one road does not take us to
our expected destination we might be guided to find another path even
better for us. Being open to possibilities and accepting, allowing, life
to unfold without judgment while resilience to bounce back from
disappointments can lead to great joy and positive results.

In John’s books he is somewhat skeptical about positive thinking and
self-help books that rely mostly on this viewpoint. He says it simply is
not enough to be positive and hope or wait for results. We have to apply
practical steps and an investment of energy thought action and hard work
to move forward towards our goals.

Sheryl would agree and suggests positive thinking without consistent
action and clear intention cannot lead to the results you may visualize
or desire or even need for your intuitive energetic or soul life plan to
be successfully executed. Consistency resiliency perserverance and
self-reliance are all necessary to add to positive thinking in order to
move towards self-realization.

According to John’s research the best method for personal development
includes Rational living and Rational working to face all kinds of
difficulties and develop and succeed. Rationality is the way to
happiness in a world where philosophy is often reduced to catch phrases
and empty theories. A passionate defense of logic and consistency will
win over emotional decision making workable plans. Relentless action he
finds is more effective in producing long term results. It is possible
to let go of wasteful propositions, pursue compatible goals according to
rules and laws, cultivate perseverance, and develop greater resilience
in order to minimize problems maximize opportunities and simplify life
for sustainable achievements.

John has a common thread running through the many books he has written.
This common thread includes the ten principles of rational living. In
order to improve your life you don’t need to place your hopes on a
lottery ticket or wait for the world to grant you the perfect
opportunity. There is a better way and it is condensed in the principles
of rational living principles such as think like an entrepreneur, not
like a crusader, ignore the noise, and focus on the results, stay away
from high risk situations, find people who share your values, and
develop long-term passions.

John places much emphasis on health and longevity in his books for if we
are of right thought and action we will experience less stress and lose
of confidence self-esteem have better relationships with others and have
a strong foundation of self-awareness which leads to higher levels of
success happiness well-being love compassion and less lover vibrational
emotions such as fear jealousy greed anger negativity sorrow depression
and unhappiness.

John explains that dozens of millions of people feel so depressed that
they can barely function and Sheryl expresses that we are living in an
age of information and technological advancement which is hard on our
energy systems and is affecting our physical health most dramatically.
Without an understanding of history and natural healing and preventive
ways to help the body flow through the many changes we and the world are
experiencing faced by the challenges political social economical
environmentally many will succumb to health problems. Greater awareness
of nutrition exercise relaxation skills encouraging proper sleep
patterns and allowing time to rest, improving interpersonal
relationships, and managing time for better results are all part of a
plan to live in alignment to the physical/spiritual world energies. As
we pay more attention to our intuitive nature and learn to deal with
stress, release worry, and accept and allow the natural flow of light as
the masters of ancient times Artistotle Plato Rumi and other healers and
scientists discovered, we will improve ourselves and the world.

According to John’s research the number one reason so many people are
stuck could be FEAR of failure, disapproval, judgment, loss of job
family health and death.
The most surprising lessons we have learned from history can help us
understand and resolve many hindering thoughts that aid to fear and
limit our finding ways to reach our full natural potential for personal

Sheryl says that many of us keep repeating the same mistakes. It is only
by understanding our dual nature or human and spiritual aspects of life
and how these energies have played out historically over time that we
can we move past making the same mistakes that have led to religious and
economic wars. Sheryl wrote in her book, The Living Spirit, “We are each
an independent life form and our choices are our responsibility, either
nourishing our own growth or making us needlessly and unproductively
ponder the judgments and actions of others. Anything that is less than
accepting of others whatever their condition, allows for separation from
our normal state of love. The goal in the search for enlightenment may
be recognizing that while not liking the behavior of “bad people” the
Dali Lama and other highly empowered spiritual leaders have reached a
level of detachment allowing them to remain in a love based energy
finding deeper compassion for the flawed human condition. That is the
goal in theory.”

John tells us what he believes an overstressed person can do right now
to reduce his stress and improve health. Adhere to a life that improves
you personally satisfies your interests and needs, be of service to
others, find times to relax, meditate, read, listen to music, enjoy
relationships and nature, and simply BE!! More rest good nutrition
enjoying what you have, not what others have, and living a more
simplified life style enjoying each moment, not worrying about the past
or future. Being present NOW are all ways to live with more joy love and
compassion for the gift of life.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have had an
intelligent insightful discussion into learning to do what is necessary
when confronted with severe problems and or becoming resistant to
adversity learning to deal with stress and improve our physical health
through a process that enables us to make choices that enhance our
self-reliance, avoid nerve wrecking inconsistencies, and lead to a good
life based on reason.

John Vespasian has a wonderful understanding of history human psychology
and development as ways to develop our highest selves through trial and
often error, but always with new creative possibilities and the
potential to thrive if we can be consistent, diligent, fair-minded,
purposeful and hopeful, and follow a set of steps one by one, to
fulfilling our goals.

John wrote in The Philosophy of Builders, “The factors that lead to
prosperity and happiness have changed little through the ages. From the
lives of accomplished men and women we can extract the three principles
that they have used to build a better future: self-reliance, tolerance
and entrepreneurship to overcome adversity. It shows how to overcome
discouragement, walk the path of least resistance, simplify your life,
reduce costs and focus on opportunities.”

John and I would have you know that learning to thrive in difficult
times is what our souls radiate with within the light and love of
Spirit. It is an ability to remember their divine potential inner wisdom
and spiritual talents to deal with obstacles find a practical approach
to solving problems and getting things done. All leaders who incorporate
this inner wisdom allow and accept their true path in life can increase
their effectiveness in bringing their talents to the world. That is
perhaps the purpose of life: to discover who we are and share that
magnificence with the world.

Today’s Guest